May 11, 2012

Welcome, new Catholics

We welcome the new Catholics who have become full participants in the Church since last Easter. Most of the people listed here received initiation sacraments during the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 7. The names listed were provided by religious education leaders at local parishes.

The 470 catechumens listed are people who have never been baptized and—within the past year—were baptized, confirmed and received their first Eucharist.

The 489 candidates listed were baptized in other Christian traditions and were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and first Eucharist during the past year.

Most people are listed in the parishes where they received their religious formation and the sacraments of initiation.


Batesville Deanery

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora

William Bruns III (candidate)

St. Louis, Batesville

Linda Diaz and Michelle Webb (catechumens); Virginia Adams and Gregory Webb (candidates)

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Bright

Cybil Lachenman (catechumen); Beverly Grawin, Scott Kallmeyer, Kimberly McCord and Mary-Alice Whitney (candidates)

St. John the Baptist, Dover

Rebecca Grace (catechumen); Bruce Lippard (candidate)

St. Peter, Franklin County

Ruth Geis and Samantha Weiler (catechumens); Leo House (candidate)

St. Mary, Greensburg

Eric Capper, Heather Hirt, Paula Hubbard, Kelly Land, Dianna Lowe, Michael Manus, Nyree Morgan, Jay Schofield, Tricia Stephens and Keri Wisniowski (candidates)

St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg

Kimberly Elliott, Conor Geary, Lauren Hetzer, Kelly Huddleston, Sara Sitterle and Del Weldon (catechumens); Andrea Golden, Ronald Kuhn, Mary Ellen Schneider and Nancy Weldon (candidates)

St. Charles Borromeo, Milan

Dennis Watson (catechumen)

St. Paul, New Alsace

Roxanne Boyd (candidate)

Holy Family, Oldenburg

Matilda Granger, Destinee Nunlist and Kayla Pinckley (catechumens); Amanda Lamping, Charla Westerfeld and Lisa White (candidates)

St. John the Baptist, Osgood

Matt Hartman, David Rice and Katie Roth (catechumens); Bobby Hubbard, Tracy Rice and Austin Pez (candidates)

St. Pius, Ripley County

Savannah Wagner (catechumen); Abigal Hornberger, Jeff Lewis, Jim Red Elk and Stan Sporleder (candidates)

St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County

Brianna Wettrick (catechumen); Barbara Harcourt and Kevin Harry (candidates)

St. Joseph, Shelbyville

Jennifer Harden (catechumen); Carolyn Disser, Dana Ewing and Lisa Myers (candidates)

St. Joseph, St. Leon

Brandy Bittner and Michelle Williams (candidates)

St. Martin, Yorkville

Ashley Hastings and Lloyd Kimball (candidates)


Bloomington Deanery

St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford

Chad Biddle and Darren Fortner (candidates)

St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington

Mariah Shu, Joshua Wagner and Kara Winkler (catechumens); Jennifer Bailey, Rebekah Bloss, Travis Cooper, Amy Duncan, Samuel Karpen, Colten Mitchell, Erin Rasche and Whitney Williamson (candidates)

St. John the Apostle, Bloomington

Ryan Herndon (catechumen)

St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington

Ryan Adams, Brittney Aragon, Bryton Hiatt, Blake Hollins, Vivian Hopkins, David McAvoy, Andrea Richardson and Rigobarto Ventura (catechumens); Sean Armie, Aaron Burkhart, Aaron Mobley, Jennifer Mobley, David Simonetti, Brian Sowder, Jason Szostek, Rachel Szostek, Daniel Terrell, Chelsea Whitlow, Annabelle Wilkinson and Scott Windell (candidates)

St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville

Ashley Janneck and Andrea Rafferty (catechumens); Victoria Doll and Kevin Reeves (candidates)

St. Mary of the Assumption, Mitchell

Callison Blais and Deysy Blais (catechumens); A.J. Abplanalp, Emma Abplanalp, Tessa Abplanalp, Chasey Blais, Justin Blais, Kyle Edrington, Stacey Edrington and Seth Ross (candidates)

St. Agnes, Nashville

Melissa Richey and Gene Waltman (catechumens); Diana Akles, Raina Billington and Marilyn Grove (candidates)

St. Jude the Apostle, Spencer

Chad Crosby (candidate)


Connersville Deanery

St. Michael, Brookville

Brittany Fugate, Jerry Short and Ashley Tebbe (catechumens); Justin Boggs and Chris Brychell (candidates)

