May 13, 2011

Welcome, new Catholics

We welcome the new Catholics who have become full participants in the Church since last Easter. Most of the people listed here received initiation sacraments during the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 23. The names listed here were provided by religious education leaders in local parishes.

The 438 catechumens listed are people who have never been baptized and—within the past year—were baptized, confirmed and received their first Eucharist.

The 543 candidates listed were baptized in other Christian traditions and were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and first Eucharist during the past year.

Most people are listed in the parishes where they received their religious formation and the sacraments of initiation.


Batesville Deanery

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora

Charles Gulley and Michele Sohmer (catechumens); Janet Blevins, Rachel Busch, William Rector, Hannah Smith, Melinda Smith and Samantha Wismann (candidates)

St. Louis, Batesville

Haley Diaz, Destiny Keihn and Lindsey Williams (catechumens); Erin Daugherty, Lindsey Gunter, Bret McFall, Lisa Schrand and Zachary White (candidates)

St. Mary, Greensburg

Sue Miller (catechumen); William Winans and Andrea Wright (candidates)

St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg

John Bellamy, Rhonda Goodpaster, Bryan Hartford, Andrea Morton, Matthew Morton, Adam Powell, Christian Powell, Elijah Powell, Marla Powell and Jack Stedam (catechumens); Chelsea Brown, Tristan Brown, Richard Butler and Patricia Wesley (candidates)

Immaculate Conception, Millhousen

Nichole Schoettmer (catechumen)

St. Anthony of Padua, Morris

Cody Goins and Hilary Maple (candidates)

St. Maurice, Napoleon

Darryl Smith and Robert Smith (catechumens); Brandon Stephens (candidate)

St. Paul, New Alsace

Benny Behrens, Brian Flynn and Donna Lake (candidates)

Holy Family, Oldenburg

Stacy Ford (catechumen); Rhonda Fleming (candidate)

St. John the Baptist, Osgood

Travis Rohrig, Masiela Stockman, Olivia Stockman and Sydney Stockman (catechumens); Kara Bane and Julie Stockman (candidates)

St. Mary-of-the-Rock, Franklin County

Thomas Boyce (catechumen); Andrew Grooms (candidate)

St. Peter, Ripley County

Finley Crissen and Vicki Schneider (candidates)

St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County

Abigail Saxon and Briana Saxon (catechumens); David Emerson, Kayla Gentry, Laura Parmer and Betsy Walls (candidates)

St. Joseph, Shelbyville

Travis Brown, Tom Corlett, Christopher Miller, Crystal Van Wye, Evan Van Wye and Cortney Wiley (catechumens); Kenneth Brameier, Wanda Freeman, Stefanie Perry-Miller, Mari Ryhal, Candace Sexton-Garlitch and Donna Snelling (candidates)

St. Martin, Yorkville

Douglas Castle and Christopher Mills (catechumens)

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Bright

Jeffery Hardin (catechumen); Anthony Paolello, Andrew Schaub and Christina Weber (candidates)


Bloomington Deanery

St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford

Gus Dusard, Susan Inman, Jeremy Jackson and Kathryn Shaddix (catechumens); Alan Thorp (candidate)

St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington

Jennifer Dosado, Tracy Fields, Raegan Greening, Matthew Lee, Matthew Moore and Sarah Moore (catechumens); Gabriel Bissell, Mary Rose Choi, Jennifer Garza, Kristopher Rodrigues and Kim-Tuyen Thi Vu (candidates)

St. John the Apostle, Bloomington

Kelly Faulkenberg, Adam French, Amber French, Larry Herndon, Kerry Kinser, Joseph Osborne and Lacee Spicer (catechumens)

St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington

Laurel Bobbitt, Jeffrey Bransford, Tiffany Crites, Angelica Jarillo, Dulce Jarillo, Keatrick Johnson, Alice Wilmoth and Douglas Wilmoth (catechumens); Emily Blocksom, Christopher Brock, Danielle Dickinson, Gail Gardiner, Donald Gilley, Heather Hamilton, Shareese Johnson, Tricia Slevin, James Spore and Benjamin Underwood (candidates)

St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville

Elizabeth Nus and Kevin Reeves (candidates)

St. Mary of the Assumption, Mitchell

Andrew Brinkman, Betty Daugherty, Sarah Getman, Madalyn Jones, Emily Miller, Ashlyn Premo, Evanna Sehr and Deena Wilson (candidates)

