May 16, 2014

Welcome, new Catholics

Bailey Wilson is baptized by Father Eric Johnson, pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in New Albany, during the Easter Vigil at the parish’s church on April 19. Deacon Jeffrey Powell assists Father Johnson. (Submitted photo by Crit Fisher)

Bailey Wilson is baptized by Father Eric Johnson, pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in New Albany, during the Easter Vigil at the parish’s church on April 19. Deacon Jeffrey Powell assists Father Johnson. (Submitted photo by Crit Fisher)

We welcome the new Catholics who were received into the full communion of the Church since last Easter. Most of the people listed here received initiation sacraments during the Easter vigil on Saturday, April 19. The names listed here were provided by religious education leaders in local parishes. (Related story: New Catholics share stories of journey to the faith)

The 448 catechumens listed are people who have never been baptized and—within the past year—were baptized, confirmed and received their first Eucharist.

The 538 candidates listed were baptized in other Christian traditions and were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and first Eucharist during the past year.

Most people are listed in the parishes where they received their religious formation and the sacraments of initiation.

Batesville Deanery

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora

Taylor Bedal, Miranda Marlis, Eric McDaniel and Marcella Segbers (catechumens); Esther Pierce (candidate)

St. Louis, Batesville

Ava Allen, Eileen Allen, Emma Allen and Melissa Cook (catechumens); Chad Allen, Chassi Cook, Debra Flaspohler, Jacob Flaspohler, Jay Meyers and Jennifer Schebler (candidates)

St. Michael, Brookville

Rachel Ratz (catechumen); Logan Allen (candidate)

All Saints, Dearborn County

Paula Boyd, Marian Cappel and Zandra Yarber (candidates)

St. Mary, Greensburg

Jeremy Alexander, Amy Lunsford, Megan Macke, Cheryl Meister, Nicole Moorman, Morgan Munson, Ashley Reed and Chris Tewmey (catechumens); Ellie Acra, Kirk Acra, Lydia Acra, Aaron Caudill, Sara Caudill, Brandy Fields, Erika Kramer, Jacob Kramer, Logan Kramer, Kyle Lanter, David Lawrence, Duane McKinley, Greg Phillips and Richard Schilling (candidates)

St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg

Lindsey Jenkins (catechumen); Michelle Best, Rhonda Gridley and Eileen Sattie (candidates)

St. Anthony of Padua, Morris

Angela Kinker (candidate)

Holy Family, Oldenburg

April Dhamal, Ashish Dhamal, Krystle Enzinger, Brandon John, Hilary Johnson, Amanda Schwegman and Jerry Taul (catechumens); Denise Smith and Scott Smith (candidates)

St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County

Ellowin Capps, Glenn Rodgers and Traci Rodgers (catechumens)

St. Joseph, Shelbyville

Kim Azua, Jason Collins, Abbegail Cox, Mindy Contreras-Revilla, Michelle Valdez and Amanda Vazquez (catechumens); Allen Benfield, Luedith Carter, Eric Degelow, Steve Gardner, Mary Kazue Maeda, Kile Stevens and Stan Wilkison (candidates)

St. Catherineof Siena, Decatur County

Mark Burry (candidate)

Bloomington Deanery

St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford

Bobbi Benish, Alyssa Gill, Derrick Goodman, James Hitchcock, Reagan Norman, Vicki Ragsdale and Nichole Webb (catechumens); Eli Benish, Gatlin Benish, Gracie Cady, Trinity Cady, Heather Couch, Kailey Fields, Carter Saunders and Jaynell Simmons (candidates)

St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington

Hannah Arroyo, Michelle Lee, Stephanie Murray, Zackarie Pearcy, Ren-Jay Shei, Collin Sullivan and Kamila White-Alomar (catechumens); Kimberly Disque, Elizabeth Hernandez, Angie Hipskind, Chad Liersch, Tom Norris, Elizabeth Osborne, Sinikka Roinila, Ginger Thomas and Crystal White (candidates)

St. John the Apostle, Bloomington

Tony Brown, Joshua Campbell, James Foutz, Randy Gugenheim, Perla Mateo-Lujan, Kimberly Schneidt and Kaitlin Tucker (candidates)