St. Gabriel, Connersville

Meghan Keal, Elisabeth Martin and Zachariah Martin (catechumens); Michelle Creech, Jeff Martin and Kristi Martin (candidates)

Richmond Catholic Community, Richmond

Jack Bodiker, Patty Dargie, Paula Fox, Amanda Julian, Heidi Klemann, Linda Langley, David Lindsey, Steve Poindexter and Jeffrey Skinner (catechumens); Tim Armstrong, Holly Baird, Christina Falcone, David Gaddis, Bailey Hall, Melanie Holthouse, Alfredo Julian, Emily Keesling, Kyle King, Shann Newton and Kaelan Poindexter (candidates)

St. Mary, Rushville

Issac Nigh and Kenny Nigh (catechumens); Shane Hanley, Ron Jarman and Dusti Woodard (candidates)


Indianapolis East Deanery

Holy Spirit

Mark Black, Ruth Ann Black, Sidny Escobar, Karen Guillon, Jade Harlin, Emily Hess, Jason Hill, Anastasia Kurtz, Bradley Kurtz, Colton Kurtz, Lou Ann Lake, Luis Angel Leyba, Angel Lopez, Tyrus Moorman, Devon Newhart, Carter Rukaj, Sarah Rukaj, Hayley Sloan, Nick Sloan, Deangelo Williams and Eric Wolski (catechumens); Linda Conn, Imani Elzy-Yales, Lori Gutierrez, Rosa Marie Gutierrez, Brooke Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Fred Nieske and Terry Vail (candidates)

Our Lady of Lourdes

Tosca Marin and Tracy Wilburn (catechumens)

SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Elmer Chowning and Mark Metz (candidates)

St. Bernadette

Jean Harrison and Kelly Monroe (catechumens)

St. Mary

Elba Arellano, Michelle Montgomery, Jason Spilbeler and Davin Testerman (catechumens); Mark Bagwell and Leslie Purcell (candidates)

St. Philip Neri

Abigail Allen, Angela Allen, Brittney Allen, Darrell Allen, Gabrielle Allen, Hope Allen, Brandi Cook, Adrian Gallegos, Miguel de Jesús Gallegos, Anthony Miles, Pamela Murray, Jennifer Smedberg and Anna Sorto (catechumens)

St. Rita

Haylee Hayden and Kennedy Phillips (catechumens); May Bixler, Deadria Olarewaju and Samson Olarewaju (candidates)

St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower)

Wallace Alexander, Crystal Barcenas, Cassandra Cecil, Sharon Cecil, Aaron Cunningham, James Dunbar, James Olmsted, Danny Smith and Todd Weinbrecht (catechumens); Tiffani Boles, Verna Ford, Joseph Jacobs and Julienne Tuterow (candidates)

St. Michael, Greenfield

Sean Curry, James Hahn, Abby Herbert, Adam Herbert, Brad Herbert, Madysen Herbert, Chris Kintner, Shane Odum and Elizabeth Schurger (catechumens)


Indianapolis North Deanery

Christ the King

Kirk Meyers, Kayla Reece, Dianea Seehase, Tammy Shirley, Emily Steele and Zach Steele (catechumens); Kameron Cullina, Rachel Cullina, Sheila Cullina, Margaret Hermanek, Brooke Huber, Elena Lopez, Jennifer Priser, Shannen Priser, Shellie Redelman, Brian Scott, Terri Scott, Ashley Seehase and Lauren Stevenson (candidates)

Immaculate Heart of Mary

David Diercks, Donna Diercks, Lauren Diercks, Tyler Diercks, Katie McGovern, Grayson McKinney, Betsy Norton, Emerson Lee, Foster Lee, Given Lee and Trigg Lee (catechumen); Julie Brenton, Jason Burkman, Anne Collins, Marc Collins, Kristina Dunlap, Kyla Griese, Corey Martinez, Alicia McKinney, Sean Murphy, Doug Perry and Sarah Rossier (candidates)

St. Joan of Arc

Alicia Hamadanchi, Liz Koon, Kathy Laderach, Deborah Magga and Travis Robinson (catechumens); Nikki Brown, Carissa Hendrickson, Neal Keith, Joann Perkins and Ryan Sanford (candidates)

