December 16, 2022

Be Our Guest / Phyllis and Bob Burkholder

In retirement, Father Buchanan shared his gift of priesthood in the confessional

Father Donald Buchanan, who died on Nov. 19, was truly a servant of God. We knew him from his response of “yes” every year when we called on him to hear confessions on Divine Mercy Sunday. Different parishes in the New Albany Deanery held the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration, and he was always very willing and able to drive to any parish.

This past year he came to our parish, St. John Paul II in Sellersburg in southern Indiana. Father Buchanan was undergoing dialysis three times weekly and had some scalp issues due to being in the sun too much from years ago. He was still very able-bodied as he moved along with his walker. He knew the true meaning of suffering.

In the confessional, he seemed to feel right at home and took his time in listening and sharing the words of our Lord—plus he had a wealth of knowledge, probably due to his many years as a chaplain in the U.S. Navy.

Father Buchanan was a holy priest and someone who could be counted on to drive the distance, be available to counsel, and feel right at home each year in the confessional.

The graces from the confessional received through him made us all feel worthy to receive our Lord in the holy Eucharist.

God bless Father Buchanan.

(Phyllis and Bob Burkholder are members of St. John Paul II Parish in Sellersburg.) †

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