April 30, 2010

Welcome, new Catholics

Catechumen Eugene Earls of Indianapolis cries tears of joy after being baptized during the Easter Vigil Mass on April 3 at St. Anthony Church in Indianapolis. Earls also was confirmed and received first Communion during the Holy Saturday liturgy. Father John McCaslin, the pastor of St. Anthony Parish and administrator of Holy Trinity Parish, both in Indianapolis, celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass with members of the Indianapolis West Deanery faith communities. St. Anthony parishioner Debbie Miller of Indianapolis stands beside Earls. (Photo by Mary Ann Wyand)

Catechumen Eugene Earls of Indianapolis cries tears of joy after being baptized during the Easter Vigil Mass on April 3 at St. Anthony Church in Indianapolis. Earls also was confirmed and received first Communion during the Holy Saturday liturgy. Father John McCaslin, the pastor of St. Anthony Parish and administrator of Holy Trinity Parish, both in Indianapolis, celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass with members of the Indianapolis West Deanery faith communities. St. Anthony parishioner Debbie Miller of Indianapolis stands beside Earls. (Photo by Mary Ann Wyand)

We welcome the new Catholics who have become full participants in the Church since last Easter. Most of the people listed here received initiation sacraments during the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 3. The names listed here were provided by religious education leaders in local parishes.

The 433 catechumens listed are people who have never been baptized and—within the past year—were baptized, confirmed and received their first Eucharist.

The 445 candidates listed were baptized in other Christian traditions, and were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and first Eucharist during the past year.

Most people are listed in the parishes where they received their religious formation and the sacraments of initiation.


Batesville Deanery

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora

Kaley Barnes, Kelly Barnes, Maggie Granatir, Abigail Wiesen and Coleman Wiesen (catechumens); Allison Janes and Derek Meyer (candidates)

St. Louis, Batesville

Dustin Blanken, Marah Duncan, Amanda Evans, Ryan Kent and May Thomas (catechumens); Kayla Adams, Rita Belter, Brent Imel, Jessica Imel and Greg Wade (candidates)

St. Mary, Greensburg

Derrik Fulton and Matthew Lawrence (catechumens); Allison Berkshire, Robert Best, Judy Brashars, Cody Gault and Michael Lang (candidates)

St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg

Codi Kidd (catechumen); Brian Freking, Jennifer Morton and Stacey Perleberg (candidates)

Immaculate Conception, Millhousen

Carrie Stier and Gregg Matox (candidates)

St. Maurice, Napoleon

Kyle Black (catechumen)

Holy Family, Oldenburg

Natalie Robertson (catechumen); Vicki Blanken, Holly Foley and Robert Wittmer (candidates)

St. John the Baptist, Osgood

Cherokee Mullins, Mikhaela Mullins and Greg Scott (catechumens)

St. Denis, Jennings County

Ryan Walsman (candidate)

St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County

Brian DeWitt (catechumen)

St. Joseph, Shelbyville

Lana Freeman and Michel Freeman (catechumens); Dustin Smith and Leann Smith (candidates)

St. Martin, Yorkville

Brandon Lang (candidate)

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Bright

Scott Daniels, Skip Hobbe, Brian Thomas and Chantz Zell (candidates)


Bloomington Deanery

St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford

Sandra Thorp (catechumen); Timothy Childers, Connie Crowe, Sandra Luman and Steven Thorp (candidates)

St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington

Craig Hickman, Ted Hickman, Lauren Kelly, Jim Parham, Marion Titus, Matt Todd and Kristin Willard (catechumens); John Craft, Sally Crouch, Colin Howell, James Rae Jr., Jonathan Rae, Robert Switzer and Lori Till (candidates)

St. John the Apostle, Bloomington

Allen Horton (catechumen)

St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington

Brandon Coldiron, Rebecca Legge, Emily Weisbard and Jiaan Zeng (catechumens); Jonetta Fogerty, Amy Gill-Horton, Joseph Horton, Michael Minnick, Judy Summerville, Holly Wonder and Jeffery Yoder (candidates)

St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville

Brian Collier, Daniel Lawson and Donald Grubbs (catechumens); Joshua Brosmer, Kodie Egenolf and Jathan Rose (candidates)