St. Lawrence

Michelle Benavides-Arias, Diago Derosas-Cardova, Maria Hernandez, Parien Highbaugh, Aleena Lewis, Jared Lewis, Payton Lewis, Azucena Martinez-Pineda, Savannah Moman, Maria Ochoa-Sanchez, George Schott, Jonathan Smith, Maria Tello-Cuenca, Melissa Teles and Erika Telex-Hernandez (catechumens); Jose Bello, Katherine Curles, Octaviano-De los Santes, Michelle Kolosso, Nicolas Martinez-Fuentes, Sandra Neely and Robert Root (candidates)

St. Luke the Evangelist

Este Fania Hernandez, Jakoby Hogan, Caelan Kendall-Hahn, Jessica Myers, Julianne Myers, Madison Paschal, Stuart Scott and Alex Tabor (catechumens); Julie Christensen, Roy Jones, Jennifer Baker, William Baker, Margaret Rezek and Patrick Rezek (candidates)

St. Matthew the Apostle

Ryan Cole and Lynn Mattingly (catechumens); Melanie Allen, Maria Corbito, Adam Hunter and Kurt Och (candidates)

St. Pius X

Enoch Ayeh and Julie Brown (catechumens); Tim Bacsa, Molly Fugate, Stephen Knoll and Ruth Mercer (candidates)

St. Simon the Apostle

Samuel Lawson, William Lawson and David Pehlman (catechumens); David Anderson, Rafael Bahamonde, Matthew Goins, Thomas Harper, Jennifer Flight Hawk, Barbara Hicks, Jonathan Houck and Angela Kneebone (candidates)

St. Thomas Aquinas

Rick Burgess, Chelsea Durnil, Robert King, David O’Connor, Ellie Sinsko and Rick Thomas Jr. (candidates)


Indianapolis South Deanery

Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove

Dane Clouse, Drew Clouse, Alyssa Collins, Mark Lincoln, Kelcie Lincoln, Kenzie Lincoln, Jameson Prendergast, Vincent Prendergast, Courtney Van Winkle and Naomi Wolf (catechumens); Chari Burke, Dominic Clouse, Jennifer Coffman, Jason Prendergast, Robin Prendergast and Jacqueline Sutton (candidates)

Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood

Heather Bland, Brianna Boerner, Corbin Boerner, Alivia Brown, Cari Brown, Claire Brown, Gabe Brown, Morgan Brown, Raeann Fraser, Ronald Graham, Joshua Kelly, Graysen King, Jessie Klene, Lindy Olding, Robin Piscitelli, James Smith and Brian Wood (catechumens); Michael Boerner, Jaime Coffman, Jeff Drake, Tyler Droste, Amanda Ferguson, Michelle Haddix, Ruth Hansen, Debra Hendricks, Huynh Hai, Ly Tran, Ashley Keith, Steve Kennedy, Amanda Larmour, Ashley Neeson, Dawn O’Bryan and Nicholas Wright (candidates)

SS. Frances and Clare, Greenwood

Nikki Case, Joe Higginson, Megan Howe, Jeffrey Laug, Laura Martin, Noah Raber and Larna Smith (catechumens); Randy Baker, Danielle Chrysler, Angela Doerr, Rosemary El-Bakri, Elaine Gregory, Cheryl Hardy, Keesha McCue, J.D. Neiswanger, Kenneth Ralph, Steve Roberts, Corey Small and Iver Small (candidates)

Good Shepherd

John Bauerle and Logan Collins (catechumens); Eric Madsen, Rebecca Norris and Michael Walterman (candidates)

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Treva Caster, Dawn Coles, Bryan Dilk, Michael Horne, Melinda Kennedy and Bridgett Melloh (catechumens); Jason Fitzgerald and Chad Wiekert (candidates)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Walter Crislip (catechumen); Elizabeth Gomes, Kenneth Gomes, Lisa Gomes, Tanya Hoover and Ashley Wells (candidates)

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Larry Grooms, Christine Hook and Michael Oliver (catechumens); Jerod Alford, Andrew Benett, Sue Prewitt, Elizabeth Tinsley and Robert Tinsley (candidates)

St. Barnabas

Brittney Borszem, Gregory Graue, Brianne McClelland, Wally Speer and Kelly Weis (catechumens); Jessica Haddix, Robert Lane Jr., Monica Murray, Bradley Piatt, Dustin Pierson and Kendra Pierson (candidates)

St. John the Evangelist

Young Eun Kim, Joshua Miller, Jake Parker, Daniel Sonnenburg and Aaron Sweet (catechumens); Crystal Friedl, Jordan Johnson, David Paterson, Jeffrey Platz, Beth Reynolds and Laura Wall (candidates)