St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington

Korey Burke, Daniel Fan, Cara Maffini, Casey McCoy, Robert McCoy and Megan Rothrock (catechumens); Annette Bunjan, Michelle Currier, Claire Foley, Michael Kersulov, Michelle Rodrigues, Zach Roeder and Thomas Williams (candidates)

St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville

Kimberly Lang, Donna Steimel and Sheryl Yeadon (candidates)

St. Mary of the Assumption, Mitchell

Jackson Reynolds and Taylor Reynolds (catechumens); Ashlee Boyce (candidate)

St. Agnes, Nashville

Rosalba Bowing (candidate)

St. Jude the Apostle, Spencer

Kaitlin Tucker (candidate)

Connersville Deanery

St. Gabriel, Connersville

Beverly Jarrett and Shawna Volz (candidates)

St. Bridget of Ireland, Liberty

Pamela Kay Phillips (catechumen)

Richmond Catholic Community, Richmond

Derek Brehm, Heather Jackson, Amanda Moore, David Brian Moore, David Matthew Moore and Benjamin Spears (catechumens); Shay Berger, Raymond DeMotte, Robert Kay, Kimberly Moore, Rachael Reavis, Kevin Toschlog, Melisa Toschlog and Osvaldo Zamorano (candidates)

St. Mary, Rushville

Ciara Harr and Amy Burke (candidates)

Indianapolis East Deanery

Holy Cross

Kimberly Deaton, Jerrie Goldsworthy, Adam Sellers, Larry Sexton and Regan Woodruff (catechumens); Kristen Vantwoud and Kelly Wire (candidates)

Holy Spirit

Adrian Aguirre, Brian Bernal, Brandi Blakley, Miranda Bradley, Jaribel Chinchilla, Ivan Cinto, Mya Dodson, Mark Earnest, Jennifer Eichholtz, Jorge Evangelista, Michael Fuentes, Casandra Gomez, Scott Grinder, Mary-Kelly Heslin-Burch, Crystal Hodges, Claudia Jimenez, Elizabeth Jimenez, Saul Jimenez, Aubrey Lowry, Russell McCallister, Julisa Mendez, Abby Nagel, Erin Nagel, Christopher Palapa, Destiny Rodriguez, Kevin Rodriguez, Jazlyn Saenz, Alan Santes and Tina Scaringe (catechumens); James Aldridge, Rhumonia Bauer, Lisa Hartman, Michele Maddox, Holly McCoy and Freeman Parks (candidates)

Our Lady of Lourdes / St. Bernadette

Lijun Zheng (catechumen); Becky G’Sell and Jasen Ward (candidates)

St. Mary

Lennie Coleman (catechumen); Sally Barker, Michelle Comstock and Breanna Moore (candidates)

St. Philip Neri

Laura Marisol Cano Amezola, Lidia Coyuchi Anotonio, Carlos Antonio Castro, Sara Gonzalez Cruz, Erick Miguel Iturbide Martinez, Gilberto Ramirez Sarabia (catechumens); Rodolfo Amaro, Antonia Alejandra Olivares Cabrera, Dario Rivera Cervantes, Nancy Cortes,

Lorenzo Juarez Gomez, Abner Manuel Ochoa Lopez and Jaime Mecatl Mones (candidates)

St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower)

A.J. Arvin, Jake Bray, Abigail Brown, Payton Brown and Tiffany Guthrie (catechumens); Bob Byers, Susan Byers, Monica Glawatz, Monica Knott, Susan Scott and Calin Wheeler (candidates)

St. Michael, Greenfield

Patricia Wyatt (catechumen); Anthony Bachtel, Ashley Bachtel, Robert Cougill, Rebecca Jo Drennen, Jennifer Jank, Sandra Marcum and Tanya Pechous (candidates)

Indianapolis North Deanery

Christ the King

Chandra Coffee, Kelly Nicholls and Jacob Sipe (catechumens); Brittany Barnett, Dan Holdcroft, Michael Hylton, Katelyn Lynch, Kevin Lynch and Julie Meek (candidates)

