In the diversity of people we experience the gift of God, each in accordance with its own culture, the Church expresses her genuine catholicity and shows forth the “beauty of her varied face” (Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel).

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The Office of Intercultural Ministry seeks to serve all cultural and ethnic communities located in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We have assisted many immigrants within our diocese to join in parish and diocesan activities that are respectful to their cultures.


This office works to promote an increased awareness of the cultural/ethnic strengths and diversity of the archdiocese, we assist parishes in developing services to meet multicultural needs, and offer intercultural competencies.

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Values to Guide Intercultural Ministry

  • Mutual Respect; Honest and open
    acceptance of all cultures
  • Share traditions and time together learn from each other
  • Unity and Diversity leading to growth in faith and spirit
  • Curiosity
  • Hospitality
  • Embracing all cultures with humility

Hopes for Intercultural Ministry

  • Actions that can be implemented at the parish level
  • An evangelized inter-cultural ministry
  • Engagement of everyone in church/parish to promote unity
  • Stamp out fear by the majority population/groups
  • Through stewardship, share our gifts to create support systems that tend to the needs of newcomers and their future generations, especially the young

Our Office Staff

  • Matt Faley, Secretariat for Pastoral Ministries Director
  • Vacant, Director of Intercultural Ministry
  • Pearlette Springer, Black Catholic Ministry Coordinator
  • Saul Llacsa, Hispanic Ministry Coordinator
  • Nathalie Godinot, French-Speaking Coordinator
  • Carmen Hernandez, Administrative Assistant for Intercultural Pastoral Institute
  • Yohana Villamizar, Adminsitrative Assistant for Intercultural Ministry Office
  • Maria Solito, Asian Ministry Coordinator

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