April 10, 2020

Easter Message 2020

(En Espanol)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, 

Archbishop Charles C. ThompsonAlleluia! Let us rejoice in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ! 

After a Lenten Season and Holy Week like none other in our lifetimes, and though it may not “feel” like it to many, this year’s celebration of Easter should hold even more profound meaning for us. It is with firm conviction of faith and hope, not mere “feeling,” that prompts us to rejoice in the Resurrection of the Lord and look forward to our own resurrection.

Given the suspension of public Mass and other liturgical celebrations these last several weeks, as well as various parish gatherings and activities, our desire to encounter the empty tomb of our Savior is greatly heightened beyond anything the world can match or satisfy. Hopefully, the measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus have intensified our Lenten prayer, fasting and almsgiving to further enrich our appreciation for all that Jesus endured in his passion and death for our salvation. Taking up our cross has perhaps taken on new meaning for many of us, for it is in times of crisis and challenge that we discover whether we are truly Christ-centered or self-centered. It is in Him, not ourselves, that we are saved. 

Like those first Apostles to the empty tomb, we may be wondering what this particular Easter experience might mean for us. Unlike those first Apostles, we know the rest of the story. Jesus Christ is alive! Having conquered sin and death, He is Risen! He has won victory for us over all things of this world. He is with us, lifting the hearts and minds of all those who place their trust in Him. Nothing can separate us from the saving love and grace of God.

Indeed, amid whatever fears or concerns we may be experiencing at this or any given moment, we have cause to rejoice. Let us be bold in our witness to proclaim the Good News of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Now is the time for all believers to embrace the call to holiness and mission, focusing on what is essential for salvation. We are Church, the Body of Jesus Christ, both crucified and risen. Alleluia!

Blessed Easter!

Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

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