Catholic Accompaniment and Reflective Experience (CARE) Program

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What is the CARE Program?

The Catholic Accompaniment and Reflection Experience (CARE) Program is Catholic Charities, Parish Social Ministry’s pastoral response to CARE is a network and learning community, created to support individuals and parishes as they respond to the call to love their neighbors – especially immigrant, refugee, and asylum seeker neighbors – as themselves. Through the CARE Program, Parish Social Ministry offers training, guidance, support, learning resources and connections to a variety of issues in the immigration space.

General Goals of Accompaniment

1) To connect migrants and their families to existing community resources that will help these people to comply with their legal requirements. It is important that no one stands alone during this difficult and often trying process.

2) To build awareness regarding existing migration policies and their impacts on communities, and promote solidarity and increase public support for new policies that support migrant families and improve local communities.

3) To create avenues for education and learning about the diversity of modern Catholic parish life and the centrality of welcoming the newcomer to Catholic Social Teaching. It will also help to form migrant leadership opportunities at the parish level. 

4) To bridge cultural differences and foster a community of welcome and understanding.

Catholic Social Teaching Principles of Migration

I. People have a right to find opportunities in their homeland.
II. People have the right to migrate to support themselves and their families.
III. Sovereign nations have a right to control their borders.
IV. Refugees and asylum seekers should be afforded protection.
V. The human dignity and human rights of undocumented migrants should be respected.

For more information, please contact:

Simona Reising
CARE Coordinator
Catholic Charities - Social Concerns

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