St. Agnes, Nashville

Earnest Blackwell, Carol Cochran and Kyle Whitenack (catechumens); Jeff Devening, Carol Weir and Barbara White (candidates)

St. Jude the Apostle, Spencer

Clint Feidkamp and Heather Puett (catechumens); Charles Merrimon and Marilyn Worland (candidates)


Connersville Deanery

St. Michael, Brookville

Jenae Bisch, Mary Blair, Christina Farnsworth, Ryan Farnsworth, Justin Fohl, Carey Jacobs and Joseph Schirmer (catechumens); Daniel Bukofchan, Payton Bukofchan, Amber Chalfant, Kevin DeFossett and Bobbi Jo Short (candidates)

St. Gabriel, Connersville

John Rathburn (catechumen); Mendy Richardson and Brandy Steinard (candidates)

St. Anne, New Castle

Chelsea Barricks and Robyn McGrady (catechumens); Blake Campbell, Brenden Campbell, Cathy Campbell and Van Campbell (candidates)

St. Mary, Rushville

Bill Johnson, Brittany Meek, Steve Miller and Sondra Zeller (candidates)

Richmond Catholic Community, Richmond

Stephanie Casper, Don Henson, Joshua Kendall, Angela Oler, Gary Rinehart and Art Phenis (catechumens); Marcia Anderson, Karen Burge, Michael Burge, Kay Daniel, Maggie Juerling, John Langley Jr., Carol McDermitt, David McDermitt, Michael Thomas, Rodney Williams and Emily Wilson (candidates)


Indianapolis East Deanery

SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Mark Foster (catechumen); Kris Arensman, Lisa Floyd, Dan Pugh and Melvin Tzucker (candidates)

Holy Cross

Alex Beerbower, Isabel Beerbower, Kael Beerbower, Austin Busone, Dawn Grinyer, Amanda Perry, Chad McCullough, Evelyn McKinney, Nathan McKinney, Nicole McKinney, Jennifer Sherbak, Beau Swails, Julia White and Mya White (catechumens)

Holy Spirit

Ashton Akers, Devon Armes, Shelli Armes, Nolan Baldwin, Breanna Baldwin, Kristian Brokaw, James Doninger, Juan Garza, Courtney George, Makayla Gorge, Shelly Love, Laila Martin, Ashley Martin, Joseph Rupp and Rashad Stevens (catechumens); Melissa Johnson, Janelle Keusch, David Kinnick, Jennifer Mann, Jessica Martin, Elaine O’Brien, Amy Rohrback, Ryan Rohrback and Taylor Rohrback (candidates)

Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette

Rick Asher and Rex Salyers (catechumens); Jack Rowe, Thomas Sefton and Bett Spence (candidates)

St. Mary

Bryan Aguilar, Jaime Aguilar, Lenin Aguilar and Damian Aguilar (catechumens); Kevin Arnold, Mary Arnold, Maribel Bustamante, Fabiola Bustos, Erasmo Cardoza, Edwin Flores, Kimberly Flores, Walter Flores, Agustin Garcia, Ana Garcia, Seni Gonzalez, Kristen Juarez, Oscar Juarez, Alyssa Kindig, Todd LeGrande, Guillermo Llamas, Silviana Lovera, Miguel Rodriguez, Oscar Rodriguez, Jorge Segura, Edgar Sosa, Santo Velasquez, Maria Villanueva and Rodolfo Zapata (candidates)

St. Michael, Greenfield

Allison Abel, Joseph Abel, Rebekah Jones, Matthew Kaser, Stacy Kaser, Landon Kintner, Layne Kintner, Lavonna Lovins, Audrey Martin, Houston Martin, Michael Strange, Nicklaus Strange, Noah Strange, Joshua Terry and Amanda Weber (catechumens); Sunny D’Angelo, Amanda McDivitt, Bradley McDivitt and Eve Winkles (candidates)

St. Rita

Amber Toombs (catechumen)

St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower)

Tia Comley, Jacob Comley, Sonya Fugate, Ericka Perron and Jennifer Rieman (catechumens); Jordan Adair, Jerry Martin, Mac McDaniel and Lindsay O’Brien (candidates)


Indianapolis North Deanery

St. Andrew the Apostle

Eric Burdine Sr. (candidate)

Christ the King

Jacquelyn Wells (catechumen); Casey Dye and Thomas Shrack (candidates)

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Kyla Ryan (catechumen); Scott Brenton, Linda Eicholtz, Andy Esmits, Kim Falcon, John Garrett, David Ingram, Anita Jones, Lori Kelley, David Reed, Greg Sorvig and Jeff Spalding (candidates)

