January 27, 2006


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page. Submit an obituary here (parishes and funeral homes only)

ALLARD, Jack Mitchell, 61, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Indianapolis, Dec. 18. Husband of Mary (Michael) Allard. Father of Michele Allard-Taylor, Mendee Briggeman, Monica Davis and Marcella Wilson. Son of Leah Allard. Brother of John Allard. Grandfather of 14.

BEEVER, Nancy (Wiley), 68, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Dec. 9. Mother of Dianne and Robert Beever. Sister of Margaret, Bill, James and Richard Wiley.

BILLERMAN, Mary C., (Thomas), 57, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, Dec. 10. Sister of Sue (Cassidy) Heath.

CARMODY, Martha Louise, 81, St. Luke, Indianapolis, Dec. 15. Wife of Dr. John Carmody. Mother of Carol Harrell, Jeannie, Molly, Dan and Phil Carmody.

CHERMANSKY, Mary S., 95, St. Michael the Archangel, Indianapolis, Dec. 13. Mother of Veronica Negley, Mary Ann Wolf, Peter Jr. and Stephen Chermansky. Sister of Ann Fletcher and Joseph Klobucar. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of nine.

CURFMAN, Alice Jane, 77, St. Joseph, Indianapolis, Jan. 11. Mother of Mary A. Woods, David, Gregory, Philip and Rick Curfman. Grandmother of six.

DECKARD, David, 57, St. Michael, Bradford, Jan. 6. Father of Tammy Thomas. Brother of Katherine Potter, John and Virgil Deckard. Half-brother of Charles and James Moore. Stepfather of Alma Campbell and Wilma Carrithers. Grandfather of three.

DOLAN, Catherine L., 84, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Dec. 12. Mother of William Myers. Sister of Mildred Johnson. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of five.

DOVER, Christopher Robert, 30, St. Joseph, Shelbyville, Dec. 24. Son of Judy Dover. Father of Jayden Dover. Brother of Yvonne Beaumont and Heather Dover.

DOWNHAM, Pamela A., 45, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, Dec. 10. Wife of Mark Downham. Mother of Megan Mauhar. Step-mother of Alysse and Chelsea Downham. Daughter of Tom and Carol Gregoire. Sister of Polly Anderson, Patty Schrader, Penny, Paul and Peter Gregoire.

ETTEL, Jean F., 74, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, Dec. 6. Wife of Charles Ettel. Mother of Chuck, Dennis, Frank and Mike Ettel. Grandmother of five.

FALKENSTEIN, Agnes M., 85, Holy Family, New Albany, Jan. 6. Mother of Rose Receveur. Sister of Dorothy Reese. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of one.

GOELZ, Daniel A., 72, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Dec. 8. Husband of Winifred Goelz. Father of Monica Haflatt, Kathleen Osborne, Bruce and Thomas Goelz. Brother of Marjorie Armstrong, Eleanor Cox, Willa Mae Stafford and Herbert Goelz. Grandfather of 14.

GOODWIN, Evelyn Louise, 87, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, Nov. 22. Sister of Louis Hutt.

HEEZEN, Mary Helen, 42, St. Luke, Indianapolis, Dec. 14. Mother of Megan Heezen. Daughter of Donald and Patricia Heezen. Sister of Angela Brocato, John Heezen and Brian Miller.

HERMESCH, Philomena M., 84, St. Mary, Greensburg, Jan. 9. Mother of Ruth Fulton, Virginia Kellerman, Betty Martin, Mary McDonald, Cora Newby, Linda Newman, Anna Riggans, Charles, John and Thomas Hermesch. Sister of Maryann Metz, Benedict, Dennis and Joseph Suttmiller. Grandmother of 28. Great-grandmother of 38. Great-great-grandmother of two.

HUBER, Walter George, 91, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Jan. 14. Husband of Emma (Fuchs) Huber. Father of Sharon Quyle and James Huber. Brother of Paul Huber. Half-brother of Anna Michaels, Mary Ann Ramsey, Carl and Michael Huber. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of 22.

HYDE, Charles W., 88, St. Joseph, Jan. 6. Husband of Minnie Festa-Hyde. Father of Bonnie Mothersbaugh and Joe Hyde. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of four.

JONES, Matthew Jack, 64, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, Dec. 21. Husband of Christine Jones. Father of Michelle Boyd, Nicole and Steve Jones. Brother of Mariam Strattman and Alan Jones. Grandfather of three.

KAELIN, Terry L., 55, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs, Dec. 12. Husband of Alice Kaelin. Father of Chesley Blackford and Brad Kaelin. Brother of Crystal, Jayme, Sherry and Robert Kaelin. Grandfather of two.

