The Archdiocesan Intercultural Pastoral Formation Institute is an institution that supports parishes and apostolic movements that are committed to intercultural ministry.
Its mission is to promote, form, and develop pastoral leaders offering them the appropriate and necessary formation, skills, and attitudes to face our current reality and to lead our different ethnic/cultural community to a commitment and participation in the life and mission of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.


Promote dignity and spread hope, encouraging and forming pastoral leaders of the different ethnic/cultural communities present in the Archdiocese working as a ‘communion in mission.’


Offering lay formation programs of pastoral leadership for individuals who feel called to participate more actively in the intercultural pastoral mission of the Archdiocese and to respond to their baptismal call to serve in their parish communities as follows:

  • Opportunities for continuing formation for catechists, coordinators of groups and apostolic movements, lay leaders and ordained ministers who are committed to intercultural ministry in our parishes.
  • Formation programs for youth leadership for teens and young adults who want to develop intercultural skills to participate actively and serve in our parishes and Archdiocesan apostolic groups.
  • Opportunities to celebrate and share ethnic/cultural traditions and the richness of the different ethnicities/cultures within our diverse Archdiocesan community. 
  • Opportunities for intercultural relations, hoping to encourage mutual transformation by encouraging and energizing each other.

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