April 29, 2016

Welcome, new Catholics

Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin baptizes Jocelyn Padilla-Palacios, a member of St. Monica Parish in Indianapolis, during the Easter Vigil Mass on March 26 at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis. Due to ongoing restoration from the September 2015 fire in their church narthex, members of St. Monica Parish celebrated their Easter Vigil with the members of the cathedral parish. (Submitted photo by Galo Catalan)

Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin baptizes Jocelyn Padilla-Palacios, a member of St. Monica Parish in Indianapolis, during the Easter Vigil Mass on March 26 at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis. Due to ongoing restoration from the September 2015 fire in their church narthex, members of St. Monica Parish celebrated their Easter Vigil with the members of the cathedral parish. (Submitted photo by Galo Catalan)

We welcome the new Catholics who have been received into the full communion of the Church since last Easter. Most of the people listed here received sacraments of initiation during the Easter Vigil on Saturday, March 26. The names listed here were provided by religious education leaders in local parishes.

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The 359 catechumens listed are people who have never been baptized and—within the past year—were baptized, confirmed and received their first Eucharist. The 551 candidates listed were baptized in other Christian traditions and were received into the full communion of the Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and first Eucharist during the past year.

Most people are listed in the parishes where they received their religious formation and the sacraments of initiation.

Batesville Deanery

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora
Dustin Rowe (catechumen); Katie Bruns, Paul Bruns and Jake McClure (candidates)

St. Louis, Batesville
Malissa Hohenstein (catechumen); Susan Sharpless (candidate)

St. Michael, Brookville
Tyler Allen (catechumen); Donna Allen, Derek Burk, Dustin Burk, Mary Burk, Chelsey Dudley, Kevin Dudley, Carrie Gillman, Kevin Harvey, Tiera Hale, Stephanie Ison, Michael Orschell and Michael Walter (candidates)

All Saints, Dearborn County
Stephanie Edgerton, Anthony Kamos and Michael Parks (catechumens); Mark Chafin, Paula Fox, Daniel Mills, Jessie Stenger, JJ Stenger and Sandy Stenger (candidates)

St. Mary, Greensburg
Will Brown, Caylyn Cable, John Fox, David Tuchman, Brandon Upchurch, Holly Upchurch, Amanda Walterman, Hannah Walterman, Sydney Walterman and Paula Wilson (catechumens); Teresa Kress, Penny McCullough, Kevin Miller and Deborah Schilling (candidates)

St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg
Tyler Clark, Jase Oelker and Joshua Wolfe (catechumens); Alejandra Aguero, Christina Clark, Leah Oelker, Luis Salgado-Santamaria and Blythe Wolfe (candidates)

St. Charles Borromeo, Milan
Wendy Hauser, Zach Hauser and Jonathon Jackson (catechumens)

St. Anthony of Padua, Morris
Madison Judd, Miaya Judd, Erica Porter, Bryan Priebe and Danny Thomas (catechumens); Morgan Judd (candidate)

St. Maurice, Napoleon
Philip Pahner and Jarrod Prentice (candidates)

Holy Family, Oldenburg
Jason Glenn Kistler and Katharine Elizabeth MacFarlane (catechumens); Jessica Lynn Douyard and Cara Jean Obermeyer (candidates)

St. Nicholas, Ripley County
Abigail Nunez, Amy Nunez and Kayla Nunez (catechumens); Addison Muckerheide, Kerigan Muckerheide and Naomi Schuck (candidates)

St. Peter, Franklin County
Amanda Bischoff and Nancy Narwold (candidates)

St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County
Meggan Coffman and Angela Matney (catechumens); Stephen Matney and Shirlee Meriwether (candidates)

St. Joseph, Shelbyville
Alyssa Kapfhammer (catechumen); Edy Ballard and Gustavo Lua (candidates)

