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This ministry is focused on providing education and resources on end-of-life topics including hospice and palliative care to individuals in a manner that is consistent with Church teaching and promotes the sanctity of life. Learning how to face this last stage of our earthly lives is one of the most important and meaningful things each of us will do. Effective care and end of life planning allows individuals to attend to the unfinished business of their lives and to arrive at a sense of peace with God, with loved ones, and with themselves.


Supportive Care Coalition: One Collective Catholic Voice for Palliative Care. They work to advance palliative care excellence in the Catholic health care setting

website gives access to educational webinars, Advanced Care Planning specific to COVID-19, health care provider communication tips and skills when talking about COVID-19

Catholic Health Association: Catholic Ethics and the Challenge of COVID-19 webinars

webinar's audience geared towards health care providers and health care systems



Video Series on Hospice and Palliative Care

Supportive Care Coalition : A Catholic Approach to Palliative Care Video Series- with discussion guides




Hospice and Palliative Care Conference Videos

Power Point Slides

Ethical and Religious Directives

Health Care Representative Form

Advanced Care Directives

A Catholic Guide to Health Care Directives



A Journey of Dignity: Criterion

June 2020: Death, fear and Christian hope in the time of COVID-19 by Elliott Bedford

February 2020: Setting goals of medical care and who speaks for you by Elliott Bedford

December 2018: A journey of dignity: Combined effort promtoes pallaitive and hospice care as "embodying Catholic teaching' by Natalie Hoefer


Hospital Support:

Franciscan Health Care Palliative Care Supportfranciscan healthst vincent franciscan health palliative

Franciscan Health Hospice

St. Vincent Health Hospice

St. Vincent Palliative Care/ Supportive Care


USCCB Resources:

Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide Videos

Killing the Pain, Not the Patient Palliative Care VS Assisted Suicide Bulletin Insert

The Conversation Project: Encourage end-of-life conversations in your family, parish, and community.Have the conversation at your kitchen table NOT the intensive care unit. Be prepared, know your loved one's wishes BEFORE they are in crisis.

Need help starting the conversation? : The Conversation Project



Catholic Health Association USA

palliative and hospice care


Episode on palliative and hospice care
What is palliative and hospice care and what does Catholic social teaching say about it? What conversations do clinicians need to have with their patients and each other about end of life issues? In this month's episode of Catholic Health USA, we discuss palliative and hospice care with panel of experts from CHA, the Archdiocese of Boston, Washington University, Mercy and St. Louis University.

Catholic Health USA Palliative Care Resources


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