December 12, 2008

Editor emeritus publishes book on St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More: Model for Modern Catholics (St. Pauls, 2009) is the latest book written by John Fink, editor emeritus of The Criterion.

Books by Fink previously published by St. Pauls and its sister publisher, Alba House, include Biblical Women: Females in a Patriarchal Society (2008) and Jesus in the Gospels (2006).

More was chancellor of England in the 16th century. His dispute with King Henry VIII over the ending of the king’s first marriage and papal primacy resulted in More’s ultimate condemnation and execution as a martyr.

The early 20th century British Catholic writer G. K. Chesterton said after a visit to More’s home that “he is more important at this moment than at any moment since his birth. … But he is not quite so important as he will be in a hundred years’ time.”

Pope John Paul II named St. Thomas More the patron saint of statesmen.

Fink’s 196-page paperback book about St. Thomas More, which sells for $14.95, can be purchased by calling 800-343-2522 or by logging on to †

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