Bloomington Deanery

St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford
Helen Amstutz, William Amstutz, Alicia Anderson, Floyd Atchison Jr., Grace Brown, Elias Chandler, Sheila Chase, Lisa Ann Couch, Linda Newbold, Jack Pace, Landrey Pace, Baylee Pickett, Ethan Pickett and Haylee Pickett (catechumens); Alan Bush, Matthew Fisher, John David McDonald, Anthony Newbold, Nathaniel Reed and Gregory Roland (candidates)

St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington
Penfie Jiao, Jeff Sagarin and Cody Weaver (catechumens); Erin Boyle, Gabrielle Gilbert, Rachel Johnson and Amanda Vasquez (candidates)

St. John the Apostle, Bloomington
David Hart, Rochelle Hart, Brittney Lane and Jane Miller (candidates)

St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington
Leah Beebe, Sierra Calderon, Regan Comer, Clifford Crabill and Dudley Deppe (catechumens); Bret Brumfield, Garrett Dunaway, Josie Eckert, Evan Finley, Ryan McDermott, Savannah Michel, Beth Moellers, Jay Russell and Michelle Shier (candidates)

St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville
Solomon Coyote Moon Dillard-Rynard, Darla Jandreau, Sherry James and Brandon Puckett (catechumens); Lora Jo Alsup (candidate)

St. Agnes, Nashville
Joshua Martin (catechumen); Cathy Barcilauskas, Dawna Grimes and Betty Richards (candidates)

Christ the King, Paoli
Mariah Harris and Sarah Leveridge (catechumens); Sadie Brock, Kinsey Couturier, Mary Creazzo, Amy Mayer, Andrew Porterfield, Carlos Quiroz and Taryn Stone (candidates)

Connersville Deanery

St. Gabriel, Connersville
Sara Franklin, Shelby Gallimore, Michael Montgomery, Kennedy O’Toole, Kingston O’Toole, Sara Schoenfeld, Kyle Siebert, Lauren Siebert, T.J. Vu, Brooklyn Woodward, Krysten Woodward and Millie Wynn (catechumens); Shannon Civils, Mike Davidson, Faye Ingram, Dave Mackey, Paul Martin, Pam Montgomery, Cody Phillips, Melissa Ratliff, Lucy Schoenfeld, Johnny Tipton and Carol Weber (candidates)

St. Rose of Lima, Knightstown
Kathy Arnold and Cassandra Steele (catechumens); Hannah Mefford (candidate)

St. Anne, New Castle
Trenton Sweigart (catechumen); Johnnie Anne McDonnell and Julie McDonnell (candidates)

Richmond Catholic Community, Richmond
Autumn Beatty, Luke Durbin, Josh Nelson, Michelle Ng, Christina Rollf, Joshua Russell,
Francesca Troncoso, Mirabella Troncoso and Scott Wright (catechumens); Christina Allen, Sharon Cramer, Angi Durbin, Tyler Frame, Corey Rush, Andrew Thomas and Shannon Troncoso (candidates)

St. Mary, Rushville
Niki Cain, Kaitlyn Dawson, Bree Huskins, Alex Query and Cody Smith (catechumens); Kevin Dolan, Darren Kessler and Mike Moore (candidates)

Indianapolis East Deanery

Holy Spirit
Douglas Alfredo Carias Gomez, Andani Joel Romero Hernandez, Jakoby Jerron Lux, Danielle Salas Perez and Rachel Salas (catechumens); Kimberly Ann Carreon, Marco Antonio Monter Cruz, Stephani Louise Meyers, James (Jim) Lewis Neff and Nicacio Emeterio Cirilo Reyes (candidates)

Our Lady of Lourdes
Alison McManus (catechumen)

St. Mary
Leoncio Alcauter Granados, Tony Yichuan Ren (catechumens); Kathryn DeCloedt and Tycorian Roberson (candidates)

St. Philip Neri
Autumn Davis and Kenny Hobaugh (catechumens); Jose Angel Martinez Coronado, Ernesto Ivan Garcia, Daniel Angeles Granados, Margarito Lopez Ibarez, Angel Ochoa, Rita Russel, Calum Stewart, Halyn Stewart and Oren Stewart (candidates)