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Melissa Gee, Ashli Pettibone, Greg Prosser, Stephanie Rice, Laura Smith and Josh Wolfington (catechumens); Tim Gee, Sarah GiaQuinta, Mike McKendry, Aubrey Noltemeyer, Randy Smith and Chuck Weddle (candidates)

St. Joan of Arc

Philip Jackey and Stephen Taylor (catechumens); Rachel Bacon, Samuel Bacon, Mandi Fagan, Ryanne Forbes, Sarah Hargis, David Miller, Alison Moore and Andrew Perkins (candidates)

St. Lawrence

Micah Cole, Jasmin Cuahuizo, Anthony Gonzales, Bradley Pitcock and Marc Torres (catechumens); Antonio Easterling (candidate)

St. Luke the Evangelist

Cody Adams, Jackson Alter, Rachael Bonnet, Braxton Ford, Greg Peters, Hannah Smith and Laura Walker (catechumens); Gabriel Bonnet, Des Neiges Buchanna, Kimberly Goletz, Michael Goletz, Caroline Higley, Katy Miller, Scott Molander, Dylan Peters, Michelle Peters, Terri Smith, Amy Traub and Brian Wolff (candidates)

St. Matthew the Apostle

John Minnick (catechumen); Joseph Bach, Mardena Detamore, Carla Jackson, Nicole Melvin and Jalen Shirley (candidates)

St. Pius X

Sean Fredrickson, Jacob Gault, Kelsey Gault, Sha Meh, Julie McGorern and Griffin Sinsabaugh (catechumens); Holly Bougher, Ann Engel, Lisa Kinnett, Shelly Miller, Holly Sinsabaugh, Jeremy Sinsabaugh, Jake Skillman, Marcia Spies, Pete Wamsley and Alicia Wilson (candidates)

St. Simon the Apostle

Jessi Armbruster, Brendan Burney, April Jay and Ryan Turner (catechumens); Abraham Beaber, Jacquie Berry, Kenny Dennison, Dustin Glant, Alli Poore, Kevin Reese and Lisa Rehme (candidates)

St. Thomas Aquinas

Melissa Kocsis (catechumen); Rachel Grogan and Mary Rose Tryon (candidates)

Indianapolis South Deanery

Good Shepherd

Arianna Bergman, Darian Bergman, Devon Bergman and Nevaeh Bergman (catechumens); Mary Ann Lawton (candidate)

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Joseph Bertram, Jackie Shearer, Brittany Sorter and David Youngs (catechumens); Douglas Clark, Gordon Grogan, Amy Haase, David Hilt and Joseph Sutherland (candidates)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Alexis Hofmeister and Meghan Woodard (catechumens); Ryan Garrison, Heather Hofmeister, John Mullins, Amanda Ortman, Michael Ortman and Andrew Piekarz (candidates)

St. Ann

John Cobb, Rhonda Combs, Kristy Gray and Chelsea Smith (candidates)

St. Barnabas

Haley Bohland, Jennifer Brault, Robert Brown, Joshua Campbell and Aurora Mundy (catechumens); Leann Beckner, Kelly Claypool, Dayton Livingston, Tristan McGill, Andy Roell and Meghan Roell (candidates)

St. John the Evangelist

Julie Bullard, Billy Carney, Krystal Cole, Lindsey Faught, Billy McGill, Craig Nentrup, Coleen Rhea and Vidya Singh (catechumens); Jonathan Bendinger, Kristen Bendinger, Veronica Boyle, John Cochran, Emily Dusel, Laura Fry, Justin Gangestad, Jessica Goodman, Stephanie Harris, Kristen Jackson, Elyse Leahy, Christianne Ludwik, Marlaina McGinley, Cole Morin, Russ Oberholtzer, Andrew Orman, Kelsey Robertson, Tamara Robinson, Ashley Spalla, Lawrence Walter, Alex Warren, Devon Woodburn, Beth Wright, Christina Wright and Thomas Wright (candidates)