St. Jude

Brooklyn Bass, Jennifer Bass, Catherine Bucci, Dalton Jones, Melissa Jones, Chris Stimac, Robin Tignor and Gary Young (catechumens); Melissa Carman, Kassie Carman, Matthew Neuenschwander, Leslie Peters, Robert Walker and Margie Young (candidates)

St. Mark the Evangelist

Tammy Brown, Terry Bailey, David Harper, Hayden Harper, Max Harper, David Price, Peyton Price and Taylor Price (catechumens); Heather Briggeman, Rachel Brown, Don Cloud, Jamie Harper, Katrina Kinder, Jo Ann McClellan, Kenneth Pinkiston, Kara Price and Ryan Quillinan (candidates)

St. Patrick

Vanessa Escobar, Ana Moreno, Yuridi Moreno, Maria Patiño and Mariela Sanchez (catechumens); Virginia Sims-Aguirre, Reyes Cuazitl, Alfredo Cuhuizo, Sonia Esteban, Juan Garcia, Guillermo Hernandez, Jennifer Limon, Elizabeth Ocelotl, Jorge Olmos, Edgardo Perez, Freddy Perez, Tosa Perez, Yahaira Perez, Gil Ramirez, Maribel Ramirez, Carmina Ramos, Noe Ramos, Maria Rodriguez, Juan Sanchez, Rosario Sandoval, Angel Soto, Ricky Soto, Gustavo Tello, Julio Tello, Sandra Torrijos and Alejandro Vargas (candidates)

St. Roch

Mark Buis, Ashley Burgess, Cassie Cunningham, Scot Dawson, Sara Hawk, Dawn Hernly, Libby Roberts, Trent Smith, Tyler Smith and Rex Taulman (catechumens); Sarah Barna, Emily Brunner, Deidra Colvin, Gloria Condon, Amber Crist, Megan Hawk, Brenda Hernly, Josh Justice, Alex Moguel, Bonnie Smith, Jenny Smith, Ron Smith, Betsy Strader and Olivia Zedrick (candidates)


Indianapolis West Deanery

St. Malachy, Brownsburg

Amy Bixler, Kobe Britton, Lindsay Dakin, Scott Dunwoody, Marti Elliott, Kelsey Price, Michael Shipp, Ricky Snyder, Breyana Suhre, Kacie Suhre, Skylar Volz and Stephanie Williams (catechumens); Diego Babcock, Raymond Engelman, Jared Farmer, Mark Hinshaw, Megan Hobaugh, Jacob Kodrick, Kaeli Kodrick, Anthony Komlanc, Cedrick Marco, Drishna Marco, Kassandra Marco, Kyle Means, Miranda Minnick, Farai Mukona, Alyssa Orlando, Toby Pritchard, Kelly Steele, Judy Todd, Jonathan Torres, Greg Waltman and Robin Weidenbener (candidates)

Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville

Michael Birchman, Lee Clark, Morgan Clark, Peggy Lynch, Caitlyn Simon, Joseph Simon, Joshua Simon and Christopher Thompson (catechumens); Karen DeJarlais, Matthew Higdon and Jack Williams (candidates)

Holy Angels

Kimberly Cowart and Rachelle Frink (catechumens); Latrés Bell, Donovan Jones and Sherman Laster (candidates)

St. Anthony

Juan Castillo, Maritza Castillo, Valerio Flores, Irene Hernández, Chris Kreiger, Edith Muñiz, Lauren McHugh, Roberto Mejía, Wagner Melgar, Alfonso Puebla, Francisco Puebla, Tisha Ramirez and Israel Vargas (catechumens)

St. Christopher

Aidan Cunningham, Michelle Cunningham, William Cunningham, Reece Davis, Billy Gill, Christina Gill, Melissa Hedge, Summer Kegeris, Jacob Klemann, Jessica Martinez, Gary Moran, Trevor Nibbs, Tyreese Nibbs and Kristin Winters (catechumens); Jay Adams, Heather Butler, Melissa Grabowski, Stephen Kesler and Timothy Parnell (candidates)

St. Gabriel the Archangel

Lesvia Mendez, Jocelyn Perez, Luz Perez and Ricardo Perez (catechumens); Victor Carillo-Sanchez, Robert Evans, Nancy Larson, Romeo Leonardo and Mayra Lopez (candidates)

