April 12, 2024

National Eucharistic Congress will offer National Shroud of Turin Exhibit

National Eucharistic Congress logoCriterion staff report

As part of the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis on July 17-21, registered attendees will have the opportunity to see the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit called “Shroud of Turin: World’s Greatest Mystery” in the Indiana Convention Center from noon-6:30 p.m. on July 18-20.

This high-tech educational experience will engage and enlighten visitors about the world’s most studied and controversial artifact: a 14-foot-long linen burial shroud.

The “most studied” claim is due to its scientifically unexplainable image of a life-sized, crucified man showing all the unique wound marks associated with the biblical accounts of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death.

The exhibit will include an introductory film to briefly explain what the Shroud is, its history and why it is the world’s greatest mystery. The exhibit space will include a full-size Shroud replica, full-size black and white negative images of the front and back body image, replicas of the crown of thorns, flagrum, nails and spear.

Twenty-four display panels will explain various features of the Shroud, also “tying the Shroud to the Gospels to demonstrate how it is a ‘mirror of the Gospels,’ ” says Nora Creech, Shroud Educator for the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit.

“We will have some extremely rare and precious items from the Orareo Collection on display as well,” says Creech. For more than 50 years, Richard Orareo collected hundreds of Shroud-related artifacts, including artwork, books, manuscripts, photographs, engravings, embroideries, statues, oil paintings, stamps, coins and medals. “These are one of a kind items that are rarely on display.”

There will also be a meditation area with a full-size banner of the Ricci Crucifix created from the Shroud image, and a life-size bronze sculpture of the man in the Shroud image.

Creech adds that a “team of a team of Shroud experts will be on hand to lead people through the exhibit and to give presentations on various topics for those interested in going more in depth on various topics.”

To register for single, weekend or five-day passes, go to www.eucharisticcongress.org/register. Discounted five-day passes are available to members of the archdiocese by using the code Indy24 when registering. †

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