St. Jude

Jessica Bell, Carlie Brosseau, Mychelle Brosseau, Vicky Dew, Alyssa Harvey, Kyle Hartell, Peter Heugel, Lynn O’Malia, Wayne Moss, Aaron Smith, Craig Vetor and Michael Wilson (catechumens); Kory Bell, Christa Bunch, Melissa Heugel, CJ Heugel and Tina Marsh (candidates)

St. Mark the Evangelist

Kristen Casselman, Michael Harlan, Jared Jones and Angelina Villegas (catechumens); Elizabeth Dickinson, Ray Hagan, Jeffrey McDole, Jr., Richard Rowley, Corey Slick, Jason Vilches and Elizabeth Wilhite (candidates)

St. Patrick

Zenaida Castro, Angela Ferrer, Patricia Miranda, Luis Alberto Sanchez, Abel Tajonar and Carlos A. Vazquez (catechumens); Noemi Abad, Adrian Cruz, Jose Carlos Flores, Ana k. Gonzalez, Nazario Martinez, G. Juan Meza, Reynaldo Reyes, Irma Rojas, Yeudi Sedano and Viridina Tajonar (candidates)

St. Roch

Eli Appleby, Kale Appleby, Gretchen Armstrong, Norman Banister, Deeva Barr, Deborah Herzner, Elizabeth Lyon, Cecilia McCool, Pamela Michael, Jason Smith and Amanda Treadwell (catechumens); Geoffrey Appleby, Carl Bowser, Paula Durbin, Taryn Ginder, Jason Jenkins, Lee Lowry, Alan Ready, William Schmidt and Stephanie Woodburn (candidates)

Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove

Kaliyah Alexander, Madelyn Busuttil, Anthony Gigli, Taylor Harmon, Makenzie McGee and Lushawna Wilson (catechumens); Kristen Bedwell, Susan Icenogle, Jennifer Spink and Sarah Wood (candidates)

Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood

Christina Cabrera, Ryan Curtis, Sheldon Curtis, Spencer Curtis, Brian Ferguson, Christopher Gordon, Veronica Hernandez, Katie Hobson, Amy Murrey, Selina Pinon and Alanna Rossittis (catechumens); Jaidly Ancisco, Jason Holloway, Rebeca Holloway, Katherine Manuel, Catherine Morgan, Susanne Smith, Ryan Stinson, Christina Weiner and Travis Wilson (candidates)

SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood

Jessica Birchler, Nicholas Catellier, David Gregory, Margaret Murray, Kimberly Myers and Angela Tougas (catechumens); Christina Cary, Courtney Lynn, John McCullen, Michael Miller and Matthew Tandy (candidates)

Indianapolis West Deanery

St. Malachy, Brownsburg

Stephanie Brecheisen, Brayden Dean, Mya Dean, Dan Hockaday, Haley Husk, Vasco Kirby, Nicholas Medjeski, Caitlin Morrissey, Jennifer Morrissey, Jordan Noel, Patricia Snodgrass and Hailey Stallard, (catechumens); Marcos Barbosa, Charles Bartek, Christopher Bartek, Jonathan Bewley, Jacob Catalan, Julia Catalan, Nelson Catalan, Sydney Catalan, Amy Dorris, Araceli Duran-Ramirez, Victor Duran-Ramirez, Edgar Garcia, Jordan Griffin, William Handt, Thomas Harper, David Holt, Jamie Hunt, Alexander Kuzma, Lynda Lilly, Alex Magallanes, Maria Magallanes, Michael Milner, Carlos Munoz, Paola Perillo, Connie Petrucci, Amber Volz, Macy Walters and Zachary Wood (candidates)

Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville

Kyla Burris, Aubrey Haught, Bryce Haught, Carrie Haught, Chris Haught, Jennifer Haught, Mike Haught, Jacque Miller, Erin Siebenmorgen, Stephen Steward and Brandee Wornhoff (catechumens); Dave Adams, Janet Adams, Aaron Ashby, Kate Ashby, Lauren Ashby, Madelyn Ashby, Vicki Crawford, Junelle Dreyer, Katherine Hamstra, Janice Kulka, Chris Miller, Teresa Miller and Jordan Schmitt (candidates)

