September 21, 2011

Retired Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger of Evansville reacts to Archbishop Buechlein’s retirement

Retired Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger of EvansvilleSerendipitously, last week while in Indianapolis Archbishop Daniel and I met for about an hour. He was in good spirits and he told me that he had submitted his request for early retirement due to his health. He was hoping to get an affirmative answer soon. This morning, that came to be.

Archbishop Daniel has served the Church nationally and specifically the Archdiocese of Indianapolis admirably. His outstanding service included being Rector of St. Meinrad College and Theology, Bishop of Memphis, multiple posts on the USCCB and Archbishop of Indianapolis since 1992.

Archbishop Dan and I spent our early years together in the Minor Seminary at St. Meinrad. I am proud to have walked with him on his journey and to have had his abiding support on mine. It is my hope that his health will allow him to have some peace and joy in his retirement for all the days that God grants him.

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