May 1, 2009

Welcome, new Catholics

Dominican Father Robert Keller, pastor of the St. Paul Catholic Center in Bloomington, baptizes William Valentine during his parish’s Easter Vigil on April 11. (Submitted photo)

Dominican Father Robert Keller, pastor of the St. Paul Catholic Center in Bloomington, baptizes William Valentine during his parish’s Easter Vigil on April 11. (Submitted photo)

We welcome the new Catholics who have become full participants in the Church since last Easter. Most of the people listed here received initiation sacraments during the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 11. The names listed here were provided by religious education leaders in local parishes.

The 468 catechumens listed are people who have never been baptized and—within the past year—were baptized, confirmed and received their first Eucharist.

The 467 candidates listed were baptized in other Christian traditions and were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and first Eucharist during the past year.

Most people are listed in the parishes where they received their religious formation and the sacraments of initiation.


Batesville Deanery

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora
  • David Meek and Melissa Monroe (catechumens); Austin Alley (candidate)
St. Louis, Batesville
  • Richard Hartwell and Tara Keck (catechumens); Kevin Belter, Emily Fannin, Erik Hanson, James Owens and Kimberly Shelton (candidates)
St. Mary, Greensburg
  • Bruce Bowman III, Mark Dietrich and Jan Thoman (catechumens); Jill Bedel, Carol Doerflinger, Brian Fruchtnicht, Ben Lutterbach, Cindy McCullough, Matthew Slaben, Melanie Spears, Gregg Steinhofer, Jeremiah Westerfeld and Jody Westerfeld (candidates)
St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg
  • Melody Brown, Cindy Dabbelt, David Fehr, Amber Mollaun and Diane Waddle (catechumens); David Chowning, Randi Dunn, Michelle Graham, Christina Kushman and Shelby Radenheimer (candidates)
Immaculate Conception, Millhousen
  • Brittany Burkhart, Dylan Crawford, Sarah Rupp and Timothy Rupp (catechumens); Sharon Rupp (candidate)
St. Anthony of Padua, Morris
  • Joseph Hountz (catechumen); Meridith Conley (candidate)
St. Maurice, Napoleon
  • Kane Simon (catechumen); Courtney Bruns (candidate)
St. Paul, New Alsace
  • Bob Bissett and Tiffany Robinson (candidates)
St. Peter, Franklin County
  • John Miller (catechumen)
Holy Family, Oldenburg
  • Kim Schrank, Emily Snyder and Kim Snyder (candidates)
St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County
  • Blayr Green (catechumen); Stephanie Pavey and Connie Scott (candidates)
St. Joseph, Shelbyville
  • Rob Dillon, Laura Goode, Matt Hole, Jordan Huesman, Brian Leggins, Missy Martin and Don Pike (catechumens); Karen Martin and James Wendel (candidates)
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Bright
  • Sean Hutchins and Travis Scheibler (catechumens); Victoria Ashley, Loren Hotel, Lisa Hutchins and Carol Pucci (candidates)


Bloomington Deanery

St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford
  • Ashleigh Grissom and Jennifer Ramirez (catechumens); Julianne McMinds, P.J. McMinds, Peggy Nikirk, Bridgett Pemberton and Autumn Strahle (candidates)
St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington
  • Adam Beasley, Abigail Dean, Amanda Field, Andy Hayden, Chantele Meyer, Melissa Miller, Chris Quackenbush, Sarah Wilson and Judy Yu (catechumens); Robert Anderson, Patrick Anderson, Sean Dewey, Piccola Doggett, Kevin Frank, Britt Grannan, Amanda Hummel, Cindy Lebel, Julie Maloney, David Martin, Rachel McDowell, Andrea Parise, Ashley Perez, Michael Thomas and Desiree Zerquera (candidates)
St. John the Apostle, Bloomington
  • Jan Lee and Matt Winn (catechumens)
St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington
  • Thomas Asare, Hillary Brooks, Erin Carpenter, Erin Hunt, Julia Politowicz, David Snelling, Lauren Struebig, Annamarie Sullivan, Jennifer Sutherland,
  • William Valentine III and Langston Wilkins (catechumens); Hector Barrera, Annakarina Bortner, Tarrah Effinger, Matthew Laydon, Samantha Lomax, Isabel Manahan, David Otto, Sarah Pappano and Gabrielle Sell (candidates)
St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville
  • Sherry Bex, Christopher Hughey, John Kresse III, Graham Lewis, Ronald Malan and Jeffrey Scott (catechumens); Leah Armstrong, Joan Biddle, Derek Hoffman, Stephanie Swinney and Nicholas Walpole (candidates)
St. Mary, Mitchell
  • Hannah Hargesheimer, Chuck Parker, Loretta Polaski and Joshua Stroud (catechumens); Robert Hargesheimer and Amy Marshek (candidates)
St. Agnes, Nashville
  • Travis Herb (candidate)
Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, Paoli
  • Vanessa Lumley (catechumen); Karie Becht, Robert Lemmon Sr. and Jeffery Hanes Jr. (candidates)


