Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to serve in Jails, Prisons, and for to mentor citizens in re-entry.

Some parishes have established Corrections Ministry programs, and you can connect directly to your parish's outreach program.

If you wish to be involved in pastoral care for inmates in a jail or prison, and your parish isn't involved, you can connect directly with our Point of Contact. This ministry can take the form of supporting Mass or Communion Services, RCIA, or Bible Studies, to name a few. If your parish has an established program you can contact the coordinator.

If you are interested in a particular Re-entry program and your parish isn't involved,program descriptions and points of contact are identified on the link. https://www.archindy.org/corrections/reentry.html

Finally, if you're not sure and would like to discuss the ministry further, just contact Brie Anne Varick at bvarick@archindy.org.

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