April 1, 2011

More information is available on Catholic Bible study programs

By Sean Gallagher

Peg McEvoy, the associate director for evangelization and family catechesis for the archdiocese’s Office of Catholic Education, said there are many good Bible study programs that have emerged over the past decade.

Following is information on some of the parish-based programs:

• Journey through Scripture—This series is published by the Steubenville, Ohio-based St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. According to McEvoy, it “combines live presentation, multimedia, small-group discussion and some outside reading to help ordinary Catholics to grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures while deepening their understanding of the riches of the Catholic faith.”

For more information on this program, log on to www.salvationhistory.org.

• Kingdom Series—This Bible study program is published by Emmaus Road Publishing. McEvoy said that it “offers a concise, solid treatment of sacred Scripture based on specific books.”

For more information, log on to www.emmausroad.org.

• Our Father’s Plan—This is a 24-week Bible study program published by Ignatius Press that, McEvoy said, “includes a DVD, facilitator’s guide and study guide. It is based on the 13-hour EWTN series of the same name, and looks at Scripture chronologically as well as covering specific themes.”

Reputable online Bible study programs can be found, McEvoy said, at the website of the St. Paul Center and at www.agapebiblestudy.com.

She said that Emmaus Road also has available Bible study series geared specifically for men and woman, and that focus on marriage and family life. †


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