St. Anthony and Holy Trinity

Elisa Torres Cortes, Cristy Estrada, Alex Estrada, Ethan Gaither, Saúl González, María de los Ángeles Guzmán Guadalupe, Gail Humphrey, Deja Stovall, Karen Thomas, Brandon Tunison, Jakwon Wright and Javon Wright (catechumens); Camilo Francisco Pedro Cazares, Edgar Guillermo Palafox González, Alis Briseyda Radilla Guzman, Israel Ballesteros Hernandez, Jose Manuel Betancourt Lara, Camilo Pedro Pablo, José Luis Palafox, Enriqueta Juárez Pérez, José Antonio Rubio Pérez, Aurora Reyes and Ana Luisa Reyes Zurita (candidates)

St. Christopher

Aaron Clason, Lauren Clason, Casey Dregits, Andrew Eller, Nelda Farrar, Monica Lucas and Shelby Willhoite (catechumens); Justin Eller, Melissa Eller, Troy Eller, Zachary Eller, Joshua Engle, Heather MacLeod, Mary Roberds and Carrie Sermersheim (candidates)

St. Gabriel the Archangel

Cindy Betancourth, Sharon Fahrner, Emilio Guetierrez, Johana Guetierrez, Heidy Lopez-Martinez, Leonardo Olivares, Alejandro Reyes, Eric Tabique and Zuly Tabique (catechumens); Yasmin Cortez, Fabiola DeAnda, Fernando Hernandez Luna, Jose Manuel Medina, Enedina Morales, Rebecca Nelson, Abel Rojas, Adaela Rojas Pina and Dustin Smith (candidates)

St. Joseph

John Bowen and Jamie Graves (catechumens)

St. Michael the Archangel

Nicole Brye, Jayne Dennis, Onyinye Ezeilo, Megan Haney, Lesley Hayes, Debra Manzano and Elaina Szeszycki (candidates)

St. Monica

Ricardo Adjahi, Aylin Almazan, Chequita Andre, Nadia Andre, Osnel Andre, Paris Andre, Jesus Balderrama, Marie Benavidez, Alexander Carvajal, Gilberto Carvajal, Jr., Alexander Catalan, Brian Catalan, Ulices Catalan, Jose Chavez, Ayesha Chou, David Estudio, Luz Teresa Enriquez, Gabriel Gonzalez, Jr., Maria Hermosillo, Briana Hernandez, Christopher Jarquin, Adele Kouni, Ana Lopez, Danny Lopez, Ana Marie Marroquin, Axel Martinez, Jonathan Martinez, Katherine Menjivar, Maritza Mezo, Yair Mezo, Ivan Miller, Ella Muldoon, Fermin Nunez, Lydia Nunez, Porfirio Nunez, Monserrat Padilla, Jennifer Sanchez, Juan Sanchez, Kariely Sanchez, Rances Sanchez, Alizon Santana, Yessica Santillan, Tran Thi, Aysa Thruston, Nicole Valdez and Martin Vicente, Jr. (catechumens); Juan Pablo Mata Alvarez, Aldo Armendariz, Eliazer Ascension, Karla Balderrama, Abigail Bernal, Ivonne Bernal, Melanie Carvajal, Alexandra Chacon, Emely Chacon, Mathew Chacon, Julieta Chavez, Angel Dominguez, Joselin Dominguez, Jackie Flores, Rogelio Gomez, Brenda Guillermo, Johny Guillermo, Jesus Hollins, Angel Jimenez, Gabriella Lopez, Jesus López, Servando Lopez, Kevin Juarez, Yadiar Macias, Christian Maldonado, Ruben Maldonado, Elizabeth Martinez, Miguel Angel Mezo, Jr., Arely Miramontes, Abigail Monjaras, Luis Enrique Monjaras, Carrie Murphy, Kevin Nunez, Kenia Ortiz, Jose Pereyda, Melanie Reyes, Leslie Rodriguez, Cynthia Ruiz, Edwin Ruiz, Miles Talib, Israel Vargas, Bianca Vergara, Martin Vicente, Sr., Jose Juan Villanueva and Leslie Zepeda (candidates)

