January 20, 2023

Ministry leaders share ways for people to grow in their faith

By John Shaughnessy

When asked to share their new year’s resolutions for 2023, three leaders in the archdiocese focused specifically on their ministries—and the ways that embracing these ministries can help people grow closer to God.

As the executive director for Catholic Charities in the archdiocese, David Bethuram stressed the continuing desire of him and his staff to help people in need across central and southern Indiana. He also extended an invitation to anyone wanting to volunteer in this effort.

“My resolution for 2023 is to continue to lead a team that embraces challenges and one that is willing to take on really big ideas in service to others,” Bethuram notes.

“To pray daily for the wisdom to make good choices and the grace to handle every situation. To welcome people to volunteer and support our essential services for the most vulnerable in our communities. To fully honor our mission and vision for central and southern Indiana where all people can access the services they need to be happy, healthy and reach their full potential.”

Pearlette Springer’s resolution focuses on developing resources that will help Black Catholics grow in their faith and help other people develop their appreciation of the contributions that Black Catholics make to the archdiocese and the larger Church.

“My resolution for 2023 is to develop study guides and resource guides to accompany books and films that I find of great interest to the community, particularly the Black Catholic community,” says Springer, the coordinator for Black Catholic Ministry in the archdiocese.

“I realized the importance of this formational tool when I developed the study guide for the film, A Place at the Table: African Americans on the Path to Sainthood. Study guides allow the participants to deepen their understanding of God, themselves and their neighbor.”

As the director of catechesis in the archdiocese, Ken Ogorek shared several ideas and resources to help people grow in their faith and their knowledge of Catholic teachings.

“If you had to choose between reading a brief passage of sacred Scripture each day and reading a little bit of Church teaching—like from a good, accessible catechism—of course you’d go with the Bible. But you don’t have to choose,” Ogorek says.

“Because Jesus speaks to us via sacred Tradition in addition to sacred Scripture, I recommend resolving to read and briefly reflect on a basic doctrinal or moral teaching of the Church each day.”

Ogorek offers a list of resources to help people in that pursuit:

  • The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults
  • “The Catechism in a Year” podcast with Father Mike Schmitz
  • Compendium: Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Love Unveiled by Edward Sri

For anyone who wants more resources, Ogorek recommends contacting the archdiocese’s Office of Catechesis at catechesis@archindy.org.


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