Connersville Deanery

St. Michael, Brookville
  • April Geiling, Quentin Kersey and Magan Mullins (catechumens); John Phelps (candidate)
St. Gabriel, Connersville
  • Dr. Brad Dubois and Rachel Sanders (catechumens); Brian Bergen, Ed Gardiner and Mikel Pickens (candidates)
St. Anne, New Castle
  • Kelly Sams and Cynthia Sanders (candidates)
St. Mary, Rushville
  • Charles Morris and Julie Morris (candidates)
Richmond Catholic Community, Richmond
  • Gayle Bond, Casey Bradburn, Steven Fouts, Haley Hittle, David Jones, Erin Jones, Kapaya Kaoma, Christopher Kovatch, Martha Kuntz, Cassandra Maule, Erin Pierce, Rachelle Robbins, David Rockhill, Patricia Rockhill, Jennifer Shaw and Mary Shaw (catechumens); Michael Brandley, Colt Caves, Travis Guthrie, Joseph Jennings, Bonnie Kelley, Brianna Kovatch, Megan Kramer, Judith Metzger, Elbert Reed, Cherie Skidmore and Pamela Soper (candidates)


Indianapolis East Deanery

SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Gregory Payne and Robert Weeden (candidates)
Holy Cross
  • Jeffrey Brunner, Clarissa Culvahouse, Brice Gilman, Becket Gutierrez-Taylor, Natalie Joyce, Jordan Laminack, Faith Lightner, Zhenya Miannan, Cheryl Wilson, Gavin Wilson, Tyler Wilson and Amy Wright (catechumens)
Holy Spirit
  • Joanne Clark, Michelle Davenport, Rick Davies, John Feeney, Kara Guilliam, Kyle Hope, Jaime Lebeau, Juan Parada, Jack Plunkett, Mark Plunkett and Jill Wallsmith (catechumens); Janet Emmert, Leah Fisher, Jason Guilliam, Michelle Kellner, Brandie King, Kellie Neibert, Linda Baldwin and Sean Baldwin (candidates)
Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette
  • Timothy Henderson, Alyson Henson, Herbert Henson, Kahlel Nash, Elissa Murphy, Andrew Schuller, Jacob Schuller and Michael Tacket (catechumens); Darla Henson and Kathleen Schuller (candidates)
St. Mary
  • Erin White (catechumen); Anaisa Alesandra, Nicholas Marson, Marilyn Tucker, Jeff Veldhoff and Kim Wassmer (candidates)
St. Michael, Greenfield
  • Hannah Barker, Ali Bolding, Jerry Bolding, Jacob Cooper, Savannah Cooper, Chole Hulen, Madison Hulen, Brandy King, Castle Llewellyn, Laura Martin, Christopher McDonald, Jack McDonald, Regan McDonald, David Misener, Abigail Phillips, Casey Phillips, Crystal Rood, Violet Rood, Jeffrey Snider, Gracelyn Weaver, Portia Weaver and Siddalee Weaver (catechumens); Heidi Barker, Rhonda Brown, Shari Laswell, Lisa Llewellyn, Del Pack, Ellen Pack and Shawn Weaver (candidates)
St. Rita
  • Kimberly Barebela (catechumen)
St. Simon the Apostle
  • Julie Dafforn, Jennifer Kollock and Heidi Palmer (catechumens); Brent Borg, Clint Heiber, Allison Kaminski, Elizabeth Marks-Strauss, Sherry Monachino and James Mooney (candidates)
St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower)
  • Michelle Brinkmann, Barbara Ferrill, Bridget Gonterman, Cara Harris, Joshua Payne, Eric Strohacker, Kathryn Toler, Amy Torzewski and Ryan Vokes (catechumens); Jennifer Arnold, Trina Burnell, Zachary Glawatz, Steve McCormick, Pamela Quirin and Mary Wibbenmeyer (candidates)