St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower)
Benjamin Church, Chad Culpepper, Karen Lientz and Karen Zilson (catechumens); Jesse Brown,
Elizabeth Scurlock and Amanda Wade (candidates)

St. Thomas the Apostle, Fortville
Jecar Rodriguez (catechumen); Breanna Scott (candidate)

St. Michael, Greenfield
Kent Martin and Megan Richards (candidates)

Indianapolis North Deanery

Christ the King
Mariah Harris and Sarah Leveridge (catechumens); Sadie Brock, Kinsey Couturier, Mary Creazzo,
Amy Mayer, Andrew Porterfield, Carlos Quiroz and Taryn Stone (candidates)

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Rachel Cross and Rolando Meninato (catechumens); Taylor Jacoby, Suzanne Jannetta, Heather Karazim, Melissa Lavella, Amy Mansfield, Linda Stuckert, Jordan West and Kathryn Worden (candidates)

St. Joan of Arc
Jian Koers, Addison Montieth, Jenna Montieth, Neil Montieth, Jeff Ottinger, Bella Giselle Ransom, Terry J. Robinson, Shirley Shelton, Cooper Walling, Isabella Grace Whitfield, Justin Whitfield and
Eva Wojciechowski (catechumens); Nicole Buskill, Matt Dilly, Neil Fitzharris, Tanner Heffner, Andi LaClave and Liam Wojciechowski (candidates)

St. Lawrence
Thalia Almaraz, Shelsi Aixa Flores-Rodriguez, Bryan Matias, Leslie Karen Matias, Neal Parrish, Queela Taduum and Jennifer Teles (catechumens); Cathleen Moore, Heidi Spalla and Jerry Young (candidates)

St. Luke the Evangelist
Tameka Moore, Brady Spidel, Scott Spidel, Sophie Spidel and Louis Talley (catechumens); Ciara Farley, Brandy Govert, Andrew Small, Brooke Spidel, Eva Vital and Juan Vital (candidates)

St. Matthew the Apostle
Liliana Conard, Daniel Greenwell, Ben Lashenik, Joseph Lashenik, Will Lashenik, Jaeden Mendez-Rynard, Gabriel Toscano, Derrick Wilson and Nate Zubler (catechumens); Elaine Dilts, Katherine Dolan, Annalynn Flynn, John Love, Robert Mack, Nolan Kenworthy, Todd Kenworthy, Emily Zubler and Lena Zubler (candidates)

St. Pius X
Wynter Ackerman (catechumen); Devon Allison, Kimberly Carver, Sam Nierste, Jeffrey Routt and Michael Sosnowski (candidates)

St. Simon the Apostle
Jonathan Ball, Joel Cox, Adrian Hedlund, Lucy Marquart and Nicole Marquart (catechumens); Shana Cameron Cappel, Paul Cantrell, Julia Layman, Heather Neeson, Francis Scruggs and Kristin Toussing (candidates)

St. Thomas Aquinas
Christie Camamile and Rachel Hoffman (catechumens)

Indianapolis South Deanery

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Dale Martin (catechumen); Amanda Jones, Adrienne McCormick and Kelly Wilbur (candidates)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
Jerry Leary, Arielle Richert, Eliana Richert and Elise Richert (catechumens); Sarah Crocker, Diane Eaton, Becky Ragsdale and Jerry Richert (candidates)

St. Ann
Vangie Bradshaw, Christopher Kaufman, Terrance Wilburs and Sandra Wilson (catechumens); Erin Delaney and Nina Nugent (candidates)

St. Barnabas
Larry Craciunoiu, Maaike Mondi, Steven Osen, Andrew Rittenhouse and Angela Spayd (catechumens); Brayden Collins, Kaiya Collins, Andrew Drake, Waylon James, Jacob Madden, Samantha Madden, Dane Mize, Andrea Smithson, Brock Spayd and Charlie Taylor (candidates)