St. Agnes, Nashville

Lauren Brumett and Andrea Swift (candidates)

Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, Paoli

Victoria Tuell (catechumen)

St. Jude the Apostle, Spencer

Jean Michalow and Art Sims (candidates)


Connersville Deanery

St. Michael, Brookville

Gary Crain and Jodie Short (catechumens); Zoie Pflum, Courtney Seals, Justin Seals and Marcus Whalbring (candidates)

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Cambridge City

Brice Craig (catechumen); Kristina Derrickson (candidate)

St. Gabriel, Connersville

Tina King (catechumen); Al Meyer, Erika Moffett and Karl Moffett (candidates)

St. Anne, New Castle

April Barricks, Christina Gwinn and Michael Jones (catechumens); Dawn Barker, Lisa Eversole and Jack Rusch (candidates)

St. Mary, Rushville

Tonya Todd (catechumen); Tony Fudge and Caitlyn Hasche (candidates)

Richmond Catholic Community, Richmond

Joshua Bergfield, Sharon Crowder, Benjamin Hobbs, Karen Lykins, Chad Nolte, Cindy Potter, Henry Potter, Jenna Potter, Sarah Potter, Betty Shearer, Esther Williams and Amy Jo Witte (catechumens); Craig Barth, Melissa Bryant, Mary Butler, Tabitha Dale, Paula Gottochalk, Toby Harvey, Randy Hollingsworth, Jeffrey Martin, Melissa Martin, Pat Masters, Kasey Nolte and Brent Swinney (candidates)


Indianapolis East Deanery

SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Priscilla Crawford, William Hill, Jill Murillo, Jodi Newell and Christopher Price (catechumens)

Holy Cross

Samuel Black, Zachary Bratcher, Noah Dillehay, Kyven Doss and Linda Rigdon (catechumens); Thelma Grant, Randall Green and Reginald Stewart (candidates)

Holy Spirit

Denis Acosta, Aimee Bixler, Charles Broyles, Ashley Cooper, Christine Edwards, Robbie Kelly,

Tina Jo Mattingly, Kristan Mills, Cheryl Papalia, Shawn Parks and Natalie Rollman (catechumens); Angela Frazer, Daniel Gilbert, Melodie Gilbert, Cary Gillihan, Barbara Hines, Pauline Jones, Julie Kopernak, Julie Lyons, Donald McClary and Natalie Shelton (candidates)

Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette

Peggy Dean, Curtis Eaton, Christian Navarra, Bailey Sims and William West (catechumens); Dean Black, Candy Marshall and Wendy Rowe (candidates)

St. Mary

Aaron Ermel and Toni Scott (catechumens); Jessica Arnett, Michael Bilderback, Luis Estuardo Aparicio Chacon, Joshua Dixon and Catherine Jones (candidates)

St. Michael, Greenfield

Jacquelyn Farmer, Michaela Hamilton, Jill Keyes, Adrienne LaFollette, Christina Rowland, Evaline Soltes, Lillian Sturm, Katrina Trattner and Caden Wildey (catechumens); Brian Burkhart, Dean Felker,

Joann Felker, Douglas Meier, Amy Sturm, Isaiah Sturm, Jonathan Sturm and Jennifer Zink (candidates)

St. Philip Neri

Ninfa Cayetano, Leonardo Cruz and Josue Salvador (catechumens); Andrés Martinez, Jose Ponce, Antonia Ramirez and Kathryn Remington (candidates)

St. Rita

Tarique Harden, Paul Howard, Marcus Parks,

Michael Parks Jr. and Tyara Parks (catechumens)

St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower)

Steven Brown, Shonda Glawatz, Shelby Hughes, Lisa Luttrell, Colin McNabb, Candace Miller, David Miller, Stephanie Whitlow and Jeff Wellner (catechumens); Michelle Gross, Joseph Jacobs, Thomas Jacobs, John Steadham and Julie Steadham (candidates)


Indianapolis North Deanery

St. Andrew the Apostle

Denisha Jackson, Donte Jackson, Miesha Jackson, Dashaun Sparkman and Sierra White (catechumens)

Christ the King

Kortney Wenclewicz and Brant Yeskie (catechumens); Elaine Branson, Courtney Leamon, Rob Quinn, Pete Vandervaart and Mark Wenclewicz (candidates)

