September 1, 2006


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page. Submit an obituary here (parishes and funeral homes only)

AWBREY, James G., 71, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Indianapolis, Aug. 11. Husband of Carol Awbrey.

BAASE, Mary Helen (Lovell), 74, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Aug. 12. Wife of William Basse. Mother of Theresa Monaghan, James and Thomas Baase. Sister of Patricia Hendrix, Constance Henegan and Barbara Jean Huser. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of two.

BENJAMIN, Beverly Diane, 59, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora, Aug. 11. Wife of Dale Benjamin. Mother of Joshua and Michael Benjamin, Diana, David and John Hoskins. Daughter of Robert Rice. Half-sister of Polly Moore, Lynn and Lee Rice. Grandmother of five.

BURKEMPER, Monica Mae, 70, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, Aug. 9. Mother of Diana Morse. Daughter of Norma Burkemper. Sister of Pat Smallwood, Mick, Phil and Tom Burkemper. Grandmother of two.

CONEN, Henrietta, 97, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 17. Mother of John and Roger Conen. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of 14. Great-great-grandmother of three.

CRAIN, Harold E., 81, Holy Name, Beech Grove, Aug. 11. Husband of Melba (Young) Crain. Father of Harold and Lloyd Crain. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of four.

DUDDY, Charlotte A., 85, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany, Aug. 13. Sister of Loretta Lardner. Aunt of several. Great-aunt of several. Great-great-aunt of several.

EASTON, Charles Edward, 68, St. Rita, Indianapolis, Aug. 15. Husband of Katie Easton. Father of Laura Haines, Tina Martinez Easton, Monica, Patty, Sheila, Sherri, Tonya, Charles Jr., David and Timothy Easton.

FIELDS, George R., 72, Holy Family, Oldenburg, Aug. 26. Father of Mary Beth Kerker, Jo Ann Prickel, Terri Schoetmer and John Fields. Brother of Nancy Hall, Eva Schoettelkotte and Jim Fields. Grandfather of 10.

FLOKOWITSCH, Rosa M., 86, St. Agnes, Nashville, Aug. 10. Mother of Helga Matthews, Ilona Anna Montgomery and Peter Flokowitsch. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of 17.

HALEY, Mary C., 81, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany, Aug. 10. Mother of Barbara Morales and Richard Haley. Sister of Joseph Traughber. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of one.

HARPENAU, Francis, 93, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 12. Father of Catherine Braun and Edward Harpenau. Brother of Hilgard Hevner. Grandfather of 13.

HARPENAU, Norman C., 59, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 14. Brother of Mary Emma Milburn and JoAnn Shearn.

HELLER, Bobbie, 67, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Aug. 7. Wife of Robert E. Heller. Mother of Kimberly Balano, Joseph, Mark and W. Scot Heller. Sister of Rose Marie Clary, Carol Sue Gibson, Mary Jean Leonhard, Martha Morris and Freddie Smith. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of two.

HILLOCK, Jesse O., Jr., 83, St. Malachy, Brownsburg, Aug. 12. Husband of Ann Hillock. Father of Margo Zapata, Bart, Jay, Joseph and Steven Hillock. Grandfather of nine.

JENNINGS, Helen Judy, 81, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany, Aug. 11. Mother of Joyce Kent, Jeanna, Kathy, Sharon, Patrick and Thomas Jennings. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of three.

KING, Ruth Marie, 83, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 16. Mother of Brenda Goffinet, Linda Hubert and Karen Kelly. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of 13.

KLINE, Agnes, 92, St. Mary, Richmond, Aug. 9. Mother of Maryann Boswell. Grand-mother of six. Great-grandmother of several.

KOCHERT, Regina E., 81, St. Mary, Navilleton, Aug. 16. Wife of Herman Kochert. Mother of Elizabeth Geary, Rita Nunemaker, Jean Watson, Dr. Sue, David, James, Paul, Robert and Tom Kochert.

MAJERICK, Victoria, 54, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, Aug. 14. Sister of Deborah Kiemeyer, Tracie Ousnamer, Patrice Reuter and Lisa Schrader.

MAY, Rose Marie (Wise), 56, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Aug. 8. Mother of Jeremy May. Sister of Mary Beth Hughes, Daniel, David and Donald Wise. Grandmother of two.

MOORE, William, 90, Holy Family, Richmond, Aug. 11. Father of Linda Griffith, Rita Tilton, Don, Joe and Stephen Moore. Brother of Marjorie Beavers, Josephine Johnson, Rosa Lee Ollis and Lucille Thomas. Grandfather of four.

NAUGLE, Jerry C., 68, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, Aug. 4. Father of Theresa Stafford, Lisa Zainey, Jane and Michael Naugle. Grandfather of five.

PROVENCAL, Emelia A., 76, St. Agnes, Nashville, July 29. Mother of Maggie Linscott. Sister of Cecile, Phil and Robert Laroche. Grandmother of three.

RAYBALL, Daniel J., 22, St. Malachy, Brownsburg, Aug. 16. Son of John Carson and Catherine Rayball. Brother of Douglas and Kevin Seidensticker. Grandson of Bert and Wanda Carson and William and Barbara Rayball.

ROUSH, William, 76, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, Aug. 18. Husband of Ruth Roush. Father of Jan Jackson, Betty Lovette, Julie Moore, Darlene and Jim Sellers, Ed, Merrill and Ted Hutchinson. Grandfather of 17.

SAGE, John B., 83, St. Philip Neri, Indianapolis, Aug. 15. Husband of Cleopha (Mehringer) Sage. Father of Jeanne Corder, Annette Sage-Schrader, Daniel, John, Kevin, Lawrence and Richard Sage. Brother of Avery Sage. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of one.

SANDERS, Edward A., 59, St. Roch, Indianapolis, Aug. 17. Brother of Judi Marksberry.

SHEA, Martha Jane (Anderson), 86, Holy Cross, Indianapolis, Aug. 21. Mother of Margaret Kane, Martha Kuntz, Bertha Marasky, Andrea Maynard, Linda Turner, Joseph Jr. and William Shea. Grand-mother of 26. Great-grandmother of 25.

THURSTON, Anna, 87, Holy Family, Richmond, Aug. 7. Mother of Carolyn Hash, John, Joseph and Randal Thurston, Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of one.

VOGELGESANG, Kathryn, 25, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, Aug. 20. Daughter of Philip and Ruth (Ryan) Vogelgesang. Sister of David and Tim Vogelgesang. Granddaughter of Dorothy Ryan, Omer and Reba Vogelgesang.

WEATHERS, Thomas, Jr., 85, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarks-ville, Aug.15. Husband of Doris Weathers. Father of Debbie Alexander, Kathy Brown, Bedeva Steurer, Joseph and Thomas Weathers. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of 12.

WORLAND, Rose, 88, St. Roch, Indianapolis, Aug. 15.

YOHLER, R. Howard, 94, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, Aug. 14. Father of Marjorie Mohr, Sharon Gilaspy, Douglas, Michael and Stephen Yohler. Grandfather of 15. Great-grandfather of 18. Great-great-grandfather of one. †


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