KOMLANCE, Carol Diane, 49, Holy Trinity, Indianapolis, Dec. 28. Mother of Travis Bell. Sister of Linda Devish, Vickie Duncan, Nancy Johnson, Jackie Potter, Cheryl Snow, Sue Ann Weber, Chris, David, Dennis, Jimmy and Tim Komlance. Grandmother of two.

KOVACH, David P., 70, St. Rose of Lima, Franklin, Jan. 9. Husband of Mary Kovach. Father of Gwendolyn Solis, Charles and Kevin Kovach. Brother of Helene Campagna, Elizabeth Heller and Andrew Kovach. Grandfather of two.

MAUSER, Carl F., 89, Holy Trinity, Indianapolis, Dec. 8. Husband of Mary H. (Steele) Mauser. Father of Mark and Wally Steele. Step-grandfather of eight. Step-great-grandfather of 10. Step-great-great-grandfather of two.

MAYS, Earl (Woodson), 83, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Dec. 10. Husband of Rosella Z. Mays. Brother of Madden Howard.

MERKEL, Urban John, 84, St. Roch, Indianapolis, Dec. 19. Husband of Helen (Haag) Merkel. Father of Rosemary Gravelie, Frederick, John, Michael and William Merkel. Brother of Loretta Bedel, Edward and Martin Merkel. Grandfather of 14. Great-grandfather of one.

MILLER, Edna, 78, St. Paul, New Alsace, Dec. 10. Mother of Sharon Shackelford, Jayne Weber, Marlene Wullenweber, Donnie, Eddie and Mike Miller. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of four.

MILLER, Ruth Katherine, 67, St. Mary, Aurora, Dec. 31. Wife of Philip Miller. Mother of Ruthie Sestito and Robyn Woodruff. Sister of Linda Bowling and Frances Meigs. Grandmother of three.

MISINIEC, Andrew James, Jr., 60, St. Rose of Lima, Franklin, Dec. 13. Husband of Sue Ann Misiniec. Father of Jill Down, Jessica Kinslow, Jennifer Westerfield and Jason Misiniec. Son of Grace Misiniec. Brother of Joe and John Misiniec. Grandfather of five.

NEWTON, Francis Leon, 64, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Jan. 5. Husband of Ethel (Hamilton) Newton. Father of Carol Hamilton, Debbie McCambridge and Linda Ramsby. Brother of Mary Ann Brown, David and William Newton. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of seven.

ONDOVICK, Virginia R., 73, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Terre Haute, Jan. 12. Mother of Linda Davis and Joe Ondovick. Grandmother of six.

PHILLIPS, Gertrude J., 86, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, Jan. 2. Mother of Mary Anne Brock, Bernie Lytton, Therese Owens, Patty Rynders, Cathy Sharp, Agnes Stigall, Joe and Pete Phillips. Sister of Sister Mary Borromeo, Agnes and Marcella Scherschel. Grandmother of 17. Great-grandmother of 13.

PRUITT, Theresa Marie, 56, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, Dec. 24. Wife of Charles Pruitt. Mother of Donna Clark and Robert Pruitt. Sister of Dora Caraway, Mary Lucas, Frank, Johnny and Louis Basinger. Grandmother of four. Step-grandmother of one. Step-great-grandmother of two.

RAGLE, Frances Lucille, 90, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, Dec 13. Mother of Kathi Phillips, Britt and Chuck Ragle. Sister of Rosie McCracken, Jim and Salvatore Sgroi. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of 17.

RALSTON, James R., Jr., 77, Christ the King, Indianapolis, Jan. 12. Father of Jeanette Cook, James III and John Ralston. Grandfather of three.

RAMILO, Dr. Napoleon L., 66, St. Mark, Indianapolis, Jan. 11. Husband of Teresita Briones-Ramilo. Brother of Nelia Ebrenica, Gloria Morton and Pepito Ramilo.

REMEDIOS, Leonel Jose, 88, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, Dec. 16. Husband of Marie Remedios. Father of Caroline Lowenthal and Tom Remedios. Grandfather of six.

RICHMOND, Anna Mae, 63, Sacred Heart, Indianapolis, Dec. 9. Mother of Rhonda Arnold. Sister of Karen Montgomery. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of three.

RIEDMAN, Mary A., 76, St. Michael, Brookville, Dec. 1. Mother of Ann Rusterholz, Jane Wetzel and Steve Riedman. Sister of Ruthie Glascock and Alice Marie Rolfes. Grandmother of eight.

ROBERTS, Emma C., 94, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs, Jan. 12. Mother of Judy House and Leonard Roberts. Sister of Leoda Freiberger.

ROBINSON, Byron E., 74, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Jan. 7. Husband of Annette Robinson. Father of Donald Wyatt Jr. Brother of Mary Ann Trent. Grandfather of one.

SCHOONOVER, James L., 93, St. Rose of Lima, Franklin, Dec. 10. Brother of Ann Nugent. †


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