St. John the Evangelist
Brandon Arnold, Katie Egenolf, Jackson Egenolf, Jace Egenolf, McKayla Epling, McKenzie Epling, Nash Gray, Oliver Gray, Trevor Long, Bonnie Mini, Jorge Padron, Samantha Poliskey, Justin Raisor and Jesse Smith (catechumens); George Abernathy, Ryan Ball, Elise Barrett, James Bennett, Adam Berning, Sara Britt, Rachel Brozinick, Richard Denney, Adam Elsner, David Flannery, Lisa Gomez, Jason Gray, Emmanuel Hermosillo, Alexander Kassenbrock, Ashley Lamb, Amanda Lee, Lexi Lucchese, Anthony Mills, Aaron Pfeiffer, Carolyn Rauhala, Laura Schlafer, Joshua Soeurt, Melanie Stepro, Patrick Vogt and Abby Weingardt (candidates)

St. Jude
Andrew Bailey, Greg Beatty, Brandy Capshaw, Andrew Carmen, Kathie Cleary, Julie Coy and
Cody Dalton (catechumens); Brittany Bass, Bethany Cook, Kelly Gridley, Adam Rugenstein, Jeff Studtman, Cheryl Thompson and Jon Walker (candidates)

St. Mark the Evangelist
Kirstia Cropper, Gary Dunagan, Jill Henson, Samad Khosrawi, Stacey Ramsey, Katelin Ryan, Hurd Charles Tucker and Charles Wilson (catechumens); Chad Fuhrman, Erin Fleck, Dan Kilgore, Heather Mandel, Elbert Wilson and Stella Wilson (candidates)

St. Patrick
April Rivera and Jennifer Torres (catechumens); Vladimir Jimenez de la Cruz, Herminio Martinez, Telesforo Martinez, Briana Montiel, Celso Puente and Irving Salinas (candidates)

St. Roch
Terri Duvall, Christina Hudson, Mark Hughett, Amber Moore, Leslie O’Connor, Sydney Peacock, Troy Pennington, Caitlin Pooler and Lavanya Schoettle (catechumens); Tracy Cottey, Tracy Hall, Deanna Hommel, Jeremy Pooler, Tina Ruth and Patricia Wettig (candidates)

Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove
Brittany Killion, Ruth Ann Lickliter, Christopher Mercado, Cassie Stinson, Gavin Stinson, Josilin Stinson, Roy Stinson and Tyler Sunderland (catechumens); Linda Kaviak and Gayle Wagner (candidates)

Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood
Margaret Brown, Amie Martin, Michael McKeehan, Jaxson Popp and Kaleb Popp (catechumens);
Kristin Bagley, Jalen Bernard, Fernando Calderon, Geiselle Calderon, Luis Calderon, Adam Cooper, Anastasia Cuevas, Elizabeth Cuevas, Yuridia Cuevas, Carlos Delarosa, Brenda Dyer, Kristin Dyer, Jorge Espinoza, Jose Espinoza, Katherine Gonzalez, Andrew Hellmich, Jamison Henry, Corey Hudson, Donna Hyde, Kari Leck, Carrie Martinez, Austin Morales, Joe Popp Jr., Adam Reese, Andrew Reuter, Cesar Rodriguez, Abigail Savin, Jason Savin, Dominic Simion, Samantha Toscano, Kristi Trotter, Brian Wagers, Danielle Wagers, Dean Waterman and LuAnn Waterman (candidates)

SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood
Noah Dean Adams, Bradley Scott Brown, Chrystal Dawn Chavez, Jeffrey Scott Hoffman, Timothy James Martin, Christopher Lynn Riley, Nathan Lucas Riley and Paige Lauren Riley (catechumens); Minna Rose Burkhardt, Jay Allan Dalton, Kaitlyn Lauren Eldridge, Richard Thomas Gendig, Joseph Lee Gerard, Ava Grace Feilen, Leslie Ann Klein, Frankie Loyd Moore, Marsha Jo Moore,
Rebecca Sue Reinhard, Brant Nicholas Smith and Bryan Robert Spindler (candidates)