St. Joan of Arc

Heather Adams, Eric Lantz, Bernard Mullica and Anna Tyszkiewicz (catechumens); Ricky Alexander, Jamie Balzarine, Jim Balzarine, Bryan Compton, Scott Duell, Valerie Duncan, Gail Gainer, Richard Griffith, Liz Halsey, David Meek, Ruth Porter, Marty Reintjes, Kelsey Sanders, Mary Standard, Natalie Taylor, Janna Tichenor, Matt Tyner and Jessie Willetts (candidates)

St. Lawrence

Doug Castle, Joseph Crabtree, Robert Dooley and Ashley Highbaugh (catechumens); Peter Hurley, Ifeanyi Jemie and Jennifer Morningstar (candidates)

St. Luke the Evangelist

Chad Amo, Michael Fulp, Amy Lynch, Zachery Minnis, Samantha Robertson and Nicholas Winter (catechumens); Andre Boulais, Gavin England and Jennifer Kersey (candidates)

St. Matthew

Janae Carter, John Ekwall, Karin Gray, Mary Henry, Bill Jessee, Rene Jessee, Kylee Korous, Landon Korous and Shelly Korous (catechumens); Tammy Albers, Pam Fox, Lupae Hunsicker and Jody Magee (candidates)

St. Piux X

Brandon Anderson, Emma Morris and Jacob Snider (catechumens); Michael Barone, Stephanie Berry, Michael Obenchain, Kristen Quertinmont, Brian Richter, Chris Stocker and Kim Wilson (candidates)

St. Simon the Apostle

Christopher Bodwell, Wayne Lashua, David Neilan and Nathan Williams (catechumens); Kimberly Alexander, Jackie Bodwell, Rachel Clements, Kurt Gilmore, Matthew Goins, Hollie Jackson, Michael Lunsford and Pamela Moyer (candidates)

St. Thomas Aquinas

Chantel Baxter, Ethan Baxter and Kaylee Miller (catechumens); Kara Bungard, Jennifer Emerton, Tony Garro, Morgan Jones, Paul Malone, Jason Martin, Rachael Vande Bosche and Kate Sim (candidates)


Indianapolis South Deanery

Good Shepherd

Bridget Baker, Hannah Day, Hudson Day, Raecee Gallaher, Rayven Gallaher, Caleb Groce, Patricia Hodge, Karli Hughes and Snowden Hughes (catechumens); Todd Davis, Kami Hughes and Amanda Middleton (candidates)

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Justin Humphreys and Rachel McMichael (catechumens); Tina Emsweller, Mark Geiger, Kelley Humphreys, Mike Remy, Richard Resler and Holly Spiece (candidates)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Hannah Mills, Madison Schnippel and Dawn Wagner (catechumens); Shelly Mills and Robert Muth (candidates)

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Brianna Czobakowski, Earl Hendricks, Steve Lovell, Erin Reid and Phillip White (catechumens); Natalie Botos, Linda Calvano, Sharon Grubbs, Steven Money and David Teachout (candidates)

St. Barnabas

Katherine Himes, Michael Mitchell and Rebecca Roberts (catechumens); Nathan Lewis, Ingelburg Morrison, Priscilla Stroup and Ashlee Williams (candidates)

St. Patrick

Azeneth Cruz, Diana Garcia, Eloy Garcia, Jose Garcia, Daisy Magallanes, Ester Murillo, Alma Rios, Tania Varela and Iveth Vasquez (catechumens); Marlene Aguilar, Jose Areaque, Jimena Cruz Cano, Ivan Covarrubias, Erika Cuautle, Brigido Flores, Daniel Flores, Gabino Garcia, Karen Godinez, Miriam Gonzalez, Monica Gonzalez, Eric Legoreta, Kavin Luna, Wendy Magana, Ana Karen Martinez, Nayelly Martinez, Candido Muñoz, Ana Karen Nava, Sergio Nava, Roberto Ochoa, Carlos Peraza, Michell Plata, Koraima Prado, Alma Ramirez, Yolanda Reynoso, Jose Rios, Juan Rios, Abimael Roblero, Mariana Rodriguez, Alfonso Ruvalcaba, Erica Sanchez, Yasmin Sanchez, Everado Teles, Sergio Teles and Miguel Terrazas (candidates)

Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove

Caitlyn Buckley, Chris Buckley, Angela Embree, Michael Littell, Tasha Merril, Jordan Woodcock and Tyler Woodcock (catechumens); Amirah Askander, Donna Bolinger, Stephanie Dortch, Shane McDonald, Joseph Rihm and Cecilia Rigney (candidates)

Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood

Mary Alfaro, Jewel Curtis, Jennifer Lawrence, Zachary Plahito, Jeff Scott, Creighton Stevenson and Diana Windle (catechumens); Brandon Bowen, Laurie Campbell, Maxine Elmore, Ashlee Fouch, Connor Hedrick, Joseph Plahito, Thomas Renken, Andrea Sheehe, Kurt Stanley, Rondah Wilson and David Windle (candidates)

SS. Frances and Clare, Greenwood

Dana Jones, Jeffrey Jones, Orvel Heagy, Roger Languell, Erin Peters, Anita Robertson and Christopher Waddell (catechumens); Minde Alvey, Paula Boas, Summer Ehresman, Victoria Heagy, Jeremy Hill, Lindsay Kelly, Melissa Logan, Karey Morris, Chad Peters and Mallory Rubenstein (candidates)

St. John the Evangelist

Zebelon Mitchell and Tomiko Whitaker (catechumens); Casey Bell and Thomas Jacobs (candidates)

St. Jude

Gordon Benfield, Elsie DeBaun, Carole Duke, Christopher Gray, Jeffrey Harden, Erin Koehler, Elizabeth Lewis, Dawn Mahoney, Cassy Moran, Karen Parks, Yuiko Primus, Christina Smith, Chad Vandegriff, Betty Vandivier and Gregory Wright (catechumens); Thomas Baxter, Christa Bowman, Kevin Cabrera, Teresa Dick, Tanner Dietz, James Gifford Jr., Janice Hovanec, Kara Lauck, Jeannie Mahlman, Holli Mahoney, Steven Miller, Martha Povinelli, Karie Riley and Thomas Taylor (candidates)

St. Mark the Evangelist

Jim Craig, Donald Langston, Kathy Langston and Kaylee Miller (catechumens); Lori Jo Annes, Kathaleen Bolsega, Douglas Brown, Shawn Coil, Kelli Craig, Amanda Gomez, Karyn Homan, Angela Larkin, Ashleigh Lazarus, Nathan Long, Michael Reider, Donald Shannon, Kerri Stanger and Debbie Wright (candidates)

St. Roch

Andrew Farris, Alicia Gray, Todd Hill, Nichol Klimaszewski, Sarah Mazeika, Maria Montgomery, Dave Moses, Zack Pasley, Terri Pender, Heather Taulman and Cameron Van Horn (catechumens); Bailey Alexander, Leia Alley, Jenna Beckham, Rachel Berning, Stephanie Blum, Jason Clark, Andrea Hammans, Celia Hammans, Amanda Hendricks, Melia Hornek, Karie Irwin, Cecilia Jamison, Patricia Matheson, Lisa McElwaine, Nicholas Pender, Christopher Poteet, Brittany Snyder, Nancy Snyder, Amanda Stewart and Kristen Wampler (candidates)


Indianapolis West Deanery

St. Anthony

José Arteaga, Brittney Barradas, Aracely Barrueta, Rodrigo Barrueta, Franchesca Cárdenas, Francie Cárdenas, Douglas Cline, Noé González, Syrli Hernández, José Juárez, Elvia López, Cherity Molina, Irene Santiago and Carlos Tellez (catechumens); Stephanie Bault, Brenda Cervantes, Jorge de la Cruz, Tara Haricharon, José Hernández, Christina Kreiger, Conrado Lerma, Rafael Maganda, Fabian Olán and Roberto Téllez (candidates)

St. Christopher

Abigail Blastic, Kyle Blunk, Jacob Clements, Bailey Evans, Bryce Giebel, Scott Hall, Chloe Hernandez, Manuel Hernandez, Rae Ann Hernandez, Jack McCue, Rebecca Merseal and Stone Sena (catechumens); Carol Dolder, Crystal Fields, Theresa Hernandez, Leslie Holloran, Kathy Traeger and Angela Wright (candidates)

St. Gabriel the Archangel

Miranda Gonzalez, Emma Hacker, Jose Hacker, Sidney Lillard, Brandy Mason, Erick Medina, Patrick Smith, Sarah Smith and John Williams (catechumens); Edward Enriquez, Elesvan Enriquez, Gabina Enriquez, Jesse Enriquez, Gabriel Garay, Donovan Morgan, Gerardo Muniz, William Smith and Victor Villanueva (candidates)