Indianapolis North Deanery

Christ the King
  • Matt Davis, Jennifer Free, Jeremy Head, Juliana Lottino, Alyssa Perry and Jason Sprunger (catechumens); Parker Bagwell, Scott Fischer, Annette Harden, Kenneth Harden, Ian Kohlhaas, Susan Kohlhaas, Bill Maples, Erina Miller, Matthew Tedford and Julie Tomich (candidates)
Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Denise Black, Jacopo Leonardi and Adam Weber (catechumens); Ryan Brady, Gabriel Browne, Jim Browne, Kyle Burkholder, John Hill, Sam Horton, Jennifer Kramer, Monica McArthur, Erik Odmark, Erik Patz and Meri Weber (candidates)
St. Joan of Arc
  • Brittany Blackburn, Joel Denis, Clark Hutchings, Jarrod Hutchings, Scott Moshier, David Nanos, Janine Onambele and Becky Trenner (catechumens); Camille Coffman, Todd Hasse, Erin Hoffman and Aar-yana Willis (candidates)
St. Lawrence
  • Makayla Allen, Cameo Canter, Shanna Cardona, Blake Quiroga, Emilio Quiroga, Mary Samantha Quiroga and Richelle Quiroga (catechumens); Amanda Quiroga and Reymundo Quiroga (candidates)
St. Luke the Evangelist
  • David Carlyle Jr., Tagg Carlyle, Trey Carlyle, Tripp Carlyle and Jack Martin (catechumens); Rebecca Bahn, Bethany Borland, Jerry Crone, Forney Daugette, Michael Galvin, Barbara Rak and Jennifer Reinoehl (candidates)
St. Matthew
  • Sharee Gwin, Dana Helton, Andy Quick, Aiden Roosa, Tom Roosa and Julia Witt (catechumens); Bart Churchward, Christina Davis and Dave Douglas (candidates)
St. Pius X
  • Kathleen Brady, Kathryn De Valeria, Bailey Lipperd and Amanda Thopy (catechumens); Jack Boyd, Jamie Grau, Audra Kuhn, Alec Mercer, Jill Mercer and John Murray (candidates)
St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Charlotte Boyd (catechumen); Jane Bostwick, Paulette Majors and Lori Welch (candidates)


