May 16, 2014


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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BAKER, Laura A., 59, St. Anthony, Indianapolis, April 24. Wife of Paul Baker Jr., Stepmother of Jennifer and Justin Hart. Daughter of Lillian Brinker. Sister of Dennis and Earl Brinker.

BARNHILL, Mary Ann, 83, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, April 23. Mother of Dottie Linton, Debbie McCammack, Libby Wenclewicz, David and Tom Barnhill. Sister of Dorothy Weidekamp, Richard and Robert Sitzman. Grandmother of 11. Great-grandmother of two.

BAYT, Henry, 90, St. Roch, Indianapolis, April 23. Husband of Santa (Constantino) Bayt. Father of Antonia, Mary, Demetrio, Hank, Jack, Mike, Phillip and Tony Bayt. Brother of Chet Bayt. Grandfather of 22. Great-grandfather of one.

CATES, Richard M., 79, St Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, April 26. Husband of Patricia Ruth Cates. Father of Michael, Peter and Thomas Cates. Brother of Kathleen Lawecki. Grandfather of six.

Di BORTOLO, Olinto, 84, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, April 24. Husband of Iole (Lovisa) Di Bortolo. Father of Mary Ann Cohen, Linda Swanson and Frank Di Bortolo. Grandfather of two.

EHRINGER, Marguerite Irene, 94, St. Joseph, Clark County, April 25. Mother of Teresa Mclnnes, Jane Wilson and Mike Ehringer. Sister of Mabel Balmer and Raymond Allen. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of eight.

FANGMAN, Carole Sue, 80, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, April 26. Mother of Kathleen Carrel, Phyllis Jenkins, Ann Reeves, Lee Carole Roseman, Kris Short, John and Scott Fangman. Sister of Mary Lou Roberts, Jim and Mike Sanders. Grandmother of 28. Great-grandmother of 21. Great-great-grandmother of two.

FRAZIER, Luella, 70, St. Patrick, Terre Haute, April 26. Wife of Bob Frazier. Mother of Lawrence Frazier. Sister of Kenneth Ferrell.

GEMPERLE, Judith A., 73, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, April 25. Wife of Edward Gemperle. Mother of Karen Ahr, Maureen Everhart, Sheila Steimle, Angela Weisgerber and Edward Gemperle. Daughter of Rose Burdick. Sister of Susan Anders and Mary Jo Lewalski. Grandmother of 10.

HAVERKOS, Phyllis Monica, 76, St. Charles Borromeo, Milan, April 29. Mother of Sue Erhart, Trina Hetzer, Aimee Hollingsworth, Julia Strasemeier, Dore, David, Peter and Thomas Haverkos. Grandmother of 28. Great-grandmother of six.

HOTH, Anne, 47, St. Malachy, Brownsburg, April 25. Wife of Denny Hoth. Mother of Lexi and Ryleigh Hoth and Caitlan and John Short. Daughter of John and Elizabeth Sarsfield. Sister of Cathy Denton and Mary Town. Grandmother of one.

KIEFFER, Arthur, 90, St. Mary Magdalene, New Marion, April 25. Husband of Eileen (Gigerich) Kieffer. Father of Carol Byard, Joan Hanna and Kathleen Kieffer. Brother of Walter Kieffer. Grandfather of three. Great-grandfather of five.

LAUGLE, Eugene E., 84, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, April 28. Father of Jeanette McAtee, Cecilia Pitman, Theresa Slauter, Bernadette Stackhouse, Gerrianne Vance, Christopher and Joseph Laugle. Brother of John Laugle. Grandfather of 15. Great-grandfather of two.

McCREARY, Ruth Mary (Hill), 86, St. Paul Hermitage, Beech Grove, April 28. Wife of Harold McCreary. Mother of Sue Aton, Tammy Sandefur, Theresa, Bill and Robert McCreary. Sister of John Hill. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of 14.

MILLER, Robert E., 93, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, April 26. Father of Margaret Hall, Mary Miller and Deborah Nelson. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of five.

PATTERSON, Regina, 53, St. Andrew, Richmond, April 24. Daughter of Logan Patterson. Sister of Leslie Elmore, Denise Morris, Teresa Thurston, Franklin, Jonathan and Patrick Patterson.

PINION, Ray V., 69, St. Mary, New Albany, April 23. Husband of Betty Pinion. Father of Kerri Stallings, Joe Meek and David Pinion. Brother of Evelyn Friedel and Thomas Pinion. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of three.

RADEZ, William Robert, Sr., 88, Holy Trinity, Indianapolis, April 25. Father of John and William Radez Jr. Brother of Rose Hickman. Grandfather of three.

ROSENBERGER, Donald J., 83, St. Michael, Brookville, April 28. Father of Patricia Marmouze, Greg, Ryan and Tim Rosenberger. Brother of Donna Gessell, Shirley Helms, Joyce Lambert, Janet Miller, Karen Wier and Herbert Rosenberger. Grandfather of two. Great-grandfather of two.

SCARDINE, Robert J., 69, St. Malachy, Brownsburg, April 23. Husband of Dolores Scardine. Father of Danielle Snyder. Son of Salvatore and Elizabeth (Martello) Scardine. Brother of Frances Kopp, Marlene Rodells, Albert and Selvin Scardine. Grandfather of two.

SCHMUTTE, Carl Herman, 84, Christ the King, Indianapolis, April 28. Father of Carol Jones and Dieter Schmutte.

SCHNEIDER, Margaret E., 102, St. Matthew the Apostle, Indianapolis, April 16. Mother of Sandra Jones and Robert Schneider. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of 11.

SMARELLI, Helen, 86, Holy Family, Richmond, April 27. Mother of Angela, Jim and Matt Smarelli. Grandmother of nine.

STRUEWING, Victor, 76, Holy Family, Oldenburg, April 24. Husband of Mary Ann (Weberding) Struewing. Father of Amy Jones, Greg, John, Mark, Mike and Roger Struewing. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of one.

TREBING, Pearl Catherine, 86, St. Joseph, Corydon, April 19. Mother of Nick Trebing. Sister of Sue Summers, David and Larry Hammett. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of six.

ZIMMER, Laetitia, 82, St. Jude, Indianapolis, April 28. Mother of Betty Ann Eash, Cathy McNulty, Ginny Zimmer-Stout and Tish Zimmerman. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of two. †

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