November 30, 2012

Archbishop Tobin talks about the importance of Catholic education

In Conversation with Archbishop Tobin logo“I’m a strong believer in Catholic education. Every pastoral assignment I had before I was sent to Rome was in a parochial setting with schools. I knew in some of those dioceses that there were pastors who wouldn’t accept a parochial assignment if it had a school. I was really perplexed by that, being the product of Catholic schools and seeing their tremendous force in the forming of future generations.

“I think we have to support catechism, CCD, religious education at all levels in the Church. We must also recognize the particular force a Catholic school can have. I remember a lay superintendent of schools saying to me, ‘Give me a child for an hour on Saturday and I can provide some information. Give me that child for five days a week, I can provide formation’ to complement the formation they should be receiving at home. That’s why I’m a very strong believer in Catholic schools.” †

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