Indianapolis South Deanery

Good Shepherd
  • John Bauerle, Cassie Davis, Candice Kelso, James Kelso, Hannah Pratt, Kaitlyn Pratt and Alexis Receveur (catechumens); Peytan Mills and Michael Receveur (candidates)
Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Douglas Evans, Tina Molter and William Todd (catechumens); Leslie Cenkner, Jeff Coon, Christopher Maples, Amanda Miller, Darren Miller, Dave Nadler, Christopher Nichols and Laura Renner (candidates)
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
  • Megan Kelly (catechumen); Joanne Gassert, Kim Handwerk, Ruth Mattingly and Kelly Nicholson (candidates)
Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Darren Klem, Ashlynn Morelock, Adrianne Morgan, Addison Maga and Brooklyn Maga (catechumens); Kathleen O’Connor, Kymberly Quick, Jan Tobin, Hunter Warren and Cathy Zoderer (candidates)
St. Barnabas
  • Angela Bridge, Nik Browning and Chandler Gibson (catechumens); Crystal Gibson, Douglas Gibson, Brittany Linder, Charles Stumpf Jr. and Rachelle Vaught (candidates)
St. Patrick
  • Maricela Gomez, Karen Zepeda and Marguerita Arenas (catechumens)
Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove
  • Seth Broadstreet, Zackariah Johnson, Bradley Mead, Martha Mullins, Matthew Sims, Mitchel Sims, Sarah Sims, Spencer Sims and Stacy Sims (catechumens); Brett Matthews and Diana Snow (candidates)
Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood
  • Anthony Derrickson, Tiffany Ellis, Adrian Ferrentino, Lisa Gritt, Sarah Harris, James Huffman, Divya Jan, Namratha Jan, Jami Keller, Michael Leavitt, Christine Merkel, Natalie Mittlesteadt, Laura Moore, James Morrison, Stephanie Pierle, Eric Schneider, Larry Sebastian, Max Showers, Amber Stegall, Chris Summers, Chris Sutton, Brandie Tackett, Michelle Wallen, Angela West and Christopher Zuroski (catechumens); Haley Clark, Mersina Cradick, Shelby Cradick, Chris Cramer, Jeremy Dillow, Dave Gosser, Monty Merchant, Keith Moore, Dawn Penollar, Myranda Petro, Sara Rike, Bart Terrell, Devin Walker, Rachel Walker, Lauren West, Alyssa Whittle and Alayna Zimmerman (candidates)
SS. Francis and Clare, Greenwood
  • James Armstrong, Mary Buttice, Jenny Cissell, Melissa Cooper, Nicole Minnick and Michael Turner (catechumens); Linda Durbin, Randy Durbin, Rodney Johnson, Jeff Martin, Chad Strain and Stacy Van Noy (candidates)
St. John the Evangelist
  • Justin Fallowfield (catechumen); Suzanna Allen, Lee Crislip, Jeffery Miles and Lora Miller (candidates)
St. Jude
  • Michael Briggs, Alma Gerberick, Timothy Gray, Nicole Jones, Robert Ogle, Stephen Ogle, Maureen Pugh, Amber Riddle, Frances Ann Sherman, Lynne Strykowski, Jeff Tremain and Craig Voris (catechumens); Katherine Brightwell, Walter Buchanan, Sarah Burke, Kirstie Glass, Rossi Grant, Joy Lee Paugh, Sacha Pugh, Amy Rieger, Eric Via and Steve Whitesell (candidates)
St. Mark the Evangelist
  • Anthony Clark, Maurine Dawson, Xavier Perez, Meagen Ruebusch, Tara Poole and Reshma Sekhar (catechumens); Jennifer Emmett, Marc Klonne, Lindsey Loffer, Collin Miller, Edwin Perez, Wilfredo Perez, Theaeaster Scott, Jennifer Skojac and Tom Skojac (candidates)
St. Roch
  • Sarah Brown, Cory Chance, Holly Chance, James Joseph Chance, James Ryan Chance, Barbara Huotari, Stanley Hughes, Carissa James, Jenny Kieffer, James Montgomery and Valerie Zellner (catechumens); Deanna Dragoo, Brian Kaufman, Lisa Long, Laura Quebe, Laura Schott, Christina Schulz, Diane Stone and Stephen Wells (candidates)


Indianapolis West Deanery

Holy Angels
  • Steven Burroughs, Javon Dorsey, Kyra Dorsey, Mark Dorsey Jr., Mark Dorsey Sr. and Siarra Gilbert (catechumens)
Holy Trinity
  • William Bartholomew (catechumen); Natalie Floreancig and David Sheets (candidates)
St. Anthony
  • Dakota Cooper, Mary Cooper, Kristi Jarrett, Sandra Rodriguez, Elizabeth Roth and Carienis Velazquez (catechumens); Ramona Balcazar, Kristal Calderon, Nahum Carrasco, Altagracia Flores, Efrain Garcia, Nancy Loy, Mariano Molina, Jose Luis Martinez, Ramiro Moreno, Juana Perez and Mayra Perez (candidates)
St. Christopher
  • Stacey Andrews, Ana Bijader, Karie Cochran, Helen Dedmen, Ashley Goley, Tammy Grzegorzewski, Megan Ripley, Brodyn Ruiz, Natalie Ruiz, Jackson Smith, Sydney Smith, David Titara, Brent Wethington, Madge Wethington, Gillian Winningham, Kayla Wright and Nicholas Wright (catechumens); Daniel Nguyen and Sharon Wright (candidates)
St. Gabriel the Archangel
  • Misty Areal, Hoang Anh Tran and Maira Contreras (catechumens); Flor Acuna, Jorge Colindres, Jesus Jimenez, Jose Jimenez, Juan Jimenez, Lisa Keenan, Manuel Ochoa, Marcos Perez, Saray Tellez and Marcelo Vazquez (candidates)
St. Michael the Archangel
  • Jacquelyn Foster and Sydney-Symone Tate (catechumens); Tyler Carter, Gretchen Freytag, Tameka Walker and Zoe Walker (candidates)
St. Malachy, Brownsburg
  • Whitney Allen, Brandy Faust, Brett Flora, Yan Qi Li and Johnna Van Buskirk (catechumens); David Bartle, Shannon Certain, Brooke Cremers, Elizabeth Linginfelter, Sherri Miller, Patricia Smith, Richard Smith and Ryan West (candidates)
St. Monica
  • Beatrice Adansy-Sevi, Fernanda Alonso, Blake Bridges, Justin Bridges, Miranda Bridges, Francisco Castillo, Sarah Collister, Lossonzana Coulibaly, Brenda Cuevas, Heidi Dickman, Brandon Eley, Rhonda Gonzalez, Jennifer Hernandez, Trevor Hunter, Kelly Lampke, Ashley Lovette, Keshar Miller, Brian Sanchez, Tim Shaffstall, Felipe Silvestre, Leighton Turnpaugh, Zach Turnpaugh, Russell Sylvester, Roy Thurman and April Wells (catechumens); Maribel Aguilar, Pam Brown, Gabriel Cabrera, Julio Cesar, Oscar Chavero, Amber Decker, Courtney Dowland, Yaneth Diaz, Elvira Dimas, Michael Gnamkey, Julia Kathary, David Lane, Rafael Maldonado, Ariel Mendoza, Megan Milnes, David Nijhawan, Jeannette Ort, Ana Ortega, Leonardo Rodriguez, Ana Sanchez, Hugo Sanchez, Luis Sanchez, Orlanda Sanchez, Tania Sanchez, Aimee Sidey, Arturo Valladares, Nikki Shaffstall, Maxine Thurman, Kelly Totleben, Bruce Waller and Orlane Yeziao (candidates)
Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville
  • Steven Steele and David Webb (catechumens); Kylie Kult and Jodi Semenick (candidates)
St. Thomas More, Mooresville
  • Cortnie Query (catechumen)
St. Susanna, Plainfield
  • Gabriel Burkhardt, Jack Burkhardt, Maxwell Burkhardt, Michele Catellier, Gina Ferkinhoff, Cindy Lockridge, Jeff Lockridge, Alexandra Schlotzhauer and Lisa Theissen (catechumens); Judy Anderson, Megan Austin-Turner, Richard Brown, Shawn Burkhardt, Carolyn De Groote, Pedro Garcia, Tony Hatfield, Sabrina Quinn and Glenda Turpin (candidates)


