March 4, 2022

Be Our Guest / Ann Wolski

A glimpse of heaven and a few of ‘my favorite things’

In my desperation to sing old nursery rhymes and ditties for my granddaughter, I suddenly burst out with a beloved show tune from The Sound of Music.

“My Favorite Things” describes a dog bite, a bee sting and feeling sad, but then refrains with: “I simply remember my favorite things / and then I don’t feel so bad.”

I began to recite all my favorite things, which my 2-year-old heartily agreed with and even added a few of her own—Cheerios, a good book, a dry diaper. Due to the lengthy car ride, our list grew longer and longer.

Suddenly, I realized I was naming all the things in my life that are dear to me—little pieces of my personal heaven on Earth.

My list of favorite things that give me peace includes enjoying a beautiful sunrise, hearing the roar of ocean waves as I wriggle the sand between my toes, and a friend’s welcoming smile. I am comforted by a coffee chat with my mother, a quiet night by a warm fire, and, of course, the yumminess of chocolate chip cookies. My children’s hugs, our family gatherings and my puppy’s wagging tail of greeting bring me so much love.

I like to think these favorite things that bless me with peace, comfort and love are God’s promise of what is to come upon entering heaven, only infinitely more.

Until that time when I’m ready to leave this earthly world, I will continue to add to my list of amazingly wonderful things that make my life meaningful. I will continue to live life glimpsing my heaven on Earth.

What are your glimpses of heaven on Earth? Simply remember your favorite things.

(Ann Wolski is a member of St. Matthew the Apostle Parish in Indianapolis.)

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