IPI Programs -- Hispanic

Pastoral Leadership Certificate

The Pastoral Leadership Program is a two-year certificate program designed for women and men who have certain experience as a parish leader and have demonstrated commitment to serve not only the Hispanic community but our Catholic community in the Archdiocese seeking to develop as ministerial leaders.

The program is designed to be a resource for parishes and other Church organizations in preparing Hispanics for leadership roles and to provide opportunities to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and respond to the call of discipleship in order to be effective leaders. The participants are identified and referred by their own pastors.

The program consists of 8 courses, 8 workshops and 2 retreats. The instruction is given in Spanish.

The outcome is Personal, Spiritual, and Pastoral Growth: collaborative work, effective communication, respect diversity, self-confidence, deeper understanding of Scripture and Theology, carry out ministry competently & professionally, desires to learn...

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