Resources for Invitation and Encouragement

My Dear Friends in Christ,

Archbishop Charles C. ThompsonI am pleased to share with you these resources for encouraging parishioners to return to the Eucharist with joy. Each of these very brief videos addresses a specific facet of what a gift and a privilege it is for us to attend Sunday Mass.

Please share these brief video clips far and wide, using every digital communication means at your disposal. The accompanying resources will also be useful for individual and small group prayer, reflection and discussion.

We have a great opportunity, at this time, to highlight the centrality of Mass, the Eucharist and all the sacraments in ways that engage the minds and hearts of the faithful--encouraging them to make Mass a top priority each and every weekend, I pray these resources will be helpful to you as you continue inviting your parishioners to return to the Eucharist with joy.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Charles C. Thompson, DD, JCL
Archbishop of Indianapolis


(Instructions for accessing subtitles in the language of your choosing appear at the bottom of this page.)

Sean Hussey


Discussion Questions:

What’s the connection between waiting for the coming of the Lord on the one hand and, on the other, the opportunity we have to celebrate Mass and receive the Eucharist each and every week?

Who has rescued you from sin and death, giving you hope of eternal life in heaven?  What does Sean say is our main opportunity to remember that we’ve been so rescued—thereby increasing our hope as well as our ability to live with patience and perseverance?

What’s the relationship between the Day of the Lord (Sunday) and the rest of the week?  How does receiving Jesus in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity (i.e. in the Eucharist) address the past week and prepare you for the week ahead?

More Resources:

"52 Sundays": A Guide to Reclaim the Lord's Day for Faith and Family

DIES DOMINI (by Pope Francis)


Sr. Nicolette Etienne


Discussion Questions:

It’s been said that if the Eucharist isn’t the Real Presence of Jesus, then what’s the point of going to Mass?  What’s your reaction to the flipped version of that statement—the true version:  Although the Eucharist is the Real Presence of Jesus, what might keep me from getting to Mass each Sunday?

Take a moment to consider Catholics around the world who aren’t able to celebrate Mass weekly, for various reasons (distance, political oppression, natural disasters etc.).  How might Sister Nicolette’s example allow you to benefit these Eucharist-deprived disciples by your faithful attendance at Mass and reception of Jesus in Holy Communion?

The song Sister quotes says “No joy can be complete until at last I sit by your side.”  How does attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist allow you to sit at the side of Jesus in a unique and irreplaceable way?

More Resources:

New American Bible

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults


Fr. Patrick Beidelman


Discussion Questions:

What sacrifice did Jesus make for you, so that you can have access to heaven?  When someone saves you from someone or something that’s potentially very terrible and harmful, what natural reaction or feeling arises in you toward that person—the one who saves you?

Because God is not bound by time and space, the one sacrifice of Jesus on the cross can be made present to us at Mass.  Imagine that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, or John, the apostle and Gospel-writer asked you to stand with them at the foot of the cross during the crucifixion of Jesus.  What is your reaction and reply?

How does the sacrifice of Jesus relate to our own suffering?  What’s the connection between the sacrifice of Jesus—made present at each Mass—and the offerings we can make to God our Father?

More Resources:



Ken Ogorek


Discussion Questions:

Recall one or more banquet-like experiences in your life.  What was the general mood or tone of the event?  How would you describe the joy level in the room?  Why might Mass—especially the Eucharist—be described as a banquet?

Knowing what research says about the relationship between less at-risk behavior and frequent family meals, why do you think that Holy Mother Church emphasizes the importance of celebrating the Eucharistic banquet—Mass—each and every Sunday?

If a weekend starts around 5pm Friday and ends at midnight on Sunday, Mass takes up about 1.8% of a typical weekend.  On a scale of one to ten—ten being simple and one being impossible—how easy would it be for you to spend 2% of your weekend participating in the Eucharistic banquet (celebrating Mass)?

More Resources:

New American Bible: John, Chapter 6


Angela Espada


Discussion Questions:

Call to mind one or more experiences that have brought you excitement and joy.  Now pause to imagine being gathered with members of Christ’s mystical Body—the Church—and receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion, being united with Jesus in the Eucharist.  Allow the joy and excitement of that experience to fill your heart for a moment.

What are some ways that gathering, physically, with a community of believers and receiving Jesus in Holy Communion physically differ from virtual/livestreamed communal prayer as well as praying an Act of Spiritual Communion?  How do you think our appreciation level for being able to gather physically for worship has been affected by our experience of the recent pandemic—including times of stay-at-home orders?

Angela mentioned that her parish grew, even while being temporarily without a parish church building.  What is it about the grace of the sacraments (She mentions baptisms and 1st Holy Communions.) that can cause a community to flourish without a parish church, then thrive with excitement and joy now that gathering for Mass at the parish has become feasible?

More Resources:

Parish Life



Gabriela Ross


Discussion Questions:

Pause for a moment and consider:  You have a Church family, a faith family (through Baptism) that has a house—God’s house.  Let that feeling of knowing you’re invited and included when God’s people gather in His house for worship resonate within you for a few minutes; and offer God grateful praise for the gift and privilege of gathering with His family—your family—for Mass each Sunday and holy day of obligation.

How have you experienced the Eucharist as strength for love—love of God and love of neighbor?  What are some ways you might be more aware of and open to this strength—this grace—bringing it home with you, helping you be more loving throughout the week, between your weekly participation in Mass?

Mary.  Joseph.  Jesus!  Gabriela mentions a few members of God’s family.  Who are some members of your faith family—our Church family—who’ve set a helpful, loving example for you throughout the years?  Next time you attend Mass (for example, this weekend) remember that in the communion of saints we’re united with all of these loved ones—you’re surrounded by a cloud of witnesses—disciples of Jesus living that relationship in full communion with His mystical Body and spotless Bride, our holy, Catholic Church.

More Resources:

Psalm 27:4

Excerpt from the Catechism of the Catholic Church


Volver a la Eucaristia

Desde la experiencia y el dialogo con el P. Jeff y la parroquia de San Felipe Neri en Indianapolis escuchamos la invitacion a volver a celebrar la Eucaristia, el encuentro con Dios y la comunidad.


Heavenly Father,

You love us and desire our happiness.

You give us the privilege and gift
of worshipping you at Holy Mass;
of experiencing the Holy Spirit
in a unique and irreplaceable way;
of receiving Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.

As we return to the Eucharist with joy
renew in us a deep appreciation
of the privileged opportunity
that each celebration of Mass
presents for us all.

May the seeds of mercy, hope and salvation
take root and flourish in our hearts and communities,
nourished by our Lord Jesus
present to us in the Most Holy Eucharist.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Padre celestial,

Nos amas y deseas nuestra felicidad.

Nos das el privilegio y el regalo
de adorarte en la Santa Misa;
de experimentar el Espíritu Santo
de forma única e insustituible;
de recibir a Jesús en la Santísima Eucaristía.

Al regresar a la Eucaristía con alegría
renueva en nosotros un profundo agradecimiento
de la oportunidad privilegiada
que cada celebración de la Misa
presenta todos nosotros.

Que las semillas de la misericordia, la esperanza y la salvación
echen raíces y florezcan en nuestros corazones y comunidades,
alimentado por nuestro Señor Jesús
presente a nosotros en la Santísima Eucaristía.

Por Cristo nuestro Señor. Amén.

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