April 29, 2011

Bishop Coyne posts podcast about new Mass translation

Bishop Coyne PodcastBishop Christopher J. Coyne, the auxiliary bishop and vicar general, has posted on his blog the first in a series of four podcasts in which he interviews Father Patrick Beidelman, the archdiocesan director of liturgy, about the new translation of the Mass.

In the initial interview, Bishop Coyne and Father Beidelman talk about the history of the process that has resulted in the new translation and the principles guiding it.

Future installments in the series of podcasts about the new translation of the Mass are expected to be posted in the coming weeks.

Links to this and Bishop Coyne’s previous podcasts can be found at www.archindy.org/auxiliary. They can also be downloaded through iTunes.

The new translation of the Mass will begin to be used during the weekend of Nov. 27-28. †

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