New Albany Deanery

St. Michael, Bradford
  • Laura Allen, Sandy Anderson, Sarah Flores, Selena Flores, Shane Flores and Brittany Walker (catechumens); John Carney, Linda Lee, John Smith and Jon Train (candidates)
St. Michael, Charlestown
  • Melissa Buit (catechumen); David Gilbert, Victoria Gilbert, James Kinder, Lottie Lahey and Vicki Stoffregen (candidates)
St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville
  • Dawn Clark, Halie Clark, Ethan Cserekyle, Noah Cserekyle, Sherry Cserekyle, Sheila Du Vall, Cassandra McClure, James McClure III and Leland McClure (catechumens); John Cserekyle, Shelley Hall, Janet Kiesler, Jeremy Kiesler, Theresa McClure and Robert O’Neil (candidates)
St. Joseph, Corydon
  • Charles Bradley (catechumen)
St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs
  • Jeannette Daniels (catechumen); Alisha Hauber and Brandon McLain (candidates)
St. Francis Xavier, Henryville
  • Edward Edmiston and Nashiea Edmiston (candidates)
Sacred Heart and St. Augustine, Jeffersonville
  • Tiffany Booth, Mark Foxworthy, James Hayes, Brennan Zastawny and Ethan Zastawny (catechumens); Patrick Elliott, Phillip Fish, Betty Galvez, Darvelio Galvez, Stacey Jarboe, Dustin Jones, Harry Oliver, Richard Privett III, Tori Pugh, Shannon Seifried, Richard Walts, Amy Wheatley, Larry Willoughby and Abbie Zastawny (candidates)
Holy Family, New Albany
  • Joshaua Akins, Aleigha Allen, Rosaria Allen, Kyler Anderson, Cameron Borne, Hope Mele, Zachary Mele, Taylor Plummer, Bridget Popp, Sherry Popp and Lorna Robinson (catechumens); Carol Anderson, David Andrews, Lindsay Engle, Alyson Jinks, Kelly Mahoney, Bryson Mele, Joshua Perronie, William Popp and Candice Robinson (candidates)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany
  • Jordyn Jansa and Ted Parero (catechumens); Linda Aemmer, Kate Caufield, Virginia Jansa, Mark Olsanski, Brent Sammons, Nathan Stemle, Martin Walthers and Tim Wenning (candidates)
St. Mary, New Albany
  • Jeanne Lione, Jennifer McIntyre, Paxton McIntyre, Nicole Ruiz, Steven Sheckell and Maranda Vogler (catechumens); Jessica Mallory, Keith McIntyre, Desera Sheckell and Terry Williams (candidates)
St. Joseph, Sellersburg
  • Lester Trobaugh Jr., Anna Whittinghill and Brahm Whittinghill (catechumens); Zachary Fromme, Tara Hettinger, Cheryl Trobaugh, Amy Whittinghill and Thomas Whittinghill (candidates)
St. Paul, Sellersburg
  • Paul Baker (catechumen); Jessica Snowden, Christopher Wisdom and Jamie Woods (candidates)
St. John the Baptist, Starlight
  • Audriana Adams, Sara Bobo, Simon Book, Daniel Carter, Kyle Craig, Katharine Finn, Nicholas Finn, Kelli Holthouser, Rachel Kirchgessner, Brooklyn Koetter, Christina Kruer, Damon Oglesby, Mary Catherine Simons and Dalton Wagoner (catechumens)