St. Thomas More, Mooresville

Kent Kanouse and Noel Phillips (candidates)

St. Susanna, Plainfield

Craig Anderson, Kenzie Bane, Donna Brobst, Jeffrey Brobst, Shelby Brobst, Bonnie Draher, Dorothy Lewis, Megan Lewis, James McNeely, Kathryn Nicely, Olivia Nicely, Cooper Overton, David Porter, Alex Thompson and Andrew Thompson (catechumens); Amber Anderson, Stefanie Jackson, Thomas Maples, Danny McDaniel, Chad Nelson, Kimberly Nicely, Craig Overton, Tiffany Overton and Heather Thompson (candidates)

New Albany Deanery

St. Michael, Bradford

Zachary Robbins, George Voll and Samantha Voll (catechumens); Jill Beyerle and Chase Timberlake (candidates)

St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville

Austin Rosenberger, Brandon Rosenberger, Brianna Rosenberger, Courtney Rosenberger, Jacob Rosenberger and Alcindor Smith (catechumens); Suzanne Catt (candidate)

St. Joseph, Corydon, St. Peter, Harrison County and Most Precious Blood, New Middletown

Jack Lawson, Heather Schmelz and Cynthia Ware (catechumens); Adam Roe and Barbara Savard (candidates)

St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyd County

Timothy Eads, April Falk, Robert Falk, David Faulkenburg and Hailey Marlman (catechumens); Amber Banet, Joseph Meier, Brooke Penrod, Brian Thomas and Logan Young (candidates)

St. Francis Xavier, Henryville

Christian Gregory and Matthew Gregory (catechumens); Betty Hayes (candidate)

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Augustine, Jeffersonville

Dylan Coomer, Kaitlyn Driver, Stephanie Driver, Anthony Grant and Nick Melton (catechumens); Sheila Densford, William Densford, Jennifer Groher and Jonathan Robinson (candidates)

St. Mary, Lanesville

Dustin Dilbeck (catechumen); Kaitlin Dilbeck and Jeffrey Lehman (candidate)

St. Mary, Navilleton

Ryan Dold and Lindsay Smith (catechumens)

Holy Family, New Albany

Kerri Caldwell, Amber Heiskell, Andrew Heiskell, Stephanie Stratford, Jaymes Teeters, Angela Thompson-Loesch and Jose Zarate (catechumens); Ryan Raelson, Cheryl Stewart, Jacquelyn Wright, Amy Wyatt and Lorena Zarate (candidates)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany

Evan Harder, Mary Loya, Terri Schemmel and Jodie Wilson (catechumens); Sonya Kauchak, Aimee Mullis, Jason Mullis and Whitney Zayas (candidates)

St. Mary, New Albany

Silvia Camilo Cruz and Carlos Ortega (catechumens)

St. Joseph, Clark County

Vannessa Christopher, Toshua Poff and Amado Gomez (catechumens); Willett Lee (candidate)

St. Paul, Sellersburg

Adrianne Fuller, Angela Higdon, Christian Higdon, Courtney Higdon and Amy Jo Sad (catechumens); Kimberly Egli-Niesse, Jason Fuller, David Graves, Nicholas Hawker and Sean Smith (candidates)

St. John the Baptist, Starlight

Kay Holsclaw and Justin Wilkinson (candidates)

Seymour Deanery

St. Bartholomew, Columbus

Shannon Beatty, Joseph Gordon II, Savana Gordon, Shelby Gordon, Kristin Jackson, Henry Kehoe, Isabel Kehoe, Liesel Kehoe, Sandra Kong, Nathan Laswell, Senaida Melendres, Julia Merial, Vicki Munn, Matt Percifield, Maranda Roberts, Jared Stadtmiller, Aldair Arron Gomez Suarez, David Oswaldo Gomez Suarez, Jeffrey Tindell, Allison Volmer, Mary Weichman and Melanie Whipple (catechumens); Linda Balzano, Benjamin Beatty, Mathew Caudill, Joseph Cordova, Kelsey DeClue, Agustina Fainguersch, Camila Fainguersch, Joseph Gordon, Brittany Haberman, Joby Jerrells, Francisco Juarez Castaneda, Elizabeth Kehoe, Jesus Montiel, Martha Julia Montiel, Danielle Mugasa, Todd Nethercutt, Brock Patterson, Stephanie Percifield, Shannon Poling, Julissa Saenz, Meredith Sanders, Donald Schmidt, Elizabeth Gomez Velazquez, Jacqueline Vidaurri, Megan Whipple, Lawrence Williams and Rebekah Williams (candidates)