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Jack Elkins, Kim Elkins and Laura Guntz (catechumens); Juanita Albin, Melissa Carlock, Kara Clinton, Darcy Field, Roys Laux, Christine Malasto, Chad Mills, Emily Nowlin, Lauri Page, Tim Perl and Laney Scheetz (candidates)

St. Joan of Arc

Jeremy Chandler, Ross Eggers, Jennifer James, Maggie Kelly, Adele Kirk, Joe Vallone and Garret Walton (catechumens); Travis Chapman, Matt Chenoweth, Victoria Connors, Jamie Griffith, Bethany Kolp, Amy Mehall, Staci Mock, Jacqueline Pinaire, Emily Shelman, Charles Smith, Amy Stovall, Kathryn Wertz, Abby Williams, Kyle Williams and Jon Zeh (candidates)

St. Luke the Evangelist

Joshua Horlander, Ryan McCreery, Brett Pheffer and Schulyer Williams (catechumens); David Gilley, Stacey McCreery, Genevieve Miller, Christopher Murray, Carolyn Scott, Mallory Scott and Richard Young (candidates)

St. Matthew

Angela Garner, Elena Garner, Finley Garner, Luke Garner, Zachary Garner and Amy Inskeep (catechumens); Jacob Garner, Martha McCurdy, Ken Rogers, Julianne Schau, Ashley Scott and Kris Teter (candidates)

St. Pius X

Daniel Bedwell, Camden Douglas, Christi Franklin, Dillon Glass, Grace Glass, Celine Nguyen, Thiery Nguyen, Ethan Pratt, Harrison Pratt, Julie Pratt, Tiffany Seal, Zoë Seal, Jason Smith, Parker Smith and Nicole Stearns (catechumens); Sybil Edwards, Elizabeth Rowe and Rodney Stearns Jr. (candidates)

St. Simon the Apostle

Candice Dreves (catechumen); Alicia Bacci, Holly Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Bradley Combs, Rebecca DeFeo, Jeffrey Hite, Nicole Lazo, Eric Sortore and Megan Zimmer (candidates)

St. Thomas Aquinas

Jenny Forsee and Ashley Rister (catechumens); Kathee Gaskin and Dorie Hertzel (candidates)


Indianapolis South Deanery

Good Shepherd

David Brinkley, Ciera Hughes, Martina Mays, Olivia Mays, Savannah Mays, Shay Mays, Amanda Pero, Vincent Pero, Dezi Ramos and Tiq Ramos (catechumens); Melinda Hart, Ashley Mays and Jennifer Moore (candidates)

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Maura Bryant, Lou Everett, Jeremy Thomas and Shannon Tichenor (catechumens); Dawn Burkhardt, Zandra Deardorff, Lydia Glass and Amanda Rail (candidates)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Jessica Begines, Katherine Jordon, Jamie Jorczak, Marla Richards, Rick Peercy and Connie Shonk (candidates)

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jessica Bau, Casey Cox, Callidora Heginbothan, Camille Khelseau, Janet Moreno, Aiden Rich, Christopher Rich, David Rich, Haylee Rich, Kelley Rich, Kenedei Rich, Sydni Rich and Brittanie Warren (catechumens); Michael Allen, Chad Daniels, Gayle Lang, Anna Sewell and Jack Sewell (candidates)

St. Barnabas

Alison Haynes and John Hughes (catechumens); Thomas Blair IV, Jennifer Richardson and Sherry Sesslar (candidates)

St. Patrick

Geramel Cedano, Yesenia Chavarria, Veronica Chavez, Teresa Concha, Cristian Gonzalez, Claudia Martinez and Beatriz Venegas (catechumens); Socorro Arellano, Esther Cedano, Diego Cortez, Diego Diaz, Alfredo Garcia, Graciela Martinez, Jose Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez and Diana Sanchez (candidates)

Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove

Trenton Helton and Dwight Smith (catechumens); Dennis Buckley, Patty Buckley, Ron Miller, Dave Sims and Brian Tomamichel (candidates)

Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood

Joanna Bratager, Adrianna Harritt, Jeremiah Harritt, Loan Hoang Cam Nguyen, Jerry Ottinger, Richard Potts, Andrea Smith, Al Stong, Ali Stong, Breyanna Urquhart, Charlene Walker, Jason Wienhorst and Holly Winckelbach (catechumens); Caroline Acevedo, Erma Allison, Glenn Beasley, J.R. Carter, Thomas Cashion, George Dodd, Thomas Halla, Shannon Kinney-Carter, Craig Koch, Sreedhar Lakamsani, Lindsey Lux, Maggie Mohr, David Renick, Tammy Schroeder, Edward Stephenson, Barry Ulerick, Stephanie Whitney and Michael Wiesemann (candidates)

SS. Francis and Clare, Greenwood

Nathan Schipp, Aaron Schrader, Christopher Starnes, Krista Watt and Anna Winkler (catechumens); Marc Chance, Robert Conlon, Jeremy Kilgus, Ryan Lopez, Michael Putzek, John Winters and Carrie Zapfe (candidates)

St. John the Evangelist

Aaronette Brinkmoeller, Austin Howard and Christina Sharpe (catechumens); Erin Archer, Thomas Breedlove, Russell Hansen, Douglas Hass, Robert Jaeger, Richard Kaufman, Brooke Kolczak, Michael Morin and Romeo Nunziello (candidates)

St. Jude

Courtney Brown, Joni Brown, Richard Brown, Joanne Clark, Chase Harker, Aubree Loyal, Kenneth Loyal, Cheryl Robb, Christopher Robb, Tracie Smith, Corttney Tyler and Lori Tyler (catechumens); Brooks Elliott, Emily Elliott, Evan Elliott, Sheila Elliott, Lynne Gorski, Deborah Harker, Nancy Murphy and Justin Storm (candidates)

St. Mark the Evangelist

Stephanie Davis, Michael Harris, Melissa Molinda, Jared Neutzman, William Shepherd and Richard Wallace (catechumens); Randy Cochran, Erin Kissinger, Angela Magno, Cyndi McQueary and Angela Walker (candidates)

St. Roch

Kristy Hargrove, Danielle Hatcher, Timothy Hommel, Craig Longstreth, Linh Mai, Stacie Martinez, Jack McDonald, Morris Palmer, Kevin Stafford and Melissa Taylor (catechumens); Clifford Brooks, David Carson, Tricia Crain, James Farrell III, Larry Harvey, Brandy Jennings, Bob May, Christopher McDonald, Shian Mize, Jennifer Moyer, Daniel Steiner, Gwen Taulman, Debra Walton, Andrew Witjen and Elaine Wyss (candidates)


Indianapolis West Deanery

St. Anthony

Albert Almonte-Miranda, Betty Almonte-Miranda, Carlos Caballero, Jennifer Caballero, Julio Caballero, Albert Diaz, Wallace Miller, Eugene Earls and Katherine Steenbergen (catechumens); Francisco Amezcua, Joshua Bohlen, Kelly Brummett, Asuncion Caballero, Beatriz Caballero, Saray Flores, Carlos Jimenez, Jose Julian, Linda Luevano, Jorge Magallanes, Rigoberto Magallanes, Samuel Monterroso, Amanda Neal, Christopher Rodriguez, Carlos Ronquillo and Yadira Villatoro (candidates)

St. Christopher

Cade Gibbs, Daryl Gibbs, Daryl Gibbs II, Jakob Gibbs, Lauryn Harcus, Nicole Harcus, Brandy Jugg, Richard Kappel, Anthony Moran, Mollie Moran and Jeffrey Williams (catechumens); Cory Lettelleir, Stephanie Moran, Jennifer Segur, Blair Westerman and Larry Zore (candidates)

St. Gabriel the Archangel

Iris Aldana, Casey DeGroot, Diana Esqueda, Estrella Esqueda, Jessina Esqueda, Brian Garcia, Bradley DiRuzza, Michael DiRuzza, Phyllis DiRuzza, Isabelle Harmeling, Matthew Sturgis and Kevin Vinson (catechumens); April Baston, Julieta Cervantes, Linda DeWalt, Abigail Esqueda, Juana Esqueda, Eddie Jones, Elizabeth Martinez, Patricia Martinez, Teresa Munoz, Perla Perez and Gerardo Rodriguez (candidates)

St. Michael the Archangel

Dana Nehring-Terrell (catechumen); France Agnew, Jim Agnew and Thomas Jeschke (candidates)