St. Michael the Archangel

Eric Beck and Jessica Niehaus (catechumens); Andrew Ellis, Jerry Mitchell and Steven Mniszewski (candidates)

St. Monica

Nancy Amado, Bryan Amado, Chelsea Aparicio, Julio Cesar Escobedo, Malik Falana, Melanie Flores, Kevin Perez Gonzalez, Kimberly Perez Gonzalez, Bryan Meza, Jorge Meza, Jennifer Orona Rodriguez, Erick Orona Rodriguez, Jessica Sanchez-Alvarez, Henry Sanchez, Jimena Sanchez, Rosaisela Sanchez, Carlos Villeda-Ayala, Felipe Villeda-Ayala, Casey Gribble, Ethan Johnson, Delia Jimenez, Giovani Lopez, Fernando Pliego and Luis Serrano (catechumens); Manuela Amegan, Sheila Amegan, Christian Arciniega, Jorge Arciniega, Brena Arellano, Josefina Flores, Nareny Flores, Tyler Frounfelter, Monica Gribble, Brenda Hernandez, James Johnson, Josshellin Juarez, Christian Lopez, Senorina Lopez, Reyna Morales, Adrian Nieves, Hatisri Nieves, Jesus Alfredo Ornelas, Alfredo Orona, Yoceli Yolanda Palafox, Irene Palmero, Maria Perez, Rolando Perez, Patricia Rodriguez, Sergio Rodriguez, Jovani Sanchez-Alvarez, Katherine Sanchez, Martin Santos, Abilene Soto, Alejandra Soto, Pedro Soto, David Torres, Sasha Torres, Tabitha Torres, Darling Treminio, Hernan Treminio and Ryan Whitley (candidates)

St. Thomas More, Mooresville

Belinda Colletti, Charles Dotson and Gary Franklin (catechumens)

St. Susanna, Plainfield

Laurie Allman, Adrian Brunner, Dillion Brunner, Travis Butcher, Amanda Finney and Scott Reeves (catechumens); Chelsee Ehrhardt, Caleb Moore, David Oliphant, Cynthia Seybert and Elissa Van Leer (candidates)


New Albany Deanery

St. Michael, Bradford

Anna Shipley and Kristy Thevenot (candidates)

St. Michael, Charlestown

Matthew Stromblad (catechumen); Wanda Lindenmayer, Azalee Sheehan, Benjamin Sheehan and Brenda Sheehan (candidates)

St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville

Adrea Beyerle, Blake Bishop, Evelyn Bishop, Janis Bishop, John Bishop, David Crum, Landon Hadley, Cristina Hansford, Drake Hansford, Noah Liter, Kara Merchant, Michelle Merchant and Jacob Stacey (catechumens); William Liter (candidate)

St. Joseph, Corydon

Randall Stroud (catechumen); Kenneth Shanks (candidate)

St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs

Andrew Flint, Candace Hyde and Justin Martin (candidates)

Sacred Heart and St. Augustine, Jeffersonville

Lanette Brown, Meredith Elston and Steven Pierce (candidates)

St. Mary, Lanesville

Joshua Blackman and April Smith (catechumens); Christina Carter (candidate)

St. Mary, Navilleton

Andrew Dukes and John Miller (catechumens)

Holy Family, New Albany

Devon Gummer, Emma Kerr and Paige Killebrew (catechumens); Janet Taylor (candidate)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany

Emma Davidson, Melissa Hertweck, Paul Hertweck and Dustin Howard (catechumens); Rebecca Bennett-Howard, Stephen Bradley, Brad Dwyer, Chris Haulter, Matthew Hudson, Samantha Lopez, Jason Orr, Rosalind Segoviano, Joshua Shoffner, Jessica Smith, Steven Stark and William Watson (candidates)

St. Mary, New Albany

Hunter Baumberger, Carrie Bonfer, Matthew Bonfer II, Kassandra Caldwell, Charlotte Davis, Alejandro Diaz, Andrew Goodman, Zachary Perry, Kenna Pikey, Kent Pikey and Susan Topping (catechumens); Brittnie Courtney, Betty Domalewski, Gigi East, Jared Martinez, Jessica Martinez and Emily Watts (candidates)

St. Joseph, Sellersburg

Brittney Cobb, Rachael Collard, Justin Collard and Ashley Stephens (catechumens); Lynell Chamberlain and Jennifer Henderson (candidates)

St. Paul, Sellersburg

Ethan Gullion and Wayne Gullion (catechumens); Carolyn Lanham, Cheryl Sauffer, James Schepers and Stephanie Schneider (candidates)