Holy Trinity, Edinburgh

Kyle Yamsuan (candidate)

St. Rose of Lima, Franklin

Alejandro Garnica (catechumen); Ana Garnica, Isaac Garnica, Justin Poff and Rachelle Todaro (candidates)

St. Ann, Jennings County, St. Joseph, Jennings County and St. Mary, North Vernon

Nathaniel Baugh, Leah Benefiel, Ray Gerkin, Jacky Koenig, Jonah McClellan and Matt Sharp (catechumens); Jeff Brunner, John Ernstes, Kendra Ernstes, LeAna Matern, Tommy McDaniel, Erin Poyner, Erica Speer and Shawn Spurlock (candidates)

Prince of Peace, Madison

Leonardo Garcia-Nonato, Tarcila Garcia-Nonato, Kristy Lessley, Stephanie McLaughlin, Brandon Segundo-Maya, Marina Segundo-Maya, Ainsley Sipples and Austin Sipples (catechumens); Barry Brown, Joy Carter, Travis Clegg, Jack Reeder, Randy Riedel, Pam Scroggins and Kris Sipples (candidates)

St. Ambrose, Seymour

Luis L. Gonzalez Hernandez and Nicholas Yatsko (catechumens); Joshua Campbell, Ashley Clemente, Higinio Clemente, Josefina Gonzalez, Brittany Johnson, Jace Johnson, Kenzi Johnson, Feliciano Leal, Johana Leal, Isidro Marcos, Alfredo Mota, Alonso Perez, Audencio Santiago, Jessica Schroer, Lane Schroer, Rafael Torres and Alexandra Weaver (candidates)

Tell City Deanery

St. Paul, Tell City

Muriel Spindler (catechumen); Joshua Maffia, Kevin Teague and Megan Teague (candidates)

Terre Haute Deanery

Annunciation, Brazil

Joseph Ballard, Billy Lee Carrico, Jennifer Johnson, Annette Schutter and Joshua Tubbs (catechumens); Andrew Ballard, Bradley Ballard, Jacoba Ballard and Christina Carrico (candidates)

Sacred Heart, Clinton

Pearl Wallace (catechumen)

St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle

Jacob Baker and Joseph Baker (catechumens); Emma Tobin (candidate)

St. Mary-of-the-Woods, St. Mary-of-the-Woods

Joanne Kahl and Brent Powell (catechumens)

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, St. Mary-of-the Woods

Amanda Payton and Artishmie Robbins (catechumens); Penny Arney, Dottie King and Wayne King (candidates)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute

Melissa Mason (catechumen); Carey Cummins (candidate)

St. Benedict, Terre Haute

David Barnes, Hannah Bledsoe, Lisa Borgnini, Marcia Curran and Benjamin Meadows (catechumens); Cathryn Allen and Emily Dransfield (candidates)

St. Joseph University Parish, Terre Haute

Artemis Arlic, Thomas Balduf, Anita Cheek, Daniel Cleveland, Sarah Cleveland, Stephen Gallion, Derrick, Gibson, Verneta Marchant, Tiffanyann McKanna, Janna Newell, Shannon Rosser, Hannah Switzer, Nikki Travarthan and Sally Whitehurst (candidates)

St. Margaret Mary, Terre Haute

Judith Brosche and Carl Sullivan (catechumens); Rebecca Lock, Linda McHolland-Readinger, Kevin Rogers and Tina Striegel (candidates)

St. Patrick, Terre Haute

Ryan Dyer, Kelly Oehler and Kirstin O’Rourke (catechumens); Terri McConnell (candidate) †

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