Indianapolis West Deanery

St. Malachy, Brownsburg
Augustin Alvarado, Juliana Alvarado, Selena Alvarado, Lee Arnold, Andrea Aurelio, Clare Aurelio,
Madeline Aurelio, Chad Bell, Ryan Considine, Adam Glaze, Christopher Griffin, Kenneth “Brett” Havlin, Cameron Husk, Derrick Brock James, Erick Knipe, Michelle Lingley, Patrick Marsh, Huifang “Angela” Miller, Angelica Morales, Andrew Mossman, Jason Pedigo and Douglas Tapscott (catechumens); Timothy Branch, Chad Brandon, Dana Brown, Rachael Dobbs, Rachael Fisher, Douglas Garvin, Allen Chad Kirkwood, Tamie Luckett, Melissa Ndoye, Brent Perronie, Jeanne Scheets, Phillip Spoljaric, Jodi Trotter, Glenn Warner, Ann Wheeler and Malinda Zumer (candidates)

Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville
Glenda Suss (catechumen); Cheryl Burg and Joe Sluss (candidates)

Holy Angels
Francis Amoako, Angela Chambers, April Christie and Ron Eric Christie (candidates)

St. Anthony
Melissa Knight and Hannah Lane (catechumens); Demarise Abbett, Beatriz Quiroz Torres,
Juan Carlos Vences Sanchez and Paulina Zapata (catechumens)

St. Christopher
Shaun Beckett, Aaron Bickel, Marie Djogbede, Maggie Gearns, Micky Ruble, Susan Such and Harrold Willhoite (catechumens); John Hoover, Amy Louden and Thomas Such (candidates)

St. Michael the Archangel
Michael Beason, Shelley Greenley, Adina Gros, Matthew Morton, Courtney Ratzlaff and Daniel Rivera (catechumens); Randall Ball, Traci Collyard, Brad Grube, Cardis Morton and Aaron Smith (candidates)

St. Monica
Yolanda Barajas, Elias WaiMing Chui, Leslie Cruz, Miguel Angel Cruz, Abraham De la Torre, Angel De la Torre, Diego De la Torre, Moises De la Torre, Nicolas Jonathan Enciso, Rachel Espinoza, Brendy Flores Gonzalez, Casandra Flores Gonzalez, Benito Gonzalez, Nancy Gonzalez, Adamary Gonzalez-Blanco, Brianna Jaimez, Abigail Hyunhee Kim-Chui, Brenda Lopez Contreras, Jason Joshua Makabu, Lauren Marie Mallory, Jocelyn Padilla-Palacios, Mayte Perez, Carlos Ramos, Oscar Ramos, Enrique Rivas, Treston Robey, Lakesia Titania Sanders, Devanis Andrea Santillan-Gonzalez, Estrella Simon-Cruz, Lluvia Belem Simon-Cruz, Jennifer Valdez-Salinas, Saiduby Valdez-Salinas, Michael Francisco Valdiviezo, Valeria Vazquez, Brandon Vicente, Bryan Vicente and Julissa Vicente (catechumens); Yoselin Carina Aguilar, Constantino Arellano, Berenice Aristeo, Jack Aristeo, Ailin Andrea Barranco, Jonathan Barrientos, Wilber Barrientos, Leslie Guadalupe Bautista, Nancy Bautista, Rosalia Bautista, Geovanni Saul Calderon, Giselle X. Calderon, Nicolle J. Calderon, Ashlyn Castaneda, Erik Carbajal-Delgado, Jairo Carbajal-Delgado, Joselyn Carbajal Delgado, Martha Clemente, Adam Cruz, Ashley Naomi De Dios, Angel Sebastian Dominguez-Enriquez, Jessica Michelle Eugenio-Martinez, Kevin Juaquin Dominguez-Enriquez, Octavio Eugenio-Martinez, Jennifer Vanesa Figueroa-Galdamez, Martha Lisseth Figueroa-Galdamez, Alex Eduardo Galdamez, Beatriz Galindo-Hernandez, Alexis Gallardo-Morales,
Alma Delia Gonzalez, David Gonzalez, Jesus Ronaldo Gonzalez, Nallely Janett Gonzalez, Johny Guillermo, Denisse Gutierrez, Leslie Gutierrez, Arleth Hernandez Flores, Arianne Hernandez, Henry Hernandez, Rene Hernandez Jr., Quinn Eileen Hinshaw, Samuel Trent Hinshaw, Emily Janecek, Karen Juarez, Salomon Juarez, Brian A. Landaverde, Jose Maria Leyva-Ramirez, Michel Anthony Leyva-Ramirez, Haley A. Lue-Flores, Adal Marcial, Alison Martinez, Crystal Martinez, Jessica Martinez, Joselyn Meza, Anet Montenegro, Fernanda Montenegro, Mitzi Gicelle Moreno-Rodriguez, Veronica Joselin Moreno-Rodriguez, Sylvia Mundala, Soledad Ortega, Daniel Perez, Mitzi Perez, Bryant Ramirez-Antonio, Carolina Reyes-Gallardo, Danielle Robey, Jamie Rodriguez, Jasmine P. Rodriguez, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Kevin Javier Rodriguez, Orlando Ernesto Samano-Martinez, Nely Suyapa, Hector Torres, Edwin Alexis Trejo, Josselline Valdez-Salinas, Diego Vega, Kristal Velazquez and Dulce Vanessa Vigueras-Hernandez (candidates)

