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This page contains print resources from the outstanding Criterion Occasional Series about Corrections Ministry and Videos from the 2017 Corrections Conference. These resources can be used by parishes to inform and share.

News Coverage

The Criterion's Occasional Series provides excellent insights about Corrections Ministry for Parish study groups or individuals wanting to know more about the Ministry.

In chronological order:


The "Corrections: A Ministry of Hope & Salvation" retreat/conference in 2017 provided a wide range of resources about this important ministry. Speaker video clips are provided below and can be used by individuals and shared with parish groups, e.g., Social Justice Committees, those wanting to share more about Corrections Ministry with others, etc.

Misty Wallace and Keith Blackburn - Bridges to Life. Inspirational story of forgiveness and redemption and Father Ron Cloutier, Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston






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