St. Michael the Archangel

Jillian Cline, Staci DeFabis, Zach Dennis, Devin Hamann, Jacob Huffman, Lou Huffman and Melissa Zeffel (catechumens); Courtney Lathrop, Judy Smith and Kevin Trager (candidates)

St. Malachy, Brownsburg

Melanie Barr, Marc Carter, Trey Gammon, Christopher Graham, Geozeff Graham, Olivia Graham, Andrew Jines, Luke Jines, Amanda Katra, Jared Prather, Terry Schaefer, Steven Stover and Josh Tucker (catechumens); Steven Benson, Christina Donald, James Fork, Angela Gomez, Luke Harris, Emily Jines, Kayla Johns, Scott Kerr, Kristina Lather, Daniel Monts, Benjamin Nugent, Kristine Rednour, James Rork, Ella Souvannavong, Jacob Souvannavong, Jennie Souvannavong, Lillie Souvannavong and Mark Wagner (candidates)

St. Monica

Rosa Aca, Melissa Brown, Catherine Carlson, Dana Castaneda, Mario Colin, David Cordero, Alluria Daniels, Dante de la Rosa, Maday Flores, Jocelyne Garcia, Nohely Garcia, Lesley Johnson, Holly Kloss, Malachi Hurdle, Sierra Lawson, Jose Medina, Luis Mejia, Juan Mendoza, Mirein Mendoza, Selena Moon-Smith, Christopher Murray, Brandon Nieto, Bruce Perdue, Brian Perez, Diego Rivas, Shannon Simonson, Edwin Treminio and Dulce Tlatoa (catechumens); Oscar Aca, Abigail Burns, Gloria Castillo, Rubi Catalan, Merlin Cordero, Elizabeth Delgado, Eric Delgado, Adriana Flores, Marcos Flores, Jovany Garcia, Marisol Garcia, Alma Maldonado, Christian Mendoza, Daniel Mendoza, Maria Mendoza, Luis Neri, Sofia Palacios, Steven Payton, Jenny Perez, Joanna Perez, Fernando Reyes, Mistie Rivas, Luis Salcedo, Maribel Tlatoa, Pablo Tlatoa, Rogelio Tlatoa, Delia Uscanga and Guillermo Vazquez (candidates)

Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville

Allison Birchman, Kimberly Birchman, Warren Fletcher, Tarron Lawson, Tance Lawson and Gordon Stone (catechumens); Lowell Agnew, Damon Carl, Christina Hoskins, Connie Jo Hoskins, Brandon Lawson and Courtney Voiles (candidates)

St. Thomas More, Mooresville

Charissa Benge, Caitlin Lindsay, Matt Pecar, Austin Rhea and Jennifer Tippmann (catechumens); Gary Rothenberger (candidate)

St. Susanna, Plainfield

Cynthia Figg (catechumen); Megan Berg, Daniel Brunning, Stefanie Prodouz and Simon Wilson (candidates)


New Albany Deanery

St. Michael, Charlestown

Laura Kinder and Daniel Lathem (catechumens)

St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville

Robert Davis, Paula Flispart and Matthew Owens (catechumens); Joshua Clemons, Jennifer Dill and Mary Ann Jones (candidates)

St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs

Brooke Banet, Joey Barnett, Denise Carter and Jon Riddle (candidates)

St. Francis Xavier, Henryville

Craig Mackey (catechumen); Patti Hayes and Triniti Wethington (candidates)

Sacred Heart and St. Augustine, Jeffersonville

Dana Curl, Chris Logsdon and Amy Terkhorn (catechumens); Jana Connin, Kip Connin, Charlotte Embry, Bret Ingram and Eddie Terkhorn (candidates)

Holy Family, New Albany

Katie Kraft (catechumen); Melanie Carroll and Samuel Weissinger (candidates)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany

Sonal Cochran, Kay Downs, Jenn Murphy, Mandy Ross, Brian Windell and Caitlyn Wyatt (catechumens); Brittany Lehman, Tony Lehman and Kristy Stemle-Yost (candidates)

St. Mary, New Albany

Carrie East, Aidan Leonard, Averee Leonard, Donna Munoz and Kyle Whitis (catechumens); Crystal Brown, Marilyn Jones, Jodi Leonard, Kyle Meyer, George Ott and Jessica Sprecher (candidates)