Seymour Deanery

St. Ambrose, Seymour, and Our Lady of Providence, Brownstown
  • Luz Maria-Mendez, Isaac Mota and Raul Mota (catechumens); Alexis Baez, Maria del Carmen Acevedo, Jessica Dominguez, Luis Ramirez, Stace Reid, Jim Shively, Monica Ketchum-Hartung and Nathaniel Miller (candidates)
St. Bartholomew, Columbus
  • Clara Bissey, Grady Bissey, James Clingenpeel, Dale Likens, Bella Luckmann, Ashlee Manis, Christopher McCleland, Diana McKee, Jane Pringle, Joshua Ragan and Cameron Spalding (catechumens); David Ballard, Michael Bonham, Barbara Breeden, Nancy Fay, Stephani Ferrufino, Marci Harkless, Eric Hester, Christina Nelson, Ronald Patberg, Richard Scalf III, John Shepard, Sheila Wasson, Sarah Wittekind and Beau Zigler (candidates)
St. Rose of Lima, Franklin
  • Erin McElwain (catechumen); Christine Clark, Beth Hoeing, James Hoeing, Abigail McElwain and Cassandra Utecht (candidates)
Prince of Peace, Madison
  • Penny Gordon, Berta Turner and Mary Lou Wenning (catechumens); Karen Bolton, Robert Bolton, David Furnish, Tammy Josephsen, Andy Lytle, Mary Ellen Minnick, Erin Rosenbaum and Nancy Stack (candidates)
St. Patrick, Salem
  • David Middleton (catechumen)
American Martyrs, Scottsburg
  • Riley Jo Bayes (candidate)
St. Mary, North Vernon
  • Jon Bentz, Shelia Callahan, Chey Ezzo, Robin Hatton, Jeffory Schroeder II, Katherine Schroeder and Jamie Zeser (catechumens); Roy Dickerson, Dennis Meade, Jeffory Schroeder and John Simpson (candidates)


Tell City Deanery

St. Isidore, Bristow
  • David Hinton and Dayna Hinton (catechumens)
St. Paul, Tell City
  • Brandie Anson, Shaun Jones and Evan Shearn (catechumens); Tasa Leistner, Karmen Peter and Anita Sanders (candidates)


Terre Haute Deanery

Annunciation, Brazil
  • Wanda Eaton and Jennifer Snoddy (candidates)
Sacred Heart, Clinton
  • Janice Crane (catechumen); Kathy Blake, Ralph Hoggatt and Sally Luft (candidates)
St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle
  • Dan Benassi, Audrie Brennan, Brendle Brennan, Christopher Reedy, Elsie Reedy and Susan Taylor (catechumens); Brandice Brennan and Justin Wilson (candidates)
St. Mary-of-the-Woods, St. Mary-of-the-Woods
  • Brandon Mahady and Norine Martin (candidates)
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute
  • Chad Higgins, Cynthia Shepard and Chelsea Young (catechumens)
St. Benedict, Terre Haute
  • Timothy Cullen and Mallory Nease (catechumens); Carol Raetz (candidate)
St. Joseph University, Terre Haute
  • Karen Camerer, Ashley David, Debra Gansz, Mallory Hordyke, Sidney Moore and Tony Smodilla (candidates)
St. Patrick, Terre Haute
  • Steve Douglas, Myrthel Frye, Cheryl Kaperak, Candace Kelley and Susan Valtman (catechumens); Jenna Davis, Dahris Shacklee, Jeff Shield, Jeff Spencer, Michael Wittman and Tracie Wittman (candidates) †

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