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Secretariat for Finance and Administrative Services

Responsible for coordinating the financial, accounting, cemetery services, and management services of the archdiocese to promote generous sharing and responsible use of all human and material resources, including the property, liability, vehicular and workers compensation program for the archdiocese.

P.O. Box 1410
Indianapolis, IN 46206

  • Brian Burkert, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer/Executive Director
  • Vacant
    Director of Parish Financial Services/Director of Property Insurance;
    Chief Risk Officer

  • Stacy Harris
    Director of Financial Analysis

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Office of Accounting Services

This office is responsible for the development, coordination, and administration of the archdiocesan accounting and financial activities, which include but are not limited to the following: financial budgets, annual reports, archdiocesan accounting and financial policies and procedures, treasury functions, Archdiocesan Deposit and Loan Fund, and payroll.

Have a question and not sure who to ask? Read below to learn more about the best way to receive a timely and accurate response from the Office of Accounting Services.

Non-payroll Inquiries (Billing, Bank activity, compliance, etc.)

E-mail: This shared e-mail address inbox is monitored by the entire OAS team. When you e-mail us, we will acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail and indicate who will be responsible for following back up with you. For example, “John, thanks for your inquiry. I’ve cc’ed Laura Soto on this reply and she will follow up with you directly.” Follow-up time is typically within 24-48 hours, and we will do our best to communicate expectations with you so you aren’t left wondering.
Phone: 317-236-1410. Either Peter Baldan or Diane Sutton will answer your phone call, and if unable to answer your question, will transfer you to someone on our team who can. If the initial call rings through to voicemail and you leave a message, the voicemail will be sent as an audio file to

Payroll Inquiries

E-mail: centralpayroll@archindy.orgThis shared e-mail address inbox is monitored by Bernetta Woodard, and Liz Davis. Both Liz and Bernetta are the primary respondents. You’ll receive an automated reply when you e-mail, and a member of the Payroll team will follow up you.
Phone: We prefer payroll-related inquiries to be received via e-mail rather than phone call, as this allows us to centralize the communications and focus our attention on responding through one portal ( which decreases our average response time. That said, please do not hesitate to call Bernetta or Liz in the case of a payroll emergency.


  • Jenny Zelik
  • Brittney Jaeger
    Assistant Controller
  • Tim Winn
    Director of Catholic Charities and Agency Reporting
  • Laura Soto
    Senior Accountant
  • Peter Baldan
    Staff Accountant/Billing Specialist
  • Valorie Curran
    Staff Accountant
  • Melinda Buckler
    Payroll Manager
  • Bernetta Woodard
    Payroll Specialist
  • Liz Davis
    Senior Payroll Specialist
  • Diane Sutton
    Treasury Specialist

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Human Resources

Controls, plans, directs, coordinates, and administers all phases of archdiocesan human resources programs and activities including but not necessarily limited to wage and salary administration, benefits, employment and placement, training, health and safety services, grievance resolution, policies and procedures, and regulatory/statutory compliance.

P.O. Box 1410
Indianapolis, IN 46206
1-800-382-9836 ext. 1594
Fax: 317-261-3389

  • Andrea Wunnenberg, PHR
  • Kristen Leffler
    Human Resources Specialist
  • Vacant
    Operations Manager
  • Brianna Smith
    Human Resources Specialist
  • Lisa Howard
    Human Resources Specialist
  • Enza Sprauer
    Human Resources Coordinator

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Office of Management Services

Management Services coordinates all construction projects within the Archdiocese; coordinates the purchase and sale of all real estate; supervises the maintenance of the Archbishop Edward T. O’Meara Catholic Center, SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral and other archdiocesan properties as designated; coordinates purchasing, hospitality, duplicating and mail services for the Archbishop Edward T. O’Meara Catholic Center.

P.O. Box 1410
Indianapolis, IN 46206

  • Eric Atkins
  • David Cook
    Projects Coordinator


  • Daniel Herbertz
    Director of Property Management
  • Rex Davis, HVAC Tech
  • Jon Sober, Maintenance Tech
  • Damon Harvey, Maintenance Tech
  • Anthony Pietro, Maintenance Tech
  • Bryan McHugh, Maintenance Tech


  • Reechelle Brooks

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Office of Information Services

This office is responsible for information systems and telecommunication support for all the offices in the Archbishop Edward T. O’meara Catholic Center and providing strategic consulting for parishes, agencies, and schools.

P.O. Box 1410
Indianapolis, IN 46206

  • Deacon Ron Pirau
    Director of Information Systems

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