Special Religious Development (SPRED)

SPRED GroupHistory of SPRED at the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

SPRED was a special religious development program sponsored by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  It began here in the 1990s; the program was adopted from the SPRED program in Chicago that is still available to our parishes. It was specifically developed by the Archdiocese of Chicago and still provides training and materials to meet the spiritual needs of persons with developmental disabilities as well as offering materials for both school age children and adults.

In recent years, some SPRED groups in our archdiocese started using new materials and have added a focus on discipleship to their groups.  Some of the members are very active in their parish and serve as Altar Servers and Greeters.  Disabilities Ministry wanted to encourage parish groups to choose catechist materials that best meet the needs of their individual members and to provide service opportunities and parish involvement.  Our SPRED groups are no longer exclusively following the SPRED Chicago program so the name change best represents the added focus of the groups which is now SPREAD, Special Religious Education And Discipleship

Parish SPREAD groups welcome persons with developmental disabilities according to chronological age. There are four groupings:

  • Children: 6-10
  • Youth: 11-17
  • Young Adults: 18-21
  • Adults: 22 and older

SPREAD provides training and opportunities for observation; SPREAD materials and resources for catechesis and special liturgies. You can learn more about SPREAD through the Office of Catholic Education, 317-236-1448 or (800)382-9836 ext. 1448 or by contacting Jenny Bryans at jbryans@archindy.org.


Local SPRED Groups

Local SPRED Groups
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Indianapolis
  • St. Ambrose Catholic Church, Seymour
  • St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, Indianapolis
  • St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis
  • St. Monica Catholic Church, Indianapolis
  • St. Pius X Catholic Church, Indianapolis
  • St. Simon the Apostle Catholic Church, Indianapolis
  • St. Matthew Catholic Church, Indianapolis
  • Holy Family Catholic Church, Oldenburg
  • St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, Columbus

See our parish listings for contact information

Annual SPRED Events

  • SPREAD Dinner Dance
  • Archdiocesan Disability Awareness  
  • SPREAD Summer Retreat Weekend
  • SPREAD Advent Retreat

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