St. Malachy, Brownsburg

Ezekiel Bewley, Kathy Bewley, Megan Hendrickson, Emma Griffith, Isaiah Griffith, Joy Hafner, Dana Lashley, Richard Mace, Megan Marks, Jaret Moody, Matthew Perronie, Chris Roberts, Andrew Wakefield, Kennedy Winkler and Sierra Winkler (catechumens); Jason Borem, Angela Carr, David Deer, Matthew Marks, Rowena Miller, William Murray, Thomas Wakefield, Gerald Willis and Philip Wilson (candidates)

St. Monica

Flor Angel, Yarelit Angel, Gregory Begley, Bryan Estrada, Kelly Estrada, Edgardo Flores, Patrick Lomeli, Eric Mauel, Lissethe Medina, Brenda Moreno, Jeanne Rodriguez, Abril Silvestre, Damian Silvestre, Ana Sotelo, Kelli Totleben, Francisco Valdez, Bella Wells, Erick Zelaya and Maria Zelaya (catechumens); Juan Arroyo Toral, Don Bisesi, Leonel Catalan, Liliana Ceron, Soledad Ceron, Aaron Coffel, Rachael Coffel, Emiteria Cortez Jimenez, Maureen Fischer, Ana Flores, Roberto Galvez, Antonio Jimenez, Alfredo Lomeli, Kimberly Lyles, Jack Mansfield, Esmeralda Martinez, Efigenia Ruano Esteban, Christopher Silvestre, Victor Valdez and Steven Weiger (candidates)

Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville

Clare Leatherman, Grant Leatherman, Stephanie Meunier, MaarKana Schmitt and Heather Vargas (catechumens); Shannon Beaman, Ron Beaman, Dewayne DesJarlais, Harrison Fletcher, Mary Garland, Robert Garland, Shannon Larsen, Reed Leatherman, Thomas McEvilly and Tara Sheringer (candidates)

St. Thomas More, Mooresville

Donnie Bentley, Henry Gregory Jr. and Jody Veraldi (catechumens)

St. Susanna, Plainfield

Amanda Collyer, Dakota Collyer, Andy Natalie and Aaron Stephens (catechumens); Josie Bergin, Pat Buker, Tim Conner, Stephanie Gessner, David Hodson, Ida Hodson, Bridget Margiotti and Tom Truesdale (candidates)


New Albany Deanery

St. Michael, Bradford

Dakota Mullis, Danielle Mullis and Presley Posante (catechumens); Brian Tincher (candidate)

St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville

Mary Benford, Trinity Cardwell, Haley Feree, Jennifer Flispart, Gavin Love, Kimberly Pierce and Christie Stiles (catechumens); Tiffany Daugherty and Benjamin Hughes (candidates)

St. Mary, Navilleton

Jerry Baylor, James Sturgeon and Harry Wood (catechumens)

St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs

Nettie Farris and Alan Kerr (catechumens)

Sacred Heart and St. Augustine, Jeffersonville

Jewell Cook, Morgan Faulkenburg and Wayne Tomlin (catechumens); Megan Darby, Shawn Gray and Nancy Villier (candidates)

Holy Family, New Albany

Amber Hunter and Amanda Vest (catechumens); Nancy Anderson and Lori Druen (candidates)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany

Donna Burden and Cherico McIntosh (catechumens); Scott Brewer, Brad Burden, Scott Embry, Beverly Heeke, Kristi Klimesh, Elnola Gay Miller and Kathryn Van Slyke (candidates)

St. Mary, New Albany

William Board, Billie Faith, Amanda Fischbach and Aimee Holtgrefe (catechumens); Alicia-Gabrielle Barry, James Barry, Ronald Kerr, Elizabeth Ott, Heather Stocksdale and Jennifer Vizhnav (candidates)

St. Joseph, Sellersburg

Donald Osterhoudt Sr. and Cassie Jo Zehnder (catechumens); George Bowles Jr., Michael Coburn, Matthew Cooper, Raymond Helms, Ashley McKnight, Rosanne Recupero and David Reynolds (candidates)

St. Paul, Sellersburg

Michael Absher, Dale Gerard, Terra Gerard, Angela Hazen, David Palazzo, Danielle Reynolds and Nicholas Ritchie (catechumens); Amanda Schindler (candidate)