St. Thomas More, Mooresville
Jacob Mattingly (catechumen); Joshua Bailey, Norman Bauske, Terry Benninghoff, Dean Rothenberger and Nicole Trinkle (candidates)

St. Susanna, Plainfield
Kernon Barnes and Ben Newsom (catechumens); Adam Bender, Crystal Bender, Jerome Donaldson, Kelli Garwood, Wade Kirby, Lisa Kabzinski, Darren Massingale, John Robert (J.R.) Means, Yolanda Means, Justin Middleton, Crystal Ray, Darrell Robinson and Justin Yager (candidates)

New Albany Deanery

St. Michael, Bradford
Tevyn Gottbrath, Tressa Gottbrath, Tristan Gottbrath and Paul Kaiser (catechumens)

St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville
Lisa Malloy, Brandi Norton and Jennifer Zwarych (candidates)

St. Joseph, Corydon; St. Peter, Harrison County; and Most Precious Blood, New Middletown
Brandon Dunaway, Bobby Kemp and Richard McGinnis (catechumens); Greg Dennis, Cory Frazier, Rachel Hood, Laura Lancasteer, Phil Reich and Tammy Seitz-Gubler (candidates)

St. Bernard, Frenchtown
Jared Clouse (candidate)

St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyd County
Zachary Sharp (catechumen); Andrew Cassis, Adair Megraw and Karen Nevitt (candidate)

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville
Jennifer Buckley and Tina Stith (catechumens); Sara Hall and Elizabeth Wooldridge (candidates)

St. Augustine, Jeffersonville
Saundra Duffee and Karla Wright (candidates)

St. Mary, Navilleton
Aviella Qualkenbush (candidate)

St. Mary, Lanesville
Kate Peggs, Brandon Philpot, John Renn and James Tripure (candidates)

Holy Family, New Albany
McCarthy Barker, Clayton Bass, Annabella Case, Eli Kerr, Ethan Kerr and Lisa Schafer (catechumens); Bethany Kerr and Amy Stout (candidates)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany
Jordan Bryant, Holden Faith, Sydney Herrin, Ronny Hornung, Inara Kochert, Dustin Williams, Kaden William and Kanon Williams (catechumens); Jessica Clemmons, Stephani Hardin, Sally Johnston, Chris Morris, Juanita Schickel and Kristie Williams (candidates)

St. Mary, New Albany
Jefferson Jacobs, David Jones, George-Michael Ott and Wesley Woods (catechumens); Gordon Emily, Christa Hart, Jim Pulliam and Kristina Ziegler (candidates)

St. John Paul II, Clark County
Nicholas Bryant and Brooke Worrall (catechumens); Ella Bryant, Joshua Conrad, Wyatt Cooper, Eugene Deely and Beverly Flick (candidates)

