December 20, 2019

Christmas Message from Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

(En Espanol)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Archbishop Charles C. ThompsonWhile celebrating the Christmas event that comes but once a year, the spirit of Christmas is to be lived each and every day of the calendar. As Pope Francis exhorts, Christians must exude the joy of the Gospel in every aspect of life.

Several years ago, a parishioner commented to me that he could appreciate Christmas much more if it did not come at such a busy time of year. It’s worth remembering that, while Mary and Joseph along with a few shepherds and eventually the magi took some time to ponder the birth of Jesus Christ, the world did not stop to pause and reflect on this transforming event in salvation history. In fact, most people in the world went about their business without any hint of this event, let alone its significance.

Amid busy lives, tangled relationships and worldly uncertainties, we are graced with the opportunity to celebrate the grace-filled Incarnation of the Word made Flesh that can be as transforming for us today as it was for those who existed at the time of that first Christmas. The beauty, truth and goodness of this grand moment deserve our time to pause and reflect on its meaning in every fabric of society and all aspects of our lives. In and through the birth of Jesus, salvation is made available to all of humanity. Even the slightest understanding and appreciation of this reality should spark joy in our hearts, on our faces and with one another.

Indeed, there continues to be much to concern us about all the chaos, violence and injustice in our world—all the more reason to rejoice in the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ! In the spirit of Christmas, may we take away from the celebration of this year’s event a greater resolve to remain Christ-centered in our lives and relationships. Come, let us adore Him now and forever.

Blessed Christmas to all!

-Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

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