April 28, 2017

Participants rave about Indiana Catholic Women’s Conference

Women hold hands during the Our Father in a packed St. John the Evangelist Church for Mass during the Indiana Catholic Women’s Conference in Indianapolis. (Photo by Victoria Arthur)

Women hold hands during the Our Father in a packed St. John the Evangelist Church for Mass during the Indiana Catholic Women’s Conference in Indianapolis. (Photo by Victoria Arthur)

Compiled by Victoria Arthur and Natalie Hoefer

• Ruth Rudoll
, St. Thomas More Parish in Mooresville: “I came last year, and it was such a great experience I tried to get both of my sisters and my mom to go this year.”

• Betty Young, St. Mary Parish in Greensburg (86, mother of Ruth Rudoll): “I can’t pick one [favorite part] because it’s all been great. I’m so glad I could come.”

• Andrea Rhyant, St. Joan of Arc Parish in Indianapolis: “From the first time I came [to the conference], I knew I would come again. It’s just amazing and uplifting. … [Praying the rosary during the eucharistic procession in Indianapolis] was very powerful, very emotional. It touched me and made me realize that it’s OK to say the rosary by yourself, but as a group it is so much more powerful.”

• Glowingrainbow Woods, St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Indianapolis: “[The conference] enriches your faith, enriches who we are as Catholics. Every year I come, I learn more about my faith, and it makes me want to go out there and live it. … It’s almost like a boot camp. … When you see women from different ethnic backgrounds, different ages, all come together—that is unity. That is the universality of the Church.”

• Monica Thomas, St. Bartholomew Parish in Columbus: “It just deepens and strengthens your faith. It makes you fall more in love with Jesus.”

• Claudia Slabaugh, Our Lady of the Greenwood Parish in Greenwood: “Father Ronan Murphy is a dynamic speaker. He really inspired me to say the rosary daily. … It’s great to have the support of like-minded women and hear dynamic speakers. [The conference] will inspire you if you come.”

• Carol Bruns, St. Nicholas Parish in Ripley County: “Father Ronan made me want to pray the rosary all day long. It was fun watching the people respond [as the rosary was prayed during the eucharistic procession along the streets of Indianapolis]. I was thinking of the blessings that were coming down upon the city of Indianapolis because we were praying for them.”

• Laurell Baker, St. Joseph Parish in Shelbyville and a senior at Roncalli High School in Indianapolis: “It was beautiful marching out of the [St. John the Evangelist] Church all together as one—that really hit me. I would [recommend this conference to other young women]. I think it’s really good to get involved at a younger age, because then it will make you want to know more and teach it to your kids.”

• Marigrace Bailey, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish in Indianapolis: “I love the Catholic Women’s Conference. The procession with the Blessed Sacrament from St. John’s while praying the rosary was so powerful. Taking Jesus to the streets in a world so hungry for real beauty was such a privilege! It was a day of joy, and I am determined to strive to attend daily Mass and pray more rosaries.”

• Stephanie Engelman, St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis: “I spend a lot of time filling the cups of others, and I know that I will suffer burnout if I don’t spend a little time filling my own cup. … My greatest takeaway was a call to commit more deeply to family prayer. So much depends on it, and it is only by practicing prayer as a family—especially the rosary—that we will raise good, holy children and maintain peace in our homes.”


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