December 16, 2022

A Christmas Message from Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

(En Espanol)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Christmas greetings and blessings to everyone throughout the 38-plus counties of the archdiocese and beyond! The Incarnation of God becoming human, the living Word made flesh, is cause for great joy. May we never grow weary or too old to embrace this great reality wrapped in mystery with wonder and awe.

This has been a challenging year for individuals and families experiencing economic challenges, health issues, alienation from family, violence, injustice, abuse, addiction, loss and uncertain futures.

This time of the year can be very difficult for many people. The tension caused by all the polarization, inflation and threats to human life impacts everyone at some level. Thus, we have reason to pause and ponder Emmanuel, God with us, as revealed in the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In both prayer and outreach, let us be especially attentive to those like Joseph and Mary, who find themselves struggling for the essentials during pivotal moments of life. Let us particularly remember those without a sense of belonging, meaning, purpose or the sacred in their lives.

Rather than gold, frankincense and myrrh, may we offer the gifts of dialogue, respect and mercy to all we encounter in honor of our beloved Savior.

Relying on divine grace to be witnesses of the hope and the joy of the Gospel, Come, let us adore Him!

Yours in Christ,

Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

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