IPI Programs -- Spiritual Direction Certificate

Spiritual direction has received much attention in recent years and has been recognized as a ministry of special importance for the faithful. Benedict XVI recommended it to "all those who wish to fully respond to your baptismal call, the new life in Christ" (meeting with the students of the Teresianum, Rome, May 17, 2011). This task, said the same Benedict, is "sensitive," and therefore requires careful preparation and faithful. The program of spiritual direction in our Archdiocese has been designed to respond to this need.

Spiritual direction is a relationship in which a Christian came to another, to help you hear the voice and action of God in his life, and faithfully interpret the direction in which the Spirit of God is calling them. His approach is to recognize and respond to the God’s action, it is more than an advice that we could give.  It is that's why, the importance of developing the 'spiritual senses' in the life of oneself.

The particular aim is to identify individuals who have the aptitude and the desire to be formed as spiritual directors.

The spiritual direction program mission is to provide a deep experience of the great spiritual traditions of the Catholic Church, and to communicate a healthy vision of the spiritual life. The spiritual direction program is carried out by study, prayer in common, and a supervised practice of spiritual direction during the second year.

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