Seymour Deanery

St. Bartholomew, Columbus

Alondra Castro Lopez, Brandon Conrad, Mykah Conrad, Paige Conrad, Jaidyn Dyette, Maleah Dyette, Tristen Dyette, Lee Fields, Evan Frederick, Lauren Frederick, Preston Gapsiewicz, Caitlyn Gross, Lucero Huerta, Mayra Palomino, Rick Stark and David Weber (catechumens); Brandon Burton, Chad Chaney, Kathryn Conrad, Jessica Coomes, Judy Droddy, Mary Ann Frederick, Owen Gall, Stephanie Gapsiewicz, Derek Gross, Marsha Mayes, Brenda Palomino, Karthika Vattakavil, Karun Vattakavil and Clarence White (candidates)

Holy Trinity, Edinburgh

Mary Shelley (catechumen)

St. Rose of Lima, Franklin

Christina Blackwell, Eric Blackwell and Isabelle Blackwell (catechumens); Nicholas Galloway, Alicia Louden, Tifani Wathen and Kyle Zajac (candidates)

St. Ann, Jennings County

Erica Schneider (catechumen); Jordan Davers (candidate)

St. Joseph, Jennings County

Mitzie Halcomb (catechumen); Jeff Andrew and Armorelle Cook (candidates)

Prince of Peace, Madison

Laura Hinton, Robert Hinton, Jamie Singer, Shane Singer and Deisy Zavala (catechumens); Kelly Banta, Camille Fife and Barbara Wheeler (candidates)

St. Mary, North Vernon

Hayley Allen, David Mull, Kyrianna Moore, Abigail Sabelhaus, Carissa Sabelhaus, Emily Sabelhaus, Braden Ray, Tyler Ray, Amanda Smallwood, Chris Whipple and Annabelle Woods (catechumens); Kelly Sabelhaus (candidate)

St. Ambrose, Seymour

Connor Dobbins, Riley Dobbins, Karissa East, David Eggers, Amber Fugate, Calleigh Fugate, Landon Fugate, Rita Holverson, Aidan Langford, Natasha Langford, Carson Malone, Raymond Minton, Joey Napier, Amber Salvador and Ian Wheeler (catechumens); Chloe Baker, Tiffany Baker, Darius Hurdle and Deb Thomes (candidates)


Tell City Deanery

St. Augustine, Leopold

Rick Kratzer (catechumen)

Holy Cross, St. Croix

Brooke Mullis (candidate)

St. Mark, Tell City

Lucas Bryant (catechumen)

St. Paul, Tell City

Stephanie Mayfield, Darlene Richey, Johnny Rogers, Kristina Rogers and Beth Smith (catechumens); Michelle Newby (candidate)

St. Pius V, Troy

Rick Knable and Morgan Simon (catechumens); Lisa Motteler (candidate)


Terre Haute Deanery

Sacred Heart, Clinton

Curt J. Gruner and Meghan Slaven (catechumens); Brandon Bekkering, Curt D. Gruner, John Jukes and John Kanizer (candidates)

St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle

Brayden Bryant and Darrel Underwood (catechumens); Josh Nally and Marin Nally (candidates)

St. Mary-of-the-Woods, St. Mary-of-the-Woods

Jacob Kelley (catechumen)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute

Julie Stratman (catechumen); Jason Gretencord and Jeffrey Kennedy (candidates)

St. Benedict, Terre Haute

Cheyenne Herring, Michelle Herring and Madison Hughes (catechumens); Christina Bauer, Kaethe Pfeiffer, Jon Romas, Marcus Tuttle and Danny Watters (candidates)

St. Joseph University, Terre Haute

Bobbie Joe Monahan (catechumen); Evan Cornel, Timothy Crooks, Brenda Ketner, Richard La Fleur and Dakota Ladd (candidates)

St. Margaret Mary, Terre Haute

Jessica Sherertz, Marissa Smith and Amy Walter (catechumens); Michael Freeman, Kelly Miller, Kari Smith and Roy Smith III (candidates)

St. Patrick, Terre Haute

Jeffrey Barton, Jordan Bedella, Paul Beel, Kaden Boyer and Khanrad Wilson (catechumens); Barbara Beel, Mary Brackin, Meredith Brown, Monica Calahan, Misty Harvey, Paula Harvey, Katherine Poff and Marilyn Warden (candidates) †

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