November 19, 2021

Woman sees that Jesus ‘is waiting for us to invite him’ into our lives

By John Shaughnessy

People can sometimes feel God’s presence in life-changing moments. At other times, people can sense God presence in the everyday moments of life.

Diane Schmidt recently experienced the closeness of God as she returned home from an appointment with her eye doctor.

“After an eye check that had my left eye dilated, I was trying to drive home to Carmel from downtown Indy with one eye working and the other one stinging and draining profusely down my face,” recalls Schmidt, a member of St. Louis de Montfort Parish in Fishers, Ind., in the Lafayette Diocese.

“I was looking for street signs in the traffic while squinting and dabbing the eye, but I could hardly see out of either of them with the other one now watering too. I started to panic.”

 At that point, Schmidt remembered the advice that her pastor, Father Thomas Haan, shared with parishioners concerning times when they needed help.

“Father Haan suggested we just ask Jesus to help us,” she says. “He said to say, ‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!’, and he will be there for whatever is needed.  

“So I pleaded to Jesus to stay with me, to be on my shoulder, to help me. Instantly, this soothing warmth came over me. I calmed down and was able to focus. He kept me calm and safe. He even nudged me not to take the route I had planned to take. When I got home, I heard that an accident had just occurred on that road.”

Schmidt’s experience served as a reminder to her of how Jesus is there for people in times of need, in life-changing moments and everyday moments.

“Father Haan is right, Jesus is just waiting for us to invite him in.” †

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