Seymour Deanery

St. Bartholomew, Columbus
Aaron Allard, Frederick Freers, Rebecca Reeck, Samantha Rodriguez, Kylie Stattenfield and
Jennifer Veach (catechumens); Whitney Burton, Stacy DeVreese, George Dutro, Karen Dutro, Carolyn Etheredge, Nancy Hunter, Allison Lindhorst, Pamela Nelson, Debra Nussbaum, Raul Rodriguez, Roberto Herbert Romero, Angelica Rosete Mejia, Yeni Sierra, Gabriela Vazquez Rosete, Brent Veach, Carl Weichman, Kylie Weichman and Teresa Weichman (candidates)

St. Rose of Lima, Franklin
Jacob Neal (catechumen); Samuel Bordenkecher, Saundra Bordenkecher. Nancy Hancock, Judy Miller, Bobbie Parker, Scott Steele, Kelsey Weaver and Stephen Yingling (candidates)

St. Ann, Jennings County; St. Joseph, Jennings County; and St. Mary, North Vernon
Amanda Kingswell, Devin Liston, Melinda McGlone, Grayson McGlone, Tom Moore and Denise Wasson (catechumens); Nicholas Anderson, Aaron Bright, Chassie Broadus, Marianne Daeger, Amy Mund, Evan Short, Josie Short, Brandy Taulbee, Shanda Thayer, Wes Thayer, Matthew Walker and Karie Wilson (candidates)

Prince of Peace, Madison
Brittany Brown and Aaron Wood (catechumens); Jillian Cantu, Norma Jean Tague and Duane Wise (candidates)

St. Ambrose, Seymour
Karen Aquino, Leslie Arista, Kayla Burton, Roger Cutsinger, Seth Davidson, Carmen Enriquez Beltran, Magdalena Enriquez Beltran, Serilda Gay, Gianini Narez, Yuliana Narez, Angel Vasquez Perez, Heidi Jo Anthony Quirino, Dereck Rodriquez and Jairo Yahir (catechumens); Robert Daughery, Petrona Juan, Marcos Gonzalez Morales, Melissa Narez, Erin Reinhart and Whitney Reinhart (candidates)

Tell City Deanery

St. Augustine, Leopold
Stephen Sanders (catechumen); Nicholas Devillez, Andria Marie Flamion, Benjamin Robert Flamion, Doretta Mae Flamion and Kendall Hauser (candidates)

St. Meinrad, St. Meinrad
Jennifer Sitzman (catechumen); Wendie Gessner and Amy Kelly (candidates)

St. Paul, Tell City
Matthew Warren Daugherty, Kelly Jo Merry, Fannie Peter and Emily Nicole Pruitt (catechumens); Taylor Sumner (candidate)

Terre Haute Deanery

Annunciation, Brazil
Collier Frederick, Cora Frederick, Joy Frederick and Porter Frederick (catechumens); Kirk Frederick, Abigail Hornback, Jonathan Lowe, Yvette Specker, Cameron Tews, Daniel Tews, Jason Tews, John Tews and Shayna Tews (candidates)

St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle
Lisa Cupp (candidate)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute
Richard Craig Harlan (candidate)

St. Benedict, Terre Haute
Lindsay Clark (catechumen); Michael Acree, Everett Hays, Helen Kester, Diyombu Muyumba, Isabella Muyumba, Dennis Stark and Jeri Stark (candidates)

St. Joseph University, Terre Haute
Seth DeBaun and Ashley Murphy (catechumens) Kevin Marchant, Bailey Pollard, Brian Ross and
Harold Weber (candidates)

St. Margaret Mary, Terre Haute
Tia Salen-Belli and Chloe Taylor (catechumens); Kristen Chamberlain, Saujin Park, Yong Joon Park, John Walton and Vanda Yorks (candidates)

St. Patrick, Terre Haute
Betsy Bartee, Brandon Bartee, Tanner Kuykendall, Serenity Pilant and Thomas Smith (catechumens); Amy Bauernfiend and Nikki Taylor (candidates) †

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