St. Joseph, Corydon; St. Peter, Harrison County; and Most Precious Blood, New Middletown

Thomas Bennett, Travis Bennett, Natisha Smith and Toshina Smith (catechumens); Allen Gardner (candidate)


Seymour Deanery

St. Ambrose, Seymour

Dana Dieckmann, Brian Goble, Suzanne Helt, Terry Miller and Autumn Weber (catechumens); Jay Dieckmann and Chris Hine (candidates)

St. Bartholomew, Columbus

Brandy Boaz, Leroy Brown, Sarah Ferguson, Victoria Fields, Lizbeth Gonzalez Perez, Patricia Hartman, Lisa Hill, Jane Kennedy, Aaron Sadtler, Ryan Sadtler, Frances Sparks, Richard Sparks, Kyla Stamper and Jared West (catechumens); Joseph Anderson, Rachel Anderson, Bente Bouthier, Kirsten Bouthier, Nina Bouthier, Roberto Bustamante Gonzalez, Thomas Conway, Kathleen Darnell, Melina DeWeese, Irydian Gutierrez, Alison Likens, Nicholas McGuire, Lauren Megel, Jeanine Polk, Katina Sadtler, Priscilla Scalf, Kevin Shoun, Anthony Smith, Michael Underwood, Nestor Valenzuela and Jeremy West (candidates)

Holy Trinity, Edinburgh

Todd Tatlock and Trent Tatlock (catechumens); Miguel Hernandez, Austin Slattery, Cosmo Slattery, Samantha Slattery and Julie Tatlock (candidates)

St. Rose of Lima, Franklin

Rodney Frith and Scott Deering (catechumens)

Prince of Peace, Madison

Kendra Cole-Bear, Kenneth Cole, Daphne Lare, Dianna South and Carrie Welsh (catechumens)

St. Mary, North Vernon; St. Ann, Jennings County; and St. Joseph, Jennings County

Christina Brown, Ashley Clark, Reily Clark, Donald Egan, Mark Ferguson, Justin Hall, Brad Morris, Lynda Pettigrew, Rebecca Ray, Andrew Richmond, Christopher Swygart and Jay Williams (catechumens); Kristina Clark, Bryce Downs, Kimberly Harsh, Stella Herr, Courtney Kreutzjans, Lindsey Millspaugh, Tamicka Schroeder, Kim Smith, Evan Sporleder, Chad Stone, Brian Taylor and Jerry Troupe (candidates)


Tell City Deanery

St. Paul, Tell City

Anna Carpenter, Sarah Cartwright, Randolph Davis, Lori Hammond and Kacie Salmon (catechumens); Isiah Glenn, Tyla Hoch, Bobby O’Dell, Jennifer Reed and Adam Salmon (candidates)


Terre Haute Deanery

Annunciation, Brazil

Fritz Modisett (candidate)

Sacred Heart, Clinton

Dave Chavis, Marsha Ciolli, Vickie Fenoglio, Lynn Harden, Missy Kanizer, Denyelle Osborne and Dana Swinford (catechumens); Bryan Holland, Judith Rankins, Marcia Stengel, Donald Stevenson, Vanessa Williams and Cindy Wilson (candidates)

St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle

Betty Bruner, Carey Stapert, Rinze Stapert, Jon Wilson, Michael Wilson and Rebecca Wilson (catechumens); Kris Long and Sharlene Wilson (candidates)

St. Mary-of-the-Woods, St. Mary-of-the-Woods

Charlie Cummins and Paul Lewis (catechumens)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute

T.O. Miller and Jeanette Yatsko (catechumens)

St. Benedict, Terre Haute

Evinn Crane, Dale Hendricks, Mason Holt, Audrey Smiddy, Angela Snow and Bradley Snow (catechumens); Andrea Stevens (candidate)

St. Joseph University, Terre Haute

Maggie Lelak (catechumen); Carol Atkinson, Jennifer Atkinson, Jodi Johnson and Tracy Thomas (candidates)

St. Patrick, Terre Haute

James Perry and Jodi Sexton (catechumens); Kristin Arikian, Melissa Brumbaugh and Shane Hemrich (candidates) †

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