St. Joseph, Sellersburg

Mary Beverly, Shelby Morlan, Daniel Villasenor and Roxeanne Villasenor (catechumens); Erica Helbig and Beth Marcum (candidates)

St. Joseph, Corydon; St. Peter, Harrison County; and Most Precious Blood, New Middletown

Megan Kellem (catechumen); Veronica Bodenstadt, Chloe Miller, Haden Miller, Kela Miller, Kelsey Miller, Savannah Miller, Lori Moore, Steven Moore, Tara Summers, Trenton Summers, Tyler Summers and Abigail Schmelz (candidates)


Seymour Deanery

St. Ambrose, Seymour

Kenneth Alexander, Lauren Juergens and Jessica Scroggin (catechumens); Kellie Coffman, William Coffman, Ana Esquivel, Nancy Esquivel, Jerry Gallion, Tyler Gray, Michael Payne, Erica Pasillas, Kim Stewart and Francisco Sanchez (candidates)

St. Bartholomew, Columbus

Crystal Breeden, Isabella Burley, Larry Collins Jr., Alaysia Coulter, Allen Flores, Kelly Flores, Leonardo Flores, Scotty Flores, Marvin Gates, Sierra Gates, Abraham Henderson, Elizabeth Kalill, Hannah Manlief, Mary Rayburn, Amber Read and Jon Sandlin (catechumens); Antonio Bazan, Nolan Bingham, David Breeden, Adam Brinksneader, Danielle Fedor, Paul Furber, Ana Garcia, Jerikka Holmes, Kimberly Holmes,

Kimberlee Lichtenberger, Alfredo Perez, Rachel Manlief, Tony Murphy, Jeremy Phelps, Israel Reyna, Yetla Reyna, Benjamin Romig, Matthew Romig, Shari Sabatino and Jack Sorrell (candidates)

Holy Trinity, Edinburgh

Sherry Tatlock (catechumen)

St. Rose of Lima, Franklin

William Cox, Spencer Fears and Sydney Fears (catechumens); Yolanda Burgener and Lisa Fears (candidates)

Prince of Peace, Madison

Sean Alderman, Chance Cole, Tammy Eigel, Andy Holzbog, Laura Lohrig, Kelly Mattern, Payton Mattern, Melissa Gardner and Tristan Gardner (catechumens); Laura Cooper, Carol Rampy, Jack Rampy, Amanda Sullivan, Brandon Taylor, Sheri Taylor and Marta Tingle (candidates)

St. Mary, North Vernon; St. Ann, Jennings County; and St. Joseph, Jennings County

Eric Curry, Eric Feider and Lee Skelton (catechumens); Sandra Kirchner (candidate)


Tell City Deanery

St. Paul, Tell City

Kevin Harp, Madison Mathena, Nathan Mathena and Haley Ward (catechumens); Joshua Coultas, Elizabeth Dickman and Flora McCann (candidates)


Terre Haute Deanery

Sacred Heart, Clinton

Shiela Haase (catechumen)

St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle

Ajay Kessler, Lindsay Stegman, Ashley Weir, Steven Weir and Sarah Zehner (catechumens); Mac McLaughlin, Gay Miles, Kim Robinson, Andy Zehner, Damaris Zehner, Hannah Zehner and Jenny Zehner (candidates)

St. Mary-of-the-Woods, St. Mary-of-the-Woods

Jessica La Baun (catechumen); Sue Marshall, Abby McKee and Rebecca Mollenhauer (candidates)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute

Jesse Daniels (catechumen)

St. Ann, Terre Haute

Beth Fox and Samantha McCullough (catechumens); Kevin Burke (candidate)

St. Benedict, Terre Haute

Lillian Eisman, April Elder, Nichole Keller, Darla Smith and Monte Tosser (catechumens); Roy Hancock, Matthew McBride, Kenneth Payne and Alyson Rech (candidates)

St. Joseph University, Terre Haute

Emily Jones (catechumen); Delores Cottom, Larry Hinde, Sandy Johnson, Ashley Muniz, Joanna Muniz, David Ofsansky, Beth Smith and Marty Storey (candidates)

St. Margaret Mary, Terre Haute

Gertrud Butts (candidate)

St. Patrick, Terre Haute

Erika Blueher, Amber Davis, Curtis Gilbreath and Matt Wayt (catechumens); Kimberly Brown, Erin Calahan, Benjamin Davis, Christin Keirn, Joshua Keirn, Linda Porter, Phillip Porter and